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Revision history for Perl extension Tie::Cacher.

Need to add tests for
  - deleting non-existent elements
  - Node reuse

0.09  Mon Jun  8 2004
	- Reusing a freed node is a bug. The user can still have private
	  references, they can even be in a callback.
0.08  Sun Jun  7 2004
	- Move case equal names out of the autoloaded section. Causes problems
	  on windows.
	- Moved all really short subs out of the autoload.

0.07  Sat May 15 2004
	- Moved TC_USER_DATA field to the end (unlikely to be used)
        - perl 5.6 doesn't yet accept hash ref style constant declaration.
          Just drop use of "use constant" completely.

0.06  Sat Apr 24 2004
	- Added tests for user_data method
	- Delete now faster
	- Added more tests for delete

0.05  Fri Apr 23 2004
	- Add dependency on Test::More
	- Fix dependency of tests on hash order
	- Stop using "fields"
	- Drop some assigns, making things a few percent faster
	- Tie::Cacher::Node doesn't exist anymore

0.04  Tue May  6 2003
	- Change docs for failing load
	- failing save causes entry to be deleted
	  (only did that in the fetch case, now also for store)
	- Allow the attribute methods to also set values. Use these
	  even in "new" so subclasses can override them.

0.03  Mon May  5 2003
	- Last cleanups for CPAN distribution

0.02  Sun May  4 2003
	- Remove some old interfaces

0.01  Sun May  4 15:31:39 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X -n Tie::Cacher
	- import existing ad hoc version