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Revision history for Perl extension UPS::Nut.

0.01  Tue Mar 26 12:10:41 2002
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.20102
0.02  Tue May 21 10:46:00 2002
        - changed default port from 3305 to 3493 to comply with IANA 
          assigned port # for NUT. -- KP
0.03  Sat August 10 12:00:00 2002
        - Made debug messages slightly more descriptive, improved comments 
          in code.

	  Removed TimeLeft() function.  I'm just going to let people do a 
	  request for the RUNTIME var, if supported.  I don't think that 
	  my code for calculating battery life belongs in the module, 
	  although I'm happy to share the code with anyone who asks. 

	  Accessor functions for all supported vars added by Wayne 
          Wylupski <>.  Yay Wayne!

	  The module no longer automatically logs in to the UPS.  Now you 
	  have to explicitly set an option (LOGIN => 1) in the 
	  constructor.  This was done at the suggestion of Russell Kroll 
	  ( so that people using my module won't cause 
	  upsd to wait forever for them to log out if it doesn't need to.  
	  So only use LOGIN if you're actually connected to the UPS, OR 
	  Modified login logic a bit.  Now it doesn't check to see if we 
	  got OK, ERR, or something else from upsd.  It simply checks for 
	  a response beginning with OK from upsd. Anything else is an 
	  error.  The login logic was just way too long and involved 

	  Modified login to send ups name w/LOGIN command, as sending 
	  LOGIN with no upsname makes some versions (prior to 0.50.1a) 

	  Wayne Wylupski <> Added functions to directly 
	  call all supported instant commands.  Yay Wayne again!
	  Request() now returns undef on all failure conditions.
 	  Master() now returns undef on all failure conditions. 
  	  I'm no longer using "default" as the upsname if no upsname was 
  	  specified.  "default" is a convention used in the upsd code, and 
	  could change any time.  Now, if no upsname is specified, 
	  doesn't send one either, which is acceptable behavior.  upsd 
	  will then select a UPS - see the docs for upsd.

      Fri Aug 23 7:55:00 2002

          All references to _debug() have been replaced with 
          $self->_debug().  This improves compatibility with Perl 5.005 
          and 'use strict'

0.04  Sat Nov 30 10:17:27 2002

          From Wayne:

          AUTOLOAD for InstCmds;
          Removed EXPANDed stuff
          Added attributions for the specific routines
          Adjusted the POD for the above changes

          From me:
          Changed $version to read 0.04.  Oh boy.  *grin*