20160806  Sat Aug  6 13:36:14 PDT 2016
    * Homepage is now metacpan
    * Now testing Strawberry Perl with AppVeyor
    * Kwalitee fix (Patrice Clement) [github 14]

20140709  Wed Jul  9 16:28:37 PDT 2014
    New Features
    * The "git" scheme is supported. (Schwern)
    * svn, ssh and svn+ssh schemes are supported. [rt.cpan.org 57490] (Schwern)
    * Added a --schemeless option to urifind. (Schwern)

    Bug Fixes
    * http:// is no longer matched [rt.cpan.org 63283] (Schwern)

    Backwards Incompatibilities
    * Previously, URIs stringified to their canonical version.  Now
      they stringify as written.  This results in less loss of
      information.  For example.  "Blah HTTP:://FOO.COM" previously
      would stringify as "http://foo.com/" and now it will stringify
      as "HTTP://FOO.COM".  To restore the old behavior you can call
      $uri->canonical. (Schwern)

    Distribution Changes
    * No longer using URI::URL. (Schwern)
    * Now requires URI 1.60 for Unicode support. (Schwern)

20140702  Wed Jul  2 13:41:47 PDT 2014
    New Features
    * IDNA (aka Unicode) domains are now supported. [github 3] (GwenDragon)
    * The list of TLDs for schemeless matching has been updated. [github 3] (GwenDragon)

    Bug Fixes
    * Handle balanced [], {} and quotes in addition to (). [rt.cpan.org 85053] (Schwern)
    * Don't mangle IPv6 URLs. [rt.cpan.org 85053] (Schwern)
    * Schemeless is more accurate about two letter TLDs. [github 3] (GwenDragon)

    Distribution Changes
    * Switched the issue tracker to Github. (Schwern)

20111103  Thu Nov  3 12:14:21 PDT 2011
    Bug Fixes
    * URI::URL::strict will no longer leak out of find() if the callback
      or filter fails. [rt.cpan.org 71153] (Carl Chambers)

20111020  Thu Oct 20 17:31:56 PDT 2011
    Bug Fixes
    * Things which look like URIs, but aren't, are now properly escaped like
      other text.  [rt.cpan.org 71658]

    New Features
    * Balanced parens in URIs are no longer stripped.  Example:
      "http://example.com/foo(bar)"  (Merten Falk)

20100505  Wed May  5 18:48:44 PDT 2010
    Test Fixes
    * Fixed t/urifind/find.t on Windows

20100504.1039  Tue May  4 10:39:23 PDT 2010
    Doc Fixes
    * Forgot to mention that we ship with urifind now.

20100504  Tue May  4 10:29:52 PDT 2010
    New Features
    * Added a urifind program. (Darren Chamberlain)
    Bug Fixes
    * The final semi-colon was being strippped form URLs found in HTML
      that ended with HTML entities. (Michael Peters)
      Example: http://google.com/search?q=<html>
    * URLs with leading dots, pluses and minuses are now found.
      [rt.cpan.org 57032]
      Example: stuff...http://example.com

20100211  Thu Feb 11 04:02:26 PST 2010
    Bug Fixes
    * Finding URIs inside brackets was pretty badly broken by
      the last release.  (Michael Peters)

20090319  Thu Mar 19 12:17:53 PDT 2009
    Bug Fixes
    * Schemeless now ignores the case of the TLD.

    New Features
    * Updated the list of accepted domains for finding schemeless URIs
      from the latest ICANN list.

    * Add LICENSE section
    * Remove wildly out of date CAVEATS
    * Added an example of how to get a list of all URIs.
    * Updated INSTALL section to reflect new dependencies and Module::Build
      installation process
    * Regenerated the README file

20090316  Mon Mar 16 16:18:10 PDT 2009
    New Features
    * Added optional replacement function to find(). Now you 
      can not only replace URLs found, but also the rest of the text around
      them in one fell swoop. (Mike Schilli) [rt.cpan.org 20486]
    * Whitespace inside <...> is now ignored as per the suggestion of
      RFC 3986 appendix C. [rt.cpan.org 20483]

    * Michael G Schwern is now primary maintainer again.  Thanks for all your
      work, Roderick!
    * Repository moved to http://github.com/schwern/uri-find
    * Now requires Test::More
    * Verisoning scheme changed to ISO date integers
    * Minimum Perl version is now 5.6.0.

0.16 Fri Jul 22 06:00:24 EDT 2005
    - Oops, make the URI::Find::Schemeless->top_level_domain_re case
      insensitive, as it should be and the docs claimed it was.  Thanks
      to Todd Eigenschink.

0.15 Tue Mar 22 07:23:17 EST 2005
    - Have all functions croak if invoked with the wrong number of
      arguments.  Add URI::Find->badinvo.
    - Mention DARREN's urifind script in the man page.
    - Oops, URI::URL::strict was turned on and left on.  Put it back the
      way you found it.  Thanks to Chris Nandor.
    - Schemeless.pm:
        - Find '<x>intag.com</x>'.
        - Get $tldRe from a new class method, ->top_level_domain_re.
        - Update top level domain list.

0.14 Sat Oct  9 08:20:04 EDT 2004
    - Add copyright notice.
    - Add ] to main $cruftSet, } to schemeless $cruftSet, for
      [http://square.com] and {brace.com}.
    - quotemeta() $cruftSet.

0.13 Mon Jul  1 10:37:54 EDT 2002
    - Don't find any schemeless URIs with a plain URI::Find.  Previously
      it'd find ones which started with "ftp." and "www.", but it was
      more prone to false positives than URI::Find::Schemeless.
    - Have schemeless_to_schemed use http:// except in the specific case
      in which it uses ftp://.  Remove URI::Find::Schemeless's version.

0.12 Wed Mar 20 14:39:21 EST 2002
    - Improve the "wrap each URI found in an HTML anchor" example.
    - Release a new version so CPAN sees the maintainer change.

0.11 Thu Jul 26 14:43:49 EDT 2001
    - Michael passed the module to Roderick for maintenance.
    - Improve test suite.
    - Tweak URI::Find::Schemeless not to find Foo.p[ml].

0.10  Mon Jul 10 20:14:08 EDT 2000
    - Rearchitected the internals to allow simple subclassing
    - Added URI::Find::Schemeless (thanks Roderick)

0.04  Sat Feb 26 09:05:11 GMT 2000
    - Added # to the uric set of characters so HTML anchors are caught.

0.03  Tue Feb  1 16:15:22 EST 2000
    - Added some heuristic discussion to the docs.
    - Added some heuristics to avoid picking up perl module names
    - Improved schemeless URI heuristic to avoid picking up
      usenet board names.
    - Handling the <URL:...> case better as suggested in RFC 2396 Apdx E
    - Added ; to the cruft heuristic

0.02  Tue Feb  1 13:11:56 EST 2000
    - Added heuristic to handle 'URL:http://www.foo.com'
    - Added heuristic to handle trailing quotes.

0.01  Mon Jan 31 19:12:23 EST 2000
    - First working version released to CPAN.