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History for Tk::Pod

version 0.9943
	o stable release with all changes in 0.9942_50

version 0.9942_50
	o geo URI handled now by OpenStreetMap
	o WWWBrowser update
	o use POSIX::_exist instead of CORE::exit in forked processes
	  to avoid core dumps with newer perls
	o more and better tests

version 0.9942
	o stable release with all changes in 0.9941_50

version 0.99941_50
	o tkpod -geometry works now
	o WWWBrowser update (avoid zombies, better debugging)
	o avoid warnings in some Tk::More method calls with perl 5.18+
	o test suite works with twm

version 0.9941
	o stable release with all changes in 0.9940_50
	o added menu item with link to

version 0.9940_50
	o history view is showing the Pod title, not anymore the base
	o use the current perl's perlindex, not the standard one
	o tkmore: new option -S
	o accelerator Ctrl-U for View source
	o workaround for bindtags problems
	o colors in tree view for script and local dirs
	o prefer firefox over mozilla when calling external browser
	o ignore vcs directories in FindPods
	o refactoring: Class::Struct is not used anymore for the
	  _HistoryEntry class
	o zombie reaping (helps in cleaning up temp files for
	o add "_tkpod" to suffix of temp files
	o listed more optional dependencies

version 0.9940
	o stable release with all changes in 0.9939_50..0.9939_59

version 0.9939_59
	o support for geo: URIs
	o WWWBrowser update (fixing Debian issues)
	o spelling fix in Pod
	o modernized META.yml/.json creation
	o regain 5.005 compat

version 0.9939_58
	o added gzip support in tkmore (needs PerlIO::gzip)

version 0.9939_57
	o fix for
	  (1st issue, cleanup of temporary directory)

version 0.9939_56
	o create cache directory if necessary
	o cache directory documentation
	o use entities instead of iso-8859-2 encoding in some Pods
	o tests may fail on some systems because of a bug in Tk
	  (i.e. when creating multiple MainWindows within one process)

version 0.9939_55
	o tkpod: new -version option
	o View Source: show Pod source at current line now
	o fixed partially breakage because of background tree updating
	o experimental: a new button for rebuilding the fullsearch index
	  (needs either gksu or xsu)
	o fix for
	  (2nd issue)
	o pod cache now lives in the home or data directory
	o TODO file is now written in org-mode, not anymore as Pod

version 0.9939_54
	o Pod tree is updated in the background (Unix only)
	o Link to sections: now also non-sections are highlighted
	o fixed a spelling error in Tk::More's Pod

version 0.9939_53
	o fixed a broken test
	o fixed optional_features in META.yml

version 0.9939_52
	o fixed: cygwin had no protection against missing/invalid DISPLAYs

version 0.9939_51
	o fixed <2> binding (the last change broke open in new window over

version 0.9939_50
	o middle button acts now like Mozilla/Firefox: opening pod by selection
	o moved "Reload" menu item to "View" menu
	o new menu item "View" > "View source"
	o improved full text search:
	  o multi term searches are now possible
	  o sorting results is done by using number of term hits first
	  o full text search terms are translated into a stemmed regexp
	    for the Pod viewer search 
	  o avoiding AnyDBM_File-related warnings

version 0.9939
	o new popup menu item "Copy Pod location"

version 0.9938_52
	o fixed some tests caused by the new optionality of some

version 0.9938_51
	o META.yml needs also dynamic_config setting
	o update of README

version 0.9938_50
	o update to newest
	o again fixes for fulltext search paths (problems seen on Debian
          and Windows)
	o debug mode: now with Reloader menu item
	o META.yml uses optional_features instead of recommends
	o changed DISPLAY check before test_harness call, hopefully
	  generating UNKNOWN test results

version 0.9938	So  3 Feb 2008 19:12:04 CET
	o The internal man viewer can handle utf-8 now.
	o Upgraded to newer WWWBrowser version (changed Windows support)
	o fix for ActivePerl: perl documentation is in "pods" directory
	o special handling for a2p pod

version 0.9937
	o Make sure the displayed Pods in the tree match the actual @INC path
	o Tk::Pod::Text Pod should now contain all Pod constructs as examples
        o bugfix: fixed architecture path component stripping
	o bugfix: fixed core/site/vendor coloring if installvendorlib/arch not
          defined at all
	o warning fix in Tk::Pod::FindPods for perl 5.005

