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Revision history for Perl extension Unix::Syslog.
1.1   Sun May 18 21:13:38 2007
        - Released version 1.1.

	- Clearly marked MSWin32 systems as unsupported. (How do
	  64bit Windows system identify themselves?)

        - Fixed bug that caused Perl to segfault when closelog() was
	  called before openlog().

1.0   Tue Oct 2 22:22:43 2007
        - Bumped version number to 1.0.

	- License has changed to Artistic 2.0!

	- (Syslog.pm) Get rid of `require AutoLoader', which was wrong
          to begin with.

0.100 Wed Aug 28 17:09:37 2002
        - (test.pl) Major changes due to complete misunderstanding of

        - (Syslog.pm) Updated version number

	- (Makefile.PL) Cleanup

0.99 Wed Aug 14 21:05:43 2002
        - Added functions priorityname() and facilityname().

	- Updated docs.

0.98 Tue Jan 22 22:24:39 2002
        - (Syslog.pm) Instead of quoting percent-signs in
          syslog()-wrapper, simply pass the string to libc-syslog() as
          string argument via %s.  Reported by Gisle Aas
        - (Syslog.xs) When calling libc-syslog() internally, pass
          message as string argument, not as format string.
          Copy ident-argument using some Perl-API functions. Just
          using a reference counter had unwanted
          side-effects. Reported by Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>.
        - (TODO) Declared only plan for extending Unix::Syslog for
          unfeasable with current versions of Perl.

        - Renamed distribution archive to Unix-Syslog-<version>. I
          just discovered the `tardist' target in the Makefile :^)

0.97 Wed Dec 12 03:39:15 2001
        - (Syslog.pm) Updated version number.

        - (Syslog.xs) Increase openlog()'s ident argument reference
          counter, in order to achieve correct behaviour in case
          openlog()'s first argument is a function call. Reported by
          David Landgren.

        - (test.pl) Check that the changes to Syslog.xs actually work.

0.96  Tue Sep 25  01:17:00 2001
        - (test.pl) Add tests to clarify meaning of LOG_MASK and

0.95  Wed Feb 07 21:43:00 2001
        - (Syslog.pm) Fixed a message formatting bug in the syslog()
          wrapper (reported by Eric Kuzniar <kuzniar@server.airchek.com>
          and partly fixed by Mike DeVaynes
          <mike@radon.com>). Multiple expansion (sprintf,syslog) of
          format string and arguments, in some cases resulted in
          malformed messages.

        - (test.pl) Added some tests related to that bug fix 

        - (README) Added some details about the test suite.

0.94  Sun Aug 20 23:25:00 2000
        - (Makefile.PL) Added '-lc' to LIBS which seems to be
          necessary to compile Unix::Syslog on NEC EWS4800 machines
          (reported by Oota Toshiya <oota@ppd.fc.nec.co.jp>).

        - (Syslog.pm) Fixed severe bug in documentation of
          setlogmask() and the according macros.

        - (README) FAQ synched with pod section in Syslog.pm

0.93  Wed Mar 15 19:20:40 2000
        - Changed author's e-mail address to <marcus.harnisch@gmx.net>

        - Synched the version number of the module with the actual
          version of Unix::Syslog

        - Fixed some typos in the documentation

0.92  Sun Nov 28 15:24:15 1999
        - (README): Corrected a big howler and some other stuff

0.91  Sun Oct 24 17:47:03 1999
        - (README): Minor corrections

0.90  Sun Feb 20 19:32:34 1999
        - Finally finished documentation

0.01  Thu Aug  6 20:51:16 1998
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.18