Revision history for UUID-Tiny

1.04    2013-08-22,
        Fixed typos from bug report #87187.
        Rejected bug report #83073 (UUID::Tiny correctly sets the variant).
        Thread-tests still not running (Mac OS X 10.8.x and other machines).
        Thread-tests removed, bug report #57188 deferred.
        POD changed to better reflect the new standard interface.
        Fixed a bug in Makefile.PL reported by Matt Koscica.

1.03_01 2010-05-04,
        Thread-patches from Michael C. Schwern applied.
        Test not running on Mac OS X 10.6.3 ...

1.03    2010-01-31,
        Once again clk_seq uniqueness and fixing some small bugs with
        _get_clk_seq() (due to failed CPAN Tester's ID 6750882).
        Changed COPYRIGHT due to Bug #53642.
        License should now be shown in CPAN.

1.0202  2010-01-12,
        Fixed a small bug (calling _init_globals without need).
        Introduced a test on clk_seq uniqueness (due to failed CPAN Tester's
        ID 6357718). We'll see ...

1.0201  2010-01-12,
        Bug #50519 fixed: Test number 03 fails on Windows (just skipping this
        test on MSWin32).

1.02    2009-08-21,
        Cosmetic changes to documentation.
        Changed comments on Perl versions.
        Changed POD example code (there were some "-" in the names).
        "my" instead of "our" seed (no need to be a public global var).
        Introducing UUID_TIME etc. as alternatives to UUID_V1 etc.
        New standard interface added ("use UUID::Tiny ':std';").
        Tries to load alternative SHA-1 modules, UUID_SHA1_AVAIL added.
        Refactoring by Jesse Vincent.
        Testing the legacy interface.
        New _init_globals() to make UUID::Tiny "fork-safe".
        Test cases to prove "fork-safety" of v1 and v4 UUIDs.
        Locking for thread-safety of MD5_CALCULATOR and SHA1_CALCULATOR.

1.01    2009-07-12,
        Synopsis corrected after CPAN upload of version 1.00.
        Explicit use of Digest::MD5 and Digest::SHA1 after related failures on
        CPAN Testers (let's see if it will help ...).
        Modified clk_seq algorithm (simplified, independent of node_id).

1.00    2009-06-21,
        First, feature-complete and tested version.