version 0.9936
	o Tk::More now used fixedFont/FixedFont for setting font via option db
	o more Tk::More-related documentation
	o t/cmdline.t does not fail anymore with perl 5.005_05
	o fullsearch dialog with fixed font in listbox, making nicer columns
	o fullsearch toplevel is now transient
	o OK button in fullsearch dialog
	o made the fulltext search work under MSWin32 (by using File::Spec
	  instead of manual filename arithmetic)
	o all transient windows now have close buttons
	o WWWBrowser is now bundled as Tk::Pod::WWWBrowser
	o printing under MacOSX
	o added basic tests for PodSearch and PodTree

version 0.9935
	o fixed missing "use" in tkpod (spotted by Torsten Foertsch)
	o nicer diagnostics output when finding duplicate modules
	o better STDERR diagnostics if Pod cannot not be found in findpod
	o cmdline.t tests with different environment settings
	o cmdline.t works now in BATCH=0 mode

version 0.9934
	o Fixed fulltext search on Debian machines (different index
	o minor Pod changes
	o Tk::More and tkmore now support the -encoding option
	o support coloring tree items for vendor directories
	o new menu item: View Pod source (like Edit Pod, but using
	o new method for Tk::More: AddQuitBindings
	o documented public methods in Tk::More

version 0.9933
	o new menu items with and links
	o Print keybinding
	o Ptksh menu entry in debug mode
	o tkpod: pod names now have priority over directories (problem
	  spotted by Andreas Koenig)
	o pod tree fixes for MacOSX
	o do not run test suite if no DISPLAY available (X11 only)

version 0.9932
	o bugfix - Tk::Pod did not work with Tk804 and without
	  Tk::ToolBar installed (thanks to Craig Thayer for spotting
	  the problem)

version 0.9931
	o Tk::ToolBar menu icon support also for Tk800
	  (very experimental!)

version 0.9930
	o fixing zoom function problems on some X11 servers
	o changed About dialog
	o tkmore: Pod, new options
	o new environment variable TKPODCACHE
	o fixed for installations with vendor_perl in @INC (thanks to
	  Alexey Tourbin)

version 0.9929
	o no functional changes, just repair version damage

version 0.9928
	o -f and -q options for tkpod
	o fixes for Windows (tested with ActivePerl)
	o minor usability improvements
	o full search: it's now possible to restrict to the current
 	  selected module subtree

version 0.9927
	o new script tkmore (installed by default)
	o experimental: menu icons (only with Tk::ToolBar installed
          and with Tk804)
	o fix: Back/Forward menu items are disabled if not applicable
	o WidgetDump menu entry in debug mode
	o Use a ligther background color for Text/Tree areas of Tk::Pod.
	  The -background option is now disabled. This is very experimental
	  and will change.
	o experimental: new internal man viewer
	o experimental: "Open by Name" accepts "-f ..." for displaying
	  functions and "-q ..." for FAQ questions
	o Pod::Simple requirement increased to 2.05 because of bugs in
	  earlier versions
	o pod_find in Tk::Pod::FindPods now works with softlinked

version 0.9926
	o changed search order: .pod files first, then .pm, .pl and
	  extension-less files
	o Tk::Pod and Tk::Pod::Text are now better subclassable
	o new tests t/pods.t and t/subclass.t
	o changed -selectforeground in tree view
	o polished Tk::HistEntry support
	o new menu accelerators
	o tiny layout change for =item (by Torsten Foertsch)

version 0.9925
	o Tk::Pod::FindPods: using opendir/readdir instead of glob

version 0.9924
	o fix for a test error

version 0.9923
	o Zoom in/out was reversed (spotted by Martin Thurn)
	o temporary print files now may get deleted on process end
	o removed very experimental CPAN support --- use CPANPLUS::Shell::Tk
	o experimental support for displaying perlfunc functions in tree
          (by category or alphabetically)
	o some missing \Q...\E added

