Change log for Text::Templet

For the most recent updates and source code for all versions,

    * Complete rework: reduced the amount of code by 75% TO ~50 lines
    * Improved performance by 500-1000%, depending on template
    * HeaderCallback deprecated and removed

    * Bugfix: package context now honored in recursive calls to Templet()

    * Added Use() function and HeaderCallback callback
    * Bugfix: multiple warnings now correctly propagated
    * Processing stops and die() is called if a code section contains errors

    * Added asterisk labels functionality - see documentation
    * Changed license from GPL to Perl Artistic License
    * Minor performance improvements

    * Updated documentation and change log.
    * In case of an error in a code section of the template,
    returns empty string instead of '1'
    * In non-void context, Templet will return the processed
    template instead of printing it to the default output

    * Updated POD text in the module


    * Prepared Magic for inclusion to CPAN
    * Magic is now an independent project, hence major version
number update
    * Bugfix: renamed internal Magic variables to reduce the
chance of them clashing with variables used in a template


    * I made Magic() re-entry safe, which allows parts of the
target text to be generated by a separate Magic() call enclosed in
a subroutine called from another Magic template. That subroutine
could then be shared among different templates, enabling
"include"-type functionality. It could be considered a feature,
but it really is a bugfix as I could've easily made it re-entrant
from the beginning, but was too lazy :)


    * I converted Magic to a Perl module as I figured out how to
switch to the namespace of the package Magic was called from so
the package variables could be accessed without having to qualify
them (i.e. $magic vs. $Package::magic). This works much better
with mod_perl as now you no longer have to put all your pages into
package main in order to use unqualified names and having to
invent unique names for functions throughout the entire site!
Additionally, now you can tuck it away into your libraries and
reuse it for multiple applications.


    * Implemented proper handling of warnings thrown from template
sections and writing them nicely formatted into the error log. Now
Magic tells you on which line of the template the problematic
section begins. It gives you the line number in the template text
and also the line number of your perl file, if you embedded the
template into your code using "quote here" construct.


    * Fixed a bug introduced by the change in 1.11 which caused
template processing to stop when a code section returned undef,
not just when an error occured.


    * It turned out that in many situations an error in code
section would lead to an infinite loop. Now Magic will stop when
processing of a code section produces an error.


    * Bugfix - Magic would post a warning if a code or text
section returned undef regardless of whether it was caused by an
error or not.


    * Fixed a bug that caused duplicate labels in skipped sections
of template not being reported. For example, neither of the
following fragments would trigger a warning about a duplicate
label 'DUP': <% "SKIP_DUP" if 1 %><%DUP%><%DUP%><%SKIP_DUP%> or 
<% "SKIP_DUP" if 1 %><%DUP%><%SKIP_DUP%><%DUP%>


    * Changed label name syntax - now it must begin with a letter
or an underscore. This resolved an issue of warnings being issued
about non-existent label '1' when a code section returned a
boolean value. For example, the following useful code would
produce this warning: <% 'SKIP_HERE' unless $do_not_skip %> when
$do_not_skip contained 1.


    * Fixed a bug in diagnostics code that caused incorrect
duplicate label warnings issued.


    * New functionality - implicit labels appended to the
template, "_" at the beginning and "END" at the end. This fixes
the issue of the template text prior to the first <% %> section
being ignored.
    * Added a diagnostic message warning about duplicate labels.
    * Added a diagnostic message warning about a code section
returning a nonexistent label.
    * Now code sections can span multiple lines.
    * Fixed a bug - the code was calling $Q->print() for output
assuming that $Q was a reference to an instance of CGI object.
Changed that to a simple print() call.


    * Added diagnostic logging. Magic will call warn() with an
error message and will include the section of the template that
caused the error.
    * Fixed a bug that caused Magic to post a message to the error
log every time a code section returned undef.


    * Initial revision