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Revision history for Perl extension Tkx::Login.

1.11  2014/04/29

        Using GNU TAR now. The previous release had PAX headers in the tar file.
        Build scripts now automatically configure minium perl version.

1.10  2014/04/13

	Adding the NAME block to the POD with synopsis.

1.09  2014/03/20

	Correcting META not having perl version.

1.08  2014/03/17

	Moving to Test::Simple

1.07  2014/03/14

	Now using "warnings"

1.06  2014/03/08

	Meta information now automatically generated
	Adding a POD test

1.05  2014/02/25

	Added a "Cancel" button option.
	Updated meta information
	Including a LICENSE file

1.04  2012/03/28

	Initial module creation.