0.08    Monday 28th January, 2013
        Merge fix from Ashley Willis - Only " should get special
        treatment as a quote character.

0.07    Wednesday 25th August, 2010
        Switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker as Module::Build got
        uppity and started generating bad Makefile.PL files

0.06	Friday 20th August, 2010
	Fix case with ' in entities (Richard Russo)

0.05	Saturday 25th June, 2005
	Removed a leftover C<use YAML;> from t/parse_line.t (spotted by Leo)

0.04	Tuesday 31st May, 2005

	Removed the paragraph about rt.cpan.org from the docs as it's just
	not fitting the way I want to deal with stuff.

	Make the parsing of blocks case-insenitive as the RFCs call for
	(they just happen to always use upper-case identifiers)
	Closes #12381 (JC with some modifications)
	Also uncovered a bunch of other block-related bugs.

	Will now die if a BEGIN occurs without a matching END

	generate_lines now wraps

	Tightened the logic for unfolding.  The RFC states the folding
	sequence is exactly \r\n[ \t], where before we were looking
	for \r\n\s.  Since \s can match unicode whitespace this was wrong.

0.03	Thursday 26th May, 2005

	Moved CRLF removing logic down a bit lower into _unwrap_lines.

	Elminate Text::ParseWords by writing our own more C-like version,
	fixes the vCard image segfault issue.

0.02	Wednesday 6th October, 2004

	Moved non-vFile files from examples/ to bin/ as it was mightily
	confusing the round-trip test.

	Added bin/holidays_ical

	Added bin/wgo

	Fixed module name in bin/v2yaml

	Deleted the Encode cargo.  Checking for a BOM on each and
	every line is batshit.

	Added ->preserve_params option to create a new structure which
	preserves the order of the params.

0.01	Thursday 19th February, 2003
	Initial CPAN release