Revision history for Perl module URI::Fetch

0.15 2021-05-27 NEILB
    - Specify min perl as 5.008001 rather than 5.008_001, which was
      causing problems with some versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

0.14 2021-05-26 NEILB
    - When Benjamin created this, he had a server set up for doing the
      tests, but that's gone now. So to stop all the fails, I'm skipping
      the live tests for now. Could do with mocking, but this is a stop-gap.

0.13_01 2021-05-25 NEILB
    - Changed the test suite to use some online HTTP status code test servers.
      Let's see how reliable they are.

0.13 2016-07-02 NEILB
    - Switched to using Test::RequiresInternet rather than the hand-rolled
      online() function that was duplicated in 2 tests. Plus it was testing
      whether was contactable, and not the site used in the tests.

0.12 2016-06-23 NEILB
    - Travis support added by Jason Hall.
    - Added list of contributors to the doc.

0.11 2015-07-04 NEILB
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini, so release will include META.json.
      RT#105632 from ETHER++

0.10 2014-06-23
    - CPAN Testers looking good after previous developer release.
    - Added github repo to pod

0.09_01 2014-06-13
    - If you've got caching enabled, and get a 304 response (Not Modified)
      with content (from the cache), then is_success() returns true.
      Suggested in RT#75665
    - Caching now done under the original url rather than the sanitised
      version of it. Bug report and patch from Mario Domgoergen RT#39820
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Reformatted Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.09  2011-01-28
    - Use $ua->env_proxy to load local proxy settings. (RT 53819)
    - Skip tests if we don't have a network connection. (RT 28388, 59694)
    - Removed sign() and auto_install() from Makefile.PL.
    - Removed magic svn keywords.
    - Added author tests (xt/) and modified SYNOPSIS for all modules to
      make them pass the compilation test.

0.08  2006-07-24
    - Don't overwrite the User-Agent field if the caller has set it and
      provided the UserAgent argument. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
      for the patch.

0.071 2006-06-25
    - Fixed broken is_error (broken in 0.07). Thanks to Tatsuhiko for the

0.07  2006-06-18
    - Use $res->header('Content-Type') instead of $res->content_type, since
      the latter can return an array. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the
    - $res->is_success, is_error, and is_redirect previously threw an exception
      when called with NoNetwork. They just work as 200 succesful request now,
      when the response is taken back from the cache. Thanks to Tatsuhiko
      Miyagawa for the patch.

0.06  2006-04-09
    - Fixed issue where content-type was not stored in the cache, and was
      thus blank on subsequent requests. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for
      the patch.
    - Fixed issue with caching redirected (304) URIs. Thanks to Tatsuhiko
      Miyagawa for the patch.
    - Added is_error, is_redirect, is_success convenience methods to
      URI::Fetch::Response. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.

0.05  2006-02-24
    - Added a ForceResponse option, which forces URI::Fetch->fetch to return
      a URI::Fetch::Response object even if the HTTP request fails for an
      unknown reason. Thanks to Tim Appnel for the patch.

0.04  2005-10-09
    - Added Thaw and Freeze options, which allow you to define the
      serialization and deserialization options that are used. Thanks to
      Tim Appnel for the patch.

0.03  2005-05-27
    - Added a NoNetwork option, allowing fetch to trust the cache completely
      and skip the HTTP request; or the option to do this only if the version
      in the cache is older than N seconds. [bradfitz]
    - Added a CacheEntryGrep option, to allow for not caching certain
      responses. [bradfitz]
    - Documentation fixes & clarifications. [bradfitz]

0.02  2005-05-25
    - Let the caller pass in their own UserAgent and ContentAlterHook.
    - Be more strict about invalid parameters. [bradfitz]
    - Documentation fixes for URI::Fetch->fetch in the SYNOPSIS. Thanks
      to Naoya Ito for the note.

0.01  2004-12-31
    - Initial distribution.