version 0.9922
	o fixed logic in Tk::Pod::FindPods

version 0.9921
	o new feature: search Perl FAQ
	o bugfix (hopefully): aborting the rendering sometimes caused the
	  styles to get messed up
	o bugfix: changing the font size now also propagates to Pod pages
	  in the history

version 0.9920
	o more information in About dialog
	o Tk::Pod::Cache: workaround for a reload bug (seen on RedHat 8.0 only)
	o no more interactive tests --- bow there's "make demo"

version 0.9919
	o search in Pod tree with history
	o changed menu entry label "Set Pod" to "Open by Name"
	o new environment variable TKPODDIRS
	o documented TKPODPORT
	o added accelerators for Zoom in/out

version 0.9918
	o fixed the error case in Tk::Pod::Text::file
	o changed Home, End, Prior and Next callbacks in Tree view
	o invalidate cache on reload
	o openpod with history
	o added <MouseWheel> support

version 0.9917
	o propagate -exitbutton to new windows
	o Set Pod: new "New window" button
	o tkpod -I lib (again) possible
	o Tk::FcyEntry not used anymore because of problems under Windows
	o document cleanup: replaced "POD" with "Pod"
	o OO rewrite of Tk::Pod::FindPods

version 0.9916
	o URL and man links are now clickable (Tk::Pod::Text::Link_url and
	o $Config{scriptdir} is now also scanned for pods (suggestion by
          Marek Rouchal)
	o New -exitbutton option. By default Tk::Pod widgets do not have an
          exit menu entry anymore (suggestion by Bruce Ravel)
	o new cmdline.t test
	o server cleanup on SIGTERM
	o fixed option handling in tkpod (-I switch not available anymore)
	o moved some functions into new module Tk::Pod::Util
	o bugfix: keyboard selection in POD tree now works
	o bugfix for perllocal.pod handling
	o another workaround for Tk::Pod::FindPods on MSWin32

version 0.9915
	o use Tk::HistEntry in fulltext search dialog, if available
	o tree view: now automatically jumping to the current leaf
	o Double-2 binding in Tk::Pod::Text
	o minor POD fixes

version 0.9914
	o changed email address
	o first non-development 0.99* version

version 0.99_13
	o Tk::Pod::Cache was missing in the distribution :-(
	o new environment variable TKPODEDITOR

version 0.99_12
	o new module Tk::Pod::Cache --- memory cached documents are
          rendered about three times faster than non-cached documents
	o DEBUG now uses warn instead of print

version 0.99_11
	o new zoom_normal/in/out menu entries
	o default OS font size is honored now

version 0.99_10
	o major changes by Sean Burke:
	  * Tk::Parse replaced by Pod::Simple and Tk::Pod::SimpleBridge
	  * changes to Tk::Pod::Text to use the new parser backend
	  * style definition moved to Tk::Pod::Styles
	  * printing facility for Windows with write.exe or notepad.exe

version 0.99_08
	o fixed typo in Tk::Pod::Text --- links to head1 sections should
	  work now
	o tkpod -s (server mode) implemented
	o Adjuster between tree and text widgets works (again)

version 0.99_07
	o cygwin compatibility
	o bugfix in Tk::Pod::Text (thanks, John Cerney!)

version 0.99_06
	o new "Set Pod" menu entry in
	o Double-2 opens pod in new window (like Shift-Double-1)
	o another change in suggested by Martin Raspe
	o compatibility to Tk 800.014

version 0.99_05
	o change in for ActivePerl (suggested by Martin Raspe)

version 0.99_04
	o switch to show PODs of not installed CPAN modules
	o new View menu
	o POD tree is now switchable on and off from the menu
	o some fixes

version 0.99_03

	o some Text menu bindings in PodText
	o incremented versions to prevent CPAN mismatches
	o FullText search term is set automatically as search term in

version 0.99_02

	o some fixes for MSWin32 and Perl 5.005
	o Reload menu for PodTree

version 0.99_01

	o various bug fixes
	o colored entries in pod tree
	o no more support
	o new/better bindings
	o break long menus (on X11)

version 0.12 (not released)

