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 Last Modified Time-stamp: "2016-11-26 04:40:48 MST"
(This is the ChangeLog for Text::Unidecode, about me continuing to
fix bugs, adding features as they cross my mind, spiffing up the docs,
and doing exciting stuff from TODO.txt...)

Revision history for Perl module Text::Unidecode:

2016-11-26   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.30
	* Many many (forty?) tables were missing the final character! Fixed.
	* Minor stuff:
 	 . Added just a few Arabesque things to U+FD__
   	 . Renamed t/00400_just_load_module.t
	        to t/00400_just_load_main_module.t
	 . This is the first time non-7bit data appears in any Unidecode/x__.pm
	   files, although it is just in comments.  (In x02.pm, x03.pm, xfd.pm)
	   But this is just THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME.
	* Oh look, I blinked and a year went by.  I've been spending about the
	  past *two* years trying to think of how Unidecode v2-and-later's data
	  tables should work.
	* TODO: Kill the surrogatey "xD8", "xD9", "xDA", "xDB" blocks,
  	  and actually handle surrogates (when properly encoded).
	* TODO: Inaugurate the (private) Text::Unidecode::Blackbox namespace.

2015-10-21   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.27.  (Stable.)
	The release, 1.25_01, didn't blow up, so this is just
	a re-release of it as a normal ("stable") version.
	* Minor changes to the documentation.  Nothing substantial.
	* Release 1.26 had a confusing mistake in the ChangeLog.
	Ignore v1.26.

2015-10-21   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.26.  Mistake.  See above for change notes
	between v1.25_01 and v1.27.

2015-10-16   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.25_01.

	* Here's a new thing that makes me nervous and hesitant, and that I've
	been talking myself into for weeks:

	  *  I've switched to accepting values in the range 0x80-0x9F  *
	  *  as if they are the Windows-1252 ("ANSI") characters.      *

	Previously they had all mapped to emptystring.

	Technically, Unicode specifies those codepoints as control characters
	that I've never heard of, "C1 Controls"...
	  U+0087 ESA - End of Selected Area
	  U+0088 HTS - Character (Horizontal) Tabulation Set
	  U+0089 HTJ - Character (Horizontal) Tabulation with Justification
	( See "C1" in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C0_and_C1_control_codes )

	And Unidecode mapped all of those to emptystring.  Now they are treated
	as if you fed the Windows-1252 characters, as that is an extremely
	common thing to have happen.

	So if you feed character value 0x80 to it, it is taken to mean "€"
	(which Unidecode then decodes as "EUR", at the moment at least).
	(This doesn't interfere with the fact that U+20AC is the proper
	Unicode	place for the "€" to be found.)

	And the smartquotes at 0x91 to 0x94, ‘ ’ “ ” turn into ' ' " " so yaaaay!

	Note that in theory, according to C1 Controls, 0x85 is "NEL: Next
	Line", "Equivalent to CR+LF. Used to mark end-of-line on some IBM
	I could map this to \n or \r\n or whatever, but I've never seen 0x85 in
	use in the wild, and I never heard anyone complain about my not having
	mapped it to "\n" in all the Unidecode versions since the first, in 2001.
	So instead, Unidecode takes 0x85 as its Windows-1252 value, the
	ellipsis "…" which of course it Unidecodes as "..."

	I'm not thrilled with the idea of going off spec but I think this
	should be okay, and it has massive DWIM value.
	Let's hope I'm not dividing Unicode times infinity by zero and then the
	whole universe will disa

	That's why I'm making this a developer release.  Unless anything
	besplodes by November 1st, I'll re-issue this as a stable release.

2015-08-28   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.24.  Fixing a little (BIG) bug that David Cusimano is a
	  superstar for having noticed.  Ah, what a difference a ";" vs a ","

	* I'M BACK.  After nine months of semi-catastrophic system failures,
	and after Voyager-style flybys of a dozen project deadlines... and now
	I can somehow try to get back in the swing of things.

	* ANOTHER superstar is Mistah Brendan Byrd who said that there are
	[ https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=102357 ] many ports of
	Unidecode to other languages and that I should brag about that fact,
	and he is very extremely correct, so now the Pod in Unidecode.pm indeed
	does just that.

	* (I got my distro-building back up and running.  WOLVERIIIINES!)

	* I'm thinking of having future Unidecode/*.pm data files contain the
	canonical Unicode character name for every character as a comment.
	Obviously, this would make the dist pretty big.  But the
	lib/Unidecode/*.pm files is somewhere around a meg.  What's a few megs
	more?... with the benefit of added clarity?  Everyone's a winner!
2014-12-07   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.23.  Just a bugfix version.
	* The bug in question: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=97456
	* Thank you very much to superstar Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaker for noting
	  it first *and* for providing a patch for a problem that would baffle
	  me completely:
	   "On perls 5.8.8 through 5.12.x, regex matches against UTF-16
  	   surrogate characters emits a fatal "Malformed UTF-8 character"
	   warning if warnings are enabled. ExtUtils::MakeMaker prior to 6.78
	   runs the test suite with -w, causing the installation to fail.
	   The attached patch [which I applied -SMB] disables utf8
	   warnings while doing the regex substitution and converting the
	   character number to a character in the test."
 	  And thank you very much to Ricardo Signes and Tim Bunce for reminding
	  me to actually release this thang!  I was stupid and forgot... for
	  several MONTHS.
	* Doc: Adding mention of Tom Christiansen's "Perl Unicode Cookbook":
	* Doc: Adding a suggestion of "use utf8;" in German example.
2014-08-15   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.22.  (The dev release works, so this is a version bump.)
	* See notes for 2014-07-25, because this is the first public release
	with significant changes since 2001!
2014-07-25   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* !Release 1.20_01!
	* Many bugfixes.  Thanks especially to Tomaž Šolc!
	* Yet more *.t files added for improved sanity checking.
	* Shuffling around the internals of Unidecode.pm
	* Putting in some vacuous 0x__.pm files where
	previously there would just be a load failure
2014-06-30   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.01 -- first official Unidecode release since 2001!!!
	* There are no real changes since the 2014-06-23 developer
	release.  I'm just making this all official now.
2014-06-23   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.00_03
	* Now asserting that we need at least Perl 5.8.0
	An automated test system that tried running the t/*.t
        under a 5.6.2 spewed all kinds of crazy error messages.
	Hence the bump-up.
	So, I added assertions for the version.
	* I added some tests for more basic sanity assertions.
2014-06-17   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	v1.00_02 - Not released.  Just internal rearranging.
2014-06-13   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.00(_01!)- so many years later, finally we bump up to 1.*!

	* My documentation is now BRILLIANT.
	* Minor bugfixes.
	* Some code comments for clarity.
	* A modern test suite.

	* A proper release will follow in a few days.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 0.04 -- forgot to put TODO.txt in 0.03.  Now including
	it.  That's the only change.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 0.03 -- first public release.