Unicode::MapUTF8 - Conversions to and from arbitrary character sets and UTF8

1.14 2020.09.27   Fixing pod breakage in EUC-JP pod

1.13 2020.09.27   Fixing MANIFEST.SKIP error

1.12 2020.09.27   Build tool updates. Maintainer updates. POD error fixes.
                  Relicensed under MIT license.

1.11 2005.10.10   Documentation changes. Addition of Build.PL support.
                  Added various build tests, LICENSE, Artistic_License.txt,
                  GPL_License.txt. Split documentation into seperate
                  .pod file. Added Japanese translation of POD.

1.10 2005.05.22 - Fixed bug in conversion of ISO-2022-JP to UTF-8.
                  Problem and fix found by Masahiro HONMA

                  Similar bugs in conversions of shift_jis and euc-jp
                  to UTF-8 corrected as well.

1.09 2001.08.22 - Fixed multiple typo occurances of 'uft'
                  where 'utf' was meant in code. Problem affected
                  utf16 and utf7 encodings. Problem found
                  by devon smith <devon@taller.PSCL.cwru.edu>

1.08 2000.11.06 Added 'utf8_charset_alias' function to allow for runtime
                setting of character set aliases. Added several alternate
                names for 'sjis' (shiftjis, shift-jis, shift_jis, s-jis,
                and s_jis). 

                Corrected 'croak' messages for 'from_utf8' functions to
                appropriate function name.

                Corrected fatal problem in jcode-unicode internals. Problem 
                and fix found by Brian Wisti <wbrian2@uswest.net>.

1.07 2000.11.01 Added 'croak' to use Carp declaration to fix error
                messages. Problem and fix found by <wbrian2@uswest.net>.

1.06 2000.10.30 Fix to handle change in stringification of overloaded
                objects between Perl 5.005 and 5.6.  
                Problem noticed by Brian Wisti <wbrian2@uswest.net>.

1.05 2000.10.23 Error in conversions from UTF8 to multibyte encodings corrected

1.04 2000.10.23 Additional diagnostic error messages added for
                internal errors

1.03 2000.10.22 Bug fix for load time Unicode::Map encoding

1.02 2000.10.22 Bug fix to 'from_utf8' method and load time
                detection of Unicode::Map8 supported character
                set encodings

1.01 2000.10.02 Initial public release