Revision history for Tie-DxHash

- delete was not returning the expected value.  It now returns a reference to a list of the
removed values.  If no values were removed, it returns a reference to the empty list.
Thanks to Bart Lateur for the spot.

- did not upload to PAUSE successfully

- only run Test::Perl::Critic if AUTHOR_TEST env var is set

- Removed the SIGNATURE file.  A number of people have reported failures during automatic installation
caused by SIGNATURE files.  My own file caused an installation failure for one of the CPAN testers
and I was able to repeat the failure for myself when installing as root.  I will reinstate this feature
when the mechanism works more reliably.

- Changed version numbering style back to a Numeric Version
(see the documentation for the version pragma).  PAUSE does not appear
to like Extended Versions.

- fixed bug: tied hashes did not work correctly when used with keys/values;
tested with keys.t and scalar.t
- Added Build.PL, MANIFEST.SKIP, META.yml and SIGNATURE files to distribution
- Added support for testing with Test::Distribution, Test::Kwalitee,
  Test::Perl::Critic, Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage
- Updated code to match Perl Best Practices and pass all tests down to severity 1
- Ran tests through Devel::Cover and confirmed 100% coverage

- added a version number to the top-level directory
within the tarball.

- fixed a bug related to passing additional
arguments to the tie function;
thanks to Daniel Kubb for the spot

- added a version number to the tarball
- shortened the module's short description in order
that it is not truncated on CPAN

0.90  Thu Mar  8 18:13:47 2001
- original version; created by h2xs 1.19