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Revision history for Perl module Tk::HyperText

0.13 Oct 01, 2022
  - Changed HTML Entity handling so all named entities should work
  - Fixed bug on hex entities where extra semi-colon was left behind
  - Added dependency to HTML::Entities::Numbered
  - Added more examples to the "escape sequence" demo page
  - Fixed font so proper sizes and family were honored, which also fixed
    the H? tags font size.
  - Fixed font sizes that were off by 1

0.12 Feb 25, 2016
  - Add more dependencies to get CPANTS to pass.

0.11 Feb 23, 2016
  - Add dependency on HTML::TokeParser.

0.10 Sep 18, 2015
  - Add dependency on Tk::Derived.

0.09 2013-11-11
  - Reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec -neilbowers

0.08 2013-11-01
  - Use hex() instead of eval() to convert hex strings into numbers.
  - Set default values for body colors.
  - Stop from being installed; rename it to eg/example.

0.06 2008-07-14
  - The module uses HTML::TokeParser now and does "real" HTML parsing.
  - Badly broke backwards compatibility.

0.05 2007-07-11
  - Added support for "tag permissions", so that you can allow/deny specific
    tags from being rendered (i.e. say you're making a chat client which uses
    HTML and you don't want people inserting images into their messages,
    or style sheets, etc)
  - Added the tags <address>, <var>, <cite>, and <def>.
  - Added the <hr> tag.
  - Added two "default images" that are displayed when an <img> tag tries to
    show an image that couldn't be found, or was found but is a file type
    that isn't supported (e.g. <img src="index.html"> would show
    an "invalid image" icon).
  - Bug fix: every opened tag that modifies your style will now copy
    all the other stacks. As a result, opening <font back="yellow">,
    then <font color="red">, and then closing the red font,
    will still apply the yellow background to the following text.
    The same is true for every tag.
  - Added some support for Cascading StyleSheets.
  - Added some actual use for the "active link color": it's used as the
    hover color on links (using it as a true active color is mostly useless,
    since most of the time the page won't remain very long when clicking
    on a link to even see it)

0.04 2007-06-23
  - Added support for the <basefont> tag.
  - Added support for <ul>, <ol>, and <li>. I've even extended the HTML specs a
    little and added "diamonds" as a shape for <ul>, and allowed <ul> to
    specify a decimal escape code (<ul type="#0164">)
  - Added a "page history", so that the "visited link color"
    on pages can actually be applied to the links.
  - Fixed the <blockquote> so that the margin applies to the right side as well.

0.02 2007-06-20
  - Bugfix: on consecutive insert() commands (without clearing it in between),
    the entire content of the HTML already in the widget would be inserted
    again, in addition to the new content. This has been fixed.

0.01 2007-06-20
  - Initial release.