Revision history for Tie::Util

0.04    1 February, 2015
        Tests:  Suppress precedence warning in tests  in  perl  5.20.
        Thanks to Reini Urban  for  the  patch  [ #87230].
        Bug fix: Fixed to work with perl 5.21.6.

0.03    15 August, 2010
        Bug fix:  Suppress  ‘Ambiguous use’  warnings  introduced  in
        perl 5.13.3.

0.02    15 November, 2009
        Incompatible changes:
        • is_weak_tie now returns false for a variable tied to  undef,
          because the tie does not actually hold a weak reference; it 
          holds no reference at all.
        • This module no longer  works  with  perl  versions  earlier
          lier than 5.8.
        New features:
        • Added support for tying to a  package  (or  anything  else)
        • Added a  ‘tied’  function that returns  the  actual  scalar
          the tie uses.
        • Added  fix_tie,  as  a  work-around  for  perl  bug  #68192.
        Bug fixes:
        • Tying $@ no longer makes is_tied die.
        • weak_tie  now returns the same scalar that  holds  the  tie,
          the way ‘tie’ does.

0.01    5 November, 2007
        First release