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Revision history for Perl extension Tie::Hash::MultiKey

0.08  Thu Mar 27 01:48:41 PDT 2014
	change 'sub new' to support inheritance

	add _rordkeys and _rordvals to reset the key and value
	indices in the event the hash is reused enough to make
	the indices > 2**48 which approaches the point where perl
	will convert the number to a float and it will no be unique

	add extension capablity to FETCH, STORE, NEXTKEY, EXISTS, etc...
	so that an action can be taken when a key/value pair is touched

0.07  Sat Mar  8 12:48:22 PST 2014
	add 'size' method to return the number of stored values
	add 'ordered_vals' method to return ordered list of values

	add decision tree in FETCH so that a STORE followed by an
	auto FETCH as in $x = $ptr->{k1,k2,...} = item  will
	properly return the item.

0.06  Fri Mar  7 11:42:45 PST 2014
	correct documentation errors

0.05  Wed Feb 19 20:10:52 PST 2014
	add methods 'new', 'copy', 'clone'

0.04  Wed Feb 19 01:47:49 PST 2014
	add ordered key capability

0.03  Tue Feb 18 04:12:19 PST 2014
	add normalization in test routines for reference 
	dumps so that different versions of perl do not 
	produce different test results

0.02  Tue Feb 18 02:22:57 PST 2014
	update documentation

0.01  Feb 2015, undated
	initial release