1.07 - 2023-02-20 - Todd Rinaldo
 - t/29a_upcopy.t - under parallel builds allow more time for test
 - t/29_downcopy.t: Correct typo in inline comment

What's new in version 1.06
 - Correct misleading entries in SYNOPSIS
 - undef Tie::File objects before untie-ing arrays
 - Tie-File: report test timeouts to STDERR
 - t/29a_upcopy.t add test descriptions
 - t/29a_upcopy.t: double timeout to 10
 - t/29_downcopy.t: Correct typo in inline comment

What's new in version 1.05
 - Remove unnecessary version change test

What's new in version 1.04
 - Bump to add Changelog to source control.

What's new in version 1.03
 - Rebreak lines to achieve <80 recommended line length.
 - Fix various pod errors.
 - RT #116250: Fail the right number of tests on timeout.
 - Switch most open() calls to three-argument form.
 - Add L<> around link in pod.
 - Use L</Foo>, not L<"Foo"> in pod.
 - Use unique tmp filenames in test files.

What's new in version 1.01:
 - Change documentation for line numbering.
 - Switch to github for issue tracking.

What's new in version 1.00:
 - typo fixes for Tie::File

What's new in version 0.99:
 - Minor POD link fix.

What's new in version 0.98:
 - No changes. Production release after CPAN testers cleared.

What's new in version 0.97_01:
All changes in this release are from perl 5 porters:
 - Update address for FSF in POD
 - z/OS: CPAN-ized ext/ and lib/
 - Missing ; in Tie::File
 - Typos in comments
 - BeOS specific Updates
 - turn the alarm off in the tests (was Re: maint @ 20617 (on VMS))
 - fix for VMS - last if $last_read_was_short

What's new in version 0.96:

  Minor bug fixes only.

What's new in version 0.95:

  Flushing out the deferred-write buffer is now done in a single pass,
  regardless of whether the records in the buffer are contiguous.

  Various time and memory performance enhancements courtesy of Tels.

  ->flock method now discards read cache and offsets table when

  Miscellaneous minor bugs fixes and test suite enhancements.

  New ->offset method for recovering offset table data.  (Tels again.)

What's new in version 0.93:

  No significant changes.  (Release was mainly to correct an error in
  one of the test files.)

What's new in version 0.92:

  Bug fixes:  Negative 'nrecs' argument to 'splice' is now handled
  correctly.  Tie::File now behaves correctly even if you change $\.

  More tests and (very) minor performance enhancements.

What's new in version 0.91:

  Tie::File now correctly handles attempts to store undefined values
  in the array: they are silently converted to defined empty strings.

  If the last record of the file is not properly terminated with the
  record terminator string, and if the file was opened for writing,
  Tie::File will silently repair it.  Formerly, it would mangle the file.

  More unit tests.

  Performance enhancements.

What's new in version 0.90:

  AUTODEFERMENT: Tie::File will now turn deferred writing on and off
  automatically when it thinks it would be good to do so.  You may
  disable this feature by calling ->autodefer(0) or by supplying the
  'autodefer => 0' option with 'tie'.

  The read cache now uses a heap instead of an array.  This yields
  much better performance for large caches.

  Other performance improvements.

What's new in version 0.51:

  Minor fixes in the test suite.

What's new in version 0.50:

  DEFERRED WRITING:  You may now use the ->defer method to request
  that changes to the array *not* be written to the file immediately.
  Changes will be written when the memory limit for deferred writes is
  exceeded, or when you invoke the ->flush method.  You may discard
  pending writes with the ->discard method.  You may set the limit of
  discarded data with the 'dw_size' option.

  The DELETE method now returns the correct values.

What's new in version 0.20:

  MAJOR INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Records read from the tied array now have
  the record separator REMOVED by default.  This is to provide
  do-what-I-meant behavior for expressions like

        $tied[3] .= "more text";

  Formerly, this would have appended "more text" *after* the newline character.

  You may obtain the old behavior by supplying the 'autochomp => 0'
  option in the 'tie' call, or by invoking the new 'autochomp'
  accessor method.

  Tests for this new feature.