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Revision history for Perl extension Tk-PopEntry-0.04.

0.01  Tue Sep 26 07:49:58 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-A -X -n Tk-PopEntry-0.01

0.02  Wed Dec 20 12:00:00 2000
        - corrected error with '-nospace' option
        - Makefile.PL corrected
        - modified

0.03  Fri Dec 22 09:00:00 2000
        - eliminated ugly error messages when using a hotkey
          while the menu isn't actually visible.
        - changed "Select All" to "Sel. All" to make the menu
          line up and look pretty.        
        - changed the README file.

0.04  Thu Dec 28 08:00:00 2000
        - Added methods 'addItem' and 'deleteItem'.

0.05  Sun Feb 25 19:00:00 2001
        - Scrapped old PopEntry code completely and used code
          from LabPopEntry instead.  The two widgets now
          share about 98% of the same code.
        - The 'spaces allowed' issued was resolved with regards
          to -pattern.
        - Regular expression for 'float' pattern works.
        - Turned all "Control" strings on the menu into "Ctrl"
          so that the pop down menu would align properly in 
          all window managers.
        - Binds now work better, though the window manager can 
          still take control for various sequences with
          unpredictable results.
        - Toplevel control made better with judicious use of 
        - Pod fixed (hopefully) and updated.

0.06  Fri Apr 12 23:25:01 2002
        - Fixed issue where cursor did not scroll to right if
          text inserted exceeded with of the Entry widget.  Thanks
	  to Amable Ventura Miguel Angel for the spot.

	- Fixed some 'uninitialized' warnings that started
	  showing up in Perl 5.6.