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Revision history for Perl module Time::Progress

2.14 2023-04-14 CADE
  - added %s for calculating total speed (items per second)
  - added %S for reporting min/max speed (after first 1%)

2.12 2017-03-27 NIGELM
  - fixed div-by-zero when smoothing

2.11 2015-12-08 CADE
  - fixed smoothing delta range and default parameter.

2.10 2015-12-08 NEILB CADE
  - Added 'smoothing' option which makes the estimated time remaining
    monotically decreasing most of the time, preventing flicker.
  - Added option to change default smoothing delta parameter.  

2.00 2015-09-01 CADE
  - version bump (CPAN release cleanup)

1.91 2015-08-23 CADE (changes from NEILB)
  - Removed redundant =cut at the end of the file, which was resulting
    in a pod warning.
  - Added a SEE ALSO section to the pod.
  - Shortened the SYNOPSIS and expanded the DESCRIPTION.

1.9 2015-08-23 CADE (changes from NEILB)
  - Added some basic tests that are checking correct behaviour.
  - Removed META.yml from repo, as it's generated by ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  - Changed two uses of indirect method notation in the doc to use direct.
  - Moved to examples/
  - Dropped usage of Exporter, as the module doesn't export anything.
  - Specified min perl version as 5.006 in code and dist metadata.
  - Added prereqs to Makefile.PL
  - Github repo now listed in the dist metadata.
  - Added COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section to doc
  - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.8 2013-07-08 CADE
  - more spelling
  - published to github
  - fixed docs

1.7 2010-09-10 CADE
  - fixed spelling (note by Salvatore Bonaccorso)

1.6 2010-09-08 CADE
  - fixed helpers (note by Andreas Koenig)

1.5 2009-02-06 CADE
  - %LlEe formats can take optional width (%10e for example)

1.4 2009-02-03 CADE
  - relicensed under same terms as Perl (i.e. incl. Artistic)

1.3 2007-11-29 CADE
  - examples use positive numbers (note by  Johan Lindstrom)
  - reset() may be used as attr()

1.2 2005-08-25 CADE
  - estimate_str() fixed
  - example in POD fixed

1.0 2001-10-21 CADE
  - Initial release to CPAN