Revision history for Tickit-Widgets

0.41    2024-01-06
         * Quiet the meta::experimental warnings of meta 0.003_002

0.40    2024-01-03
         * Use `meta` instead of `no strict refs' hackery to obtain caller's
           \*DATA glob in Tickit::Style

0.39    2023-12-29
         * Use Object::Pad::MOP rather than no strict 'refs' hackery where
           possible, issue a warning when not

0.38    2023-12-13
         * Updated for Object::Pad v0.807
            + Explicit `use warnings` to account for removal of implied pragma
            + `ADJUST :params` is now stable, no need for experimental
            + Use new `apply` and `inherit` keywords
            + Use experimental inheritable fields to avoid internal methods
              between LinearSplit and HSplit/VSplit
         * Various small Pod style updates

0.37    2023-06-12
         * Added Tickit::Widget::HLine / Tickit::Widget::VLine
         * Support optionally drawing dividing lines between child widgets in
         * Swap all unit tests from `Test::More` to `Test2::V0`

0.36    2022-12-14
         * Updated for Object::Pad v0.75
            + Use `field NAME :param //= EXPR` syntax
            + Use `ADJUST :params`
            + Set `:strict(params)`

0.35    2022-07-07
         * Updates for Object::Pad 0.63
            + Quiet the `:experimental(init_expr)` warning
         * Avoid uses of $_[N] by unpacking args from @_
         * Try to find `set_subname` from Sub::Util before falling back on
           other alternatives

         * Tickit::Widget::Border should invoke ->resized when children
           change, not ->reshape
         * Various bugfixes to bundled example scripts

0.34    2021-11-20
         * Updates for Object::Pad 0.57
            + Use :isa and :does instead of legacy `extends` and `implements`
            + Use slot initialisation blocks instead of ADJUST
            + Default values for non-scalar slots

0.33    2021-08-28
         * Updates for Object::Pad 0.52
            + Use ADJUSTPARAMS blocks in favour of BUILD blocks
         * Use a regular Tickit::Style definition to set up the <Tab> and
           <S-Tab> base key behaviour, so widgets can override it
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Entry->make_popup_at_cursor
         * Print deprecation warnings about `child` constructor args and
           legacy direct applied pen attributes on Widgets

0.32    2021-07-03
         * Use Object::Pad to implement even the base Tickit::Widget class
         * Updates for Object::Pad 0.43:
            + Use :param on slots where possible
            + Use ADJUST blocks instead of BUILD blocks where possible
         * No longer support construction-time `child`-like arguments
         * Removed no longer needed Tickit::OneLineWidget

         * Make sure that window `expose` event handler always returns an
           integer, thus avoiding "... isn't numeric" warnings in unit tests

0.31    2020-11-02
         * Use Object::Pad to implement the individual Tickit::Widget::*
         * Accept a wildcard type in stylesheets to apply a common style to
           all widgets
         * Allow ->add-like methods on container widgets to take per-child
         * Render [brackets] on a button if it has linetype=none

0.30    2020-04-02
         * Ignore mouse wheel events on T:W:Button
         * Avoid smartmatch
         * Update for Tickit::Event 0.66
         * Discourage use of `child`-like arguments to constructors in favour
           of chaining mutator `->set_child`-like methods
         * Support Widget version tests in Tickit::Widgets->import

0.29    2018-03-13 13:49:27
         * Have Tickit::Widget::Entry also delete back a word on

         * Fix off-by-one error calculating the size of a

0.28    2017-11-30 13:32:58
         * Add SingleChildWidget->remove (RT122231)
         * Update for Tickit 0.63's new focus event API

0.27    2017/03/17 18:50:40
         * Ensure ContainerWidget can handle windowless children
         * Remember to actually close child windows from empty-sized children
           in LinearBoxes
         * Avoid complaints about mouse wheel direction names not being
           numeric in linear Split (RT119857)

0.26    2017/02/15 15:03:58
         * ContainerWidget should ->close dropped child windows when it loses
           its own (WINDOW_XS branch)

0.25    2017/02/04 14:54:12
         * Minor edits to unit tests to pass on Tickit post-0.61
           (WINDOW_XS branch)

0.24    2016/08/08 13:43:01
         * Tickit 0.57 deprecations:
            + Use $win->bind_event instead of $win->set_on_*

         * Ensure that Tickit::Widget::Box can cope with removing its child or
         * Ensure that construction-time child proportion works on

