Revision history for Perl extension Tk::FileEntry.

2.4  2020-10-28
    - do not test POD during install (check for RELEASE_TESTING environment variable)
    - cosmetic changes: fix spelling issues, author reference, indentation

2.3  2015-03-08
    - added LICENSE file
    - reworked readme

2.2  2014-08-12
    - lowered Perl requirement to 5.8.8, related to RT #97845 by Slaven

2.1  2014-07-30
    - fixed timestamp of changes entry for v2.0
    - skipped test using MainWindow for computers not having a display
    - removed self-made test suite and replaced by Test::More
    - bumped Tk requirement to Tk 804.030 because I can't / don't want to test for an older Tk
    - removed bugs section from POD because bumping Tk version requirement makes bug notice obsolete
    - removed METHDOS section from POD as there are no met hods to document
    - removed duplicate BUGS section
    - added example to POD

2.0  2014-07-29
    - pimped original version by moving it to the skeleton created by h2xs 1.23 with options -b 5.14.3 -XA -n Tk::FileEntry
    - added Changes file
    - removed revision control version number stuff
    - removed print command for arguments
    - user base instead of direct use of @ISA
    - moved POD inside the code, documenting all methods
    - extended documentation
    - switched from Tk::FileSelect to getOpenFile
    - removed requires and added it with use pragma (if you are going to use this module, then you are going to use the dependencies as well)
    - removed known bug POD related to FileSelect issue - it's not used anymore
    - extended fileentry.t

1.4  2013-11-26
    - version found on CPAN in Tk::ACH dist v0.04 and on gitpan