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Revision history for Tkx-ROText

0.06  (2009-02-06)
    - Expand text widget to fill parent frame.

0.05  (2009-01-23)
    - Changed from being text-based to frame-based. This means that 
      $w->g_winfo_class() now reports 'Tkx_ROText'. More importantly, we 
      should now have support for class-specific options and bindings.

0.04  (2009-01-19)
    - Added 'm_*' prefix to public method names to support delgation from
      other megawidgets. (Requires Tkx v1.06+)

0.03  (2009-01-08)
    - Changed widget from being fixed as read-only to supporting 'readonly' as 
      an option for the -state configuration item. The state can now be toggled 
      between readonly (the default), normal, and disabled.

0.02  (2009-01-05)
    - Re-release with revised directory permissions in tar archive to make the 
      CPAN indexer happy.

0.01  (2009-01-05)
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.