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    - $LAST is properly initialized during setup()
    - works even when HTML::Parser doesn't
      generate end events for implicitly closed <LI> tags.


    - add_comments.htm also needs to get a link at the
      bottom that indicates which proverb # it refers to.
    - added link to in index.html
    - added images/simplify.png as an icon for

1.04  Fri Dec 13 17:41:57 PST 2002

    - changed the link at the bottom of read_comments.htm
      to the proverb # the current page refers to.
    - use an external css file
    - css for forms is light green on dark green
    - modified the end of truth.htm

1.03  Tue Dec 10 23:50:40 PST 2002

    - added a way to view only the most popular truths
      which are truths that have 1 or more comments
      attached to them.
    - truth.htm provides a link to this
    - read_comments.htm links back to the page where
      the proverb originall came from

1.02  Thu Dec  5 22:04:21 PST 2002

    - read_comments.htm and changed to make
      it possible for people w/o JavaScript to participate
    - minor formatting changes
    - read_comments.htm lets you input the # of the
      proverb you want to read.


    - minor refinements that I don't remember


    - initial release