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Revision history for Tk-ColoredButton

1.05    17/07/2011 12:54:40
        + delete_tooltip method added : allows delete tooltip on colored button.      
        Bug fixed : 
          using or changing tooltip is allowed when button disabled.      
          The bug with -textvariable option is fixed.      

1.04    01/01/2011 00:00:00
        POD documentation and code have been updated.      

1.03    04/11/2010 19:48:42
        Bug fixed for Linux, Solaris or other platforms where SystemButtonFace, SystemDisabledText, SystemXXX colors where unknown.     

1.02    21/06/2010 22:29:28
        Bug fixed if parent widget button is destroyed after press button.    

1.01    19/06/2010 23:36:13
        -autofit option have been added to allow the automatic adjustment button.
        -highlightthickness sets to 0 by default to remove border focus rectangle.
        The keyboard focus is now visible on button.
        The bug binding keys have been fixed.
        When you use -tooltip option, -iniwait option will be really set to 350 ms by default (and not 100 ms). 

1.00    17/06/2010 00:06:00
        First version.