	o new Tk::Pod::Tree module and a tree view for POD files
	o better history support: forward/backward/view history
          (with new menu) 
	o new popup menu entry Forward
	o Alt-Left/Right bindings
	o usign getOpenFile instead of FileSelect
	o using messageBox instead of BackTrace
	o standard editor is ptked
	o using Tk::Parse::Escapes instead of private translate hash
	o change cursor image over links
	o scrollbars are now on the right side (only Windows)
	o bugfix: remove X<...> from section menu entries
	o bugfix: internal links and middle button work now
	o new maintainer

version 0.11

        o fixed VERSION problem: 1.14+2 < 3.14
        o Added 'standard perl' COPYRIGHT notices to modules

version 0.10

	o New Search menu, Up/down bindigs and
	  PATH scanned after @INC for PODs
	  Thanks to Slaven Rezic <>
	o Pod/
		added support simple =head3 support
		(treated like =head2)
		added =begin/=end support (but not nesting or
		check/match of word after =begin/=end).
		Better impl. has to wait until Pod::Parser is
	o 'Reload' jumps to same line after document is reloaded
	o =pod doesn't generate a warning anymore
	o t/basic.t:  basic widget test ala Tk800 t/create.t

version 0.09

	o Tk::Pod & Tk::Pod::Text: fixed version (1.9 > 1.10 problem)
	o Added section menu (Thanks Slaven)
	o Use Busy/UnBusy during load of POD
	o 'Help'->'Usage..' used Pod_usage.pod
	o L</"This heading"> works a bit better (still broken
	  if loaded to new POD window)

version 0.08

	o E<> support also 'space' 'tab'
	o I<> is now in weight 'medium' and not 'bold'
	o -font option removed so it's really 'courier'
	o Fixed version number of Tk::Pod and Tk::Pod::Text
	  so it increasing again (1.9 > 1.11 problem)

version 0.07

		o Links don't change font size in =head and
                  =item commands
		o Support L<man/"head*"> and L<man/item>
		  (/"head" and /item still don't work when
		  new Pod widget should is opened (<2> or
		o Support L<showthis|man/sec> (new in 5.004_05
		  to be and > 5.005_56)

		o Don't pack menubuttons for Tk800.*. (Thanks
		  to Slaven Rezic <>)
		o 'Help/Usage' works when installed (also Win*?)

		o better h,j,k,l bindings scroll regardless of
		  'insert' position
		o insertCursor is invisible (well zero width)
		o insertCursor off time set to 0 sec to switch
		  of blinking (see text.n doc)
		o fixed packing so entry does not fanish for
		  small More widgets

version 0.06

	o fixed 'Quit' error
	o Pod widgets created from another Pod widget have now
	  same parent as Pod widget that created them

version 0.05

	o tkpod: added -tk switch so, Pod will be found
	  even if Tk:: or Tk/ prefix is omitted.

	o Fixed wrong $VERSION of Tk::Pod

version 0.0401

	o For 2 button mouse owners:
		<Shift-ButtonRelease-1> does same
		as <ButtonRelease-2>: load doc into
		new window.

	o Fixed Tk::Pod version to be higher than in
	  Tk402.003 so gets the right distribution

	o more TODO entries :-)

version 0.04

	o applied Tk/ patch of Slaven Rezic
	  <> to fix problem
	  triggered by perlfaq4.pod
	o Allow upcase chars in E<> as: Auml, Ouml,...
	o Shift-Button-1 was used to open new window
	  on L<>.  Now it's Button-2
	o added 'szlig' to E<>
	o Added more example POD markup to Tk/Pod/Text for

version 0.03

	o fixed warn on =for.  Perl Data Language has lots
	  of them
	o use alpha FcyEntry widget if available
	o Tk/More status line: flat<->sunken, disabled<->normal
version 0.02

	o use CDE default fonts if available
	o first go on Tk::More widget
	o use perlindex full text index if available

version 0.01

	o derived from Tk402.003 tkpod Tk/
	o Extracted Tk::Pod::Text  from Tk::Pod  and use ROText
	o 'better than nothing POD' for tkpod, Tk::Pod,
	o Added tkpod Help menu
	o L<> in blue
	o Button-* load POD in same window (with shift in separate
	o tkpod now exits when last Pod widget is closed
	o quick and dirty 'back' history.
	o Added Popup menu: back, reload, edit
	o removed Autoloader and sub old_process
	o some other little fixes I can't remember right now