0.23    2016/05/10 17:51:02
         * Prepare for Tickit 0.56 deprecations:
            + No more pen observers
            + Have Tickit::Widget->pen return an immutable pen

0.22    2016/02/09 23:40:28
         * Ensure that a GridBox can be incrementally built both row- and
         * Since Tickit 0.39 it's not been necessary to set

0.21    2015/07/14 13:43:29
         * Avoid dependency on List::MoreUtils
         * Imported remaining Widget-related demos and examples from Tickit
         * Tickit 0.54 deprecations:
            + Kill WIDGET_PEN_FROM_STYLE
            + Warn on mutation of Widget pen

0.20    2015/03/27 19:21:10
         * Imported the entire Tickit::Widget base class and related modules
           from the Tickit distribution
         * Document the $button->click mtehod
         * Added examples for HBox / VBox

0.19    2014/08/26 18:12:01
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Fill

0.18    2014/08/16 21:17:51
         * Cope with differing Tickit::Widget::Frame linestyles per border
           when passed at construction time

0.17    2014/08/14 18:12:50
         * Capture Tickit::Widget::HBox and ::VBox from main Tickit dist
         * Added editing methods to Tickit::Widget::GridBox:
            + insert/append/delete row/column
            + get cell/row/column

0.16    2014/04/12 04:10:47
         * Update Tickit::Widget::Entry to avoid direct Window drawing
           operations; use ->expose calls to request re-rendering
         * Prepare for Tickit 0.45's removal of INSERTCH/DELETECH from
           is_termlog() logging

         * Correct display of Entry widget's posttext marker when deleting
           text before it

0.15    2014/04/01 20:37:30
         * Remove child widget from GridBox before exposing cleared area

0.14    2013/11/09 13:53:58
         * Use the new child widget "requested size" API from Tickit 0.40 in

         * Remember to re-expose window area of a removed GridBox child

0.13    2013/09/28 15:01:32
         * Added 'on_toggle' to CheckButton (RT88954)
         * Added 'on_activate' to RadioButton and 'on_changed' to
           RadioButton::Group (RT88954)
         * Added 'linetype' style to Button, and allow borderless
           Buttons (RT88953)

         * Don't try to create zero-sized rows or columns in GridBox
         * Ensure that VSplit/HSplit correctly obeys the ContainerWidget
           interface - call ->add and ->remove

0.12    CHANGES:
         * Initial attempt at Tickit::Widget::Spinner
         * Fix SYNOPSIS in CheckButton (RT88294)

0.11    CHANGES:
         * Use Tickit dragging events to better handle mouse click/release on
         * Use Tickit::RenderBuffer to render Frame
         * Allow differing or absent line styles per Frame edge
         * Allow GridBox to be initialised by child widgets given in a 2D

         * Bugfix for scrollrect ICH/DCH fix

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Implement key actions in Button, CheckButton, RadioButton
         * Neater visual style for Button; indicate focus vs. active
         * Visually flash Button on activation by keypress
         * Update to use Tickit 0.35's ->render_to_rb

         * Ensure that Entry doesn't consume keypresses unless it is focused

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Added optional title to Placegrid
         * Avoid infinite CPU spin in Entry
         * Handle Tickit 0.34 focus behaviours
         * Improved Button behaviour and style information
         * Updated all to use RenderBuffer instead of RenderContext

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Placegrid
         * Fix floating-point rounding bug in HSplit/VSplit
         * Better HSplit/VSplit behavior on resize

0.07    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::HSplit and Tickit::Widget::VSplit
         * Use new style_reshape_keys from Tickit::Style 0.32
         * Take GridBox's spacing from style
         * Use Tickit::RenderContext in most widgets

0.06    CHANGES:
         * Use new WIDGET_PEN_FROM_STYLE from Tickit 0.30
         * Update widgets to use more Tickit::Style behaviour
         * Renamed Tickit::Widget::Frame's "style" attribute to "linetype"

0.05    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::RadioButton
         * Added Tickit::Widget::CheckButton
         * Neater SYNOPSIS examples
         * Set dist_abstract to more accurately reflect the distribution as a

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::GridBox

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Frame (copy from Tickit dist)
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Border (copy of Tickit::Widget::Box in
           Tickit dist)

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Added Tickit::Widget::Button
         * Document Tickit::Widget::Entry constructor arguments

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.