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Revision history for Perl extension Text::Soundex.

3.04  Thu Feb  7 15:53:09 EST 2013 <>

The module is going to be removed from the core distribution of perl, and will
now warn (under warnings) if loaded from its installed-to-core location.

3.02  Sun Feb 02 02:54:00 EST 2003 <>

The U8 type was over-used in 3.00 and 3.01. Now, "U8 *" is used only as a
pointer into the UTF-8 string. Also, unicode now works properly on
Perl 5.6.x as the utf8_to_uv() function is used instead of utf8n_to_uvchr()
when compiled under a version of Perl earlier than 5.8.0.

3.01  Sun Jan 26 16:30:00 EST 2003 <>

A bug with non-UTF 8 strings that contain non-ASCII alphabetic characters
was fixed. The soundex_unicode() and soundex_nara_unicode() wrapper
routines were included and the documentation refers the user to the
excellent Text::Unidecode module to perform soundex encodings using
unicode strings. The Perl versions of the routines have been further
optimized, and correct a border case involving non-alphabetic characters
at the beginning of the string.

3.00  Sun Jan 26 04:08:00 EST 2003 <>

Updated documentation, simplified the Perl interface, and updated
the XS code to be faster, and to properly work with UTF-8 strings.
UNICODE characters outside the ASCII range (0x00 - 0x7F) are
considered to be non-alphabetic for the purposes of the soundex

2.10  Sun Feb 15 15:29:38 EST 1998 <>

I've put in a version of my XS code and fully integrated it with the
existing 100% perl mechanism. The change should be virtually transparent
to the user. XS code is approx 7.5 times faster.
                                                           - Mark Mielke

2.00  Thu Jan  1 16:22:11 1998 <>

Incorporated Mark Mielke's rewritten version of the main soundex routine 
and made the file simpler.