Revision history for Perl extension Unix::ConfigFile.

0.06  Tue May  2 12:08:17 2000
	- Fixed documentation bugs
	- Optimized performance of maxuid() and added ignore parameter
	- Unix::PasswdFile now always writes out root as the first account
	- Fixed group() method to return parameters in the correct order
	- Added locking style "none" for no locking
	- Added example script examples/

0.05  Tue Jun  8 17:23:53 1999
	- Renamed add/remove in AliasFile/GroupFile to add_user/remove_user
	- New and commit can now pass options through to read and write
	- All modules now have rename (or rename_user) methods
	- AliasFile and GroupFile now use "*" to mean all aliases/groups

0.04  Tue May  4 12:29:23 1999
	- Corrected nasty bug in AliasFile that hosed multiline aliases
	- Really fixed the "embedded commas" bug in AliasFile this time

0.03  Mon May  3 21:29:59 1999
	- The new() method has been redone and the open() method eliminated
	- The commit() method can now create backup files
	- AliasFile now works under 5.004, but with a minor bug (see docs)
	- Fixed bug in AliasFile that dropped empty aliases at read time
	- Added rename() method to PasswdFile to rename users
	- Added delempty() method to AliasFile to remove empty aliases
	- Minor code and documentation cleanups

0.02  Thu Apr 15 16:18:00 1999
	- Added support for aliases and automounter files
	- ConfigFile now provides sequencing API, joinwrap, and commit
	- Various internal restructuring and improvements

0.01  Thu Feb 18 22:47:05 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18