= 2021/08/14

Missing changelog entry

= 2021/08/13

No warnings on undef inputs (broken in 2021.0726)

= 2021/08/04

Removal of reference benchmark from test suite (moved to xt/bench)

= 2021/07/26

Unicode support on all supported versions of Perl

Full strict and warnings cleanliness

Packaging cleanups

= 2021/07/17

Makefile.PL fixes

Explicitly declared strictures and warnings everywhere
(to support -Dusedefaultstrict perls)

= 2013/05/23

Change module 'NAME'

= 2013/05/22


= 2013/04/26

Minor test suite fixes - bug 81698.

Fixed bug 79766 -- an extraneous "=" in a regex.

Changed the license to qualify as an "open source" license.

= 2012/08/18

Packaging fix.

Minor documentation fixes.

= 2012/08/15

Minor fixes to test suites.

Added back versions to support old versions of perl.

= 2009/04/17

Added support for Unicode combining characters to both 
Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap, plus a new test suite for each
of these new functionalities.  --tchrist

= 2009/03/05

Test improvements from Dave Mitchel sent back in 2005...

Added code to increase $columns if it's not big enough to accommodate
the subsequent tab.

Minor documentation fixes from David Landgren <david at landgren.net>.

Use warnings::warnif instead of just warn for columns < 2.  Appled per
request of Rafael Garcia-Suarez <rgarciasuarez at gmail.com>.

= 2006/11/17

Text::Tabs can handle newlines now so the BUGS section has been removed
per request from Aristotle Pagaltzis.

= 2006/07/11

Further bomb-proofing to pass more tests: Dan Jacobson <jidanni at 
jidanni dot org> found another way to generate a "this shouldn't happen".

= 2006/07/05 

Made documentation and code changes to address perlbug:

Added in changes from the distributed-with-perl version.  This took 
care of perlbug: https://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=34902
It also took care of suggestion from Matthijs Bomhoff <matthijs
at bomhoff dot nl>.

Made documentation changes (added EXAMPLES) as per a suggestion
from Gabor Blasko <gblasko at cs dot columbia dot edu>

belg4mit at MIT dot EDU reported that $columns==1 die'd.  No longer.

Added tests for each bug report.

= 2005/08/24

Added $separator2 and tests for $separator and $separator2

Aristotle Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at gmx.de> contributed a new version of
expand() that is faster.

Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi at cc.hut.fi> sent in perl change #17917 which
fixed a bug in wrap.

Matthew Durante <matthew_durante at hotmail.com> and 
Don Buchholz <don at truedisk.com> sent in a doc patches.

= 2001/09/29

Philip Newton <Philip.Newton at gmx.net> sent in a clean patch that
added support for defining words differently; that prevents 
Text::Wrap from untainting strings; and that fixes a documentation

So that fill.t can be used in the version included in the perl
distribution, fill.t no longer uses File::Slurp.

Both Sweth Chandramouli <svc at sweth.net> and Drew Degentesh 
<ddegentesh at daed.com> both objected to the automatic unexpand
that Text::Wrap does on its results.  Drew sent a patch which
has been integrated.

Way back in '97, Joel Earl <jrearl at VNET.IBM.COM> asked that
it be possible to use a line separator other than \n when
adding new lines.  There is now support for that.

= 2001/01/30

Bugfix by Michael G Schwern <schwern at pobox.com>: don't add extra
whitespace when working one an array of input (as opposed to a 
single string).

Performance rewrite: use m/\G/ rather than s///.

You can now specify that words that are too long to wrap can simply
overflow the line.  Feature requested by James Hoagland 
<hoagland at SiliconDefense.com> and by John Porter <jdporter at min.net>.

Documentation changes from Rich Bowen <Rich at cre8tivegroup.com>.

= 1998/11/29

Combined Fill.pm into Wrap.pm.  It appears there are versions of
Wrap.pm with fill in them.

= 1998/11/28

Over the last couple of years, many people sent in various
rewrites of Text::Wrap.  I should have done something about
updating it long ago.  If someone wants to take it over from
me, discuss it in perl-porters.  I'll be happy to hand it

Anyway, I have a bunch of people to thank.  I didn't
use what any of them sent in, but I did take ideas from
all of them.  Many sent in complete new implamentations.

	Ivan Brawley <ibrawley at awadi.com.au> 

	Jacqui Caren <Jacqui.Caren at ig.co.uk>

	Jeff Kowalski <jeff.kowalski at autodesk.com>

	Allen Smith <easmith at beatrice.rutgers.edu>

	Sullivan N. Beck <sbeck at cise.ufl.edu>

The end result is a very slight change in the API.  There
is now an additional package variable: $Text::Wrap::huge.
When $huge is set to 'die' then long words will cause 
wrap() to die.  When it is set to 'wrap', long words will
be wrapped.  The default is 'wrap'.

This is a change in behavior.

At the bottom of Text::Wrap, there was a function (fill())
sitting there unpublished.  There was a note that Tim Pierce
had a faster version, but a search on CPAN failed to turn it
up.  Text::Fill is now available.