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Revision history for Perl extension Thread::Isolate.

0.05  2005-05-01
      - Added standby jobs.
      - Fixed wait_job_to_start() lock.
      - Fixed is_running_any_job() deadlock.
      - Added pack_call() and pack_eval().
      - Added detach() method to job.
      - Added time() attribute to job.
      - Changed required Perl version to 5.8.6 (was 5.8.3). Less memory leak at 5.8.6.
      - Added get/set_attr() and get/set_global() to share data between 2 running threads,
        or to spy the internal status of a thread.
      - POD improvements.
      - Added improvements to the process to past data/objects from one thread to another,
        where now is possible to paste IO/GLOB and objects with CODE references inside.

0.04  2005-02-02
      - Fixed memory leak for Perl 5.8.4-Win32 for push() and shift() of shared @{ $this->{jobs} }.
      - Fixed Job destruction in the thread execution side.
      - Added limit (200) of added jobs in the list and a delay until reduce that.

0.03  2005-01-31
      - Added Thread::Isolate::Map. (see POD).
      - Added Thread::Isolate::Pool. (see POD).
      - Fixed memory leack for eval() calls to a thread. (Memory is stable now).
      - More tests.
      - Many new resources. (see POD).

0.02  2005-01-31
      - Added Mother Thread, that holds cleaner state of Perl, as the generator of all threads.
      - Added support to create Thread::Isolate objects inside other Thread::Isolate. So, is possible
        to clone a thread from outside too.

0.01  2005-01-29 17:51:27
      - original version;