Revision history for Perl extension VMS::Queue

0.01  Mon Dec 01 13:32:04 1997
	- Copied over from VMS::Process.
    - Implemented the xxx_list, xxx_info, and xxx_properties routines.
      xxx_list doesn't take a property hash yet, though.

0.02  Wed Dec 10 09:22:05 1997
    - Fixed basic.t. (Was VMS::Process' tests--chopped out everything but
      test 1)
    - Added xxx_bitmap_decode functions.
    - Took out of MANIFEST. MakeMaker'll whine on a distclean,
      but at least won't get installed now.

0.03  Mon Dec 15 12:34:12 1997
    - Added delete_entry, delete_queue, delete_form, delete_manager, and
      delete_characteristic functions
    - modified the xxx_properties function. The value for each key is now a
      hash, with four keys, INPUT_INFO, OUTPUT_INFO, INPUT_ACTION, and
      OUTPUT_ACTION. The values for these keys will be true or false,
      depending on whether the property is an input or output property for
      the action or info functions. A property can be multiple things.
    - Added stop_queue, start_queue, reset_queue, and pause_queue
    - Added start_manager and stop_manager functions.
    - Added hold_entry and release_entry functions.

0.05  Mon Dec 23 15:25:03 1997
    - Added docs for the file_list, file_properties, and file_bitmap_decode
    - Added in code for the file_properties and file_bitmap_decode functions.

0.06  Wed Dec 31 15:54:34 1997
    - Added all the functions to the EXPORT_OK list.

0.07  Wed Jan 07 09:47:06 1998
    - Made a change to generic_getqui_call to take two additional parameters--
      the number of 'reserved' slots at the beginning of the item list, and
      a second 'okay' JBC status. (Added for file_info, which needs to work
      in wildcard mode)
    - Added return JBC status and context parameter to gneric_getqui_call.
      Amazingly, it all still works.
    - Added the file_list function
    - Fixed generic_getqui_call--it leaked memory like a sieve.
    - generic_getqui_call's array indexing was totally whacked. It never
      showed up before because everything always called it with an offset
      of one, which just happened to work.

0.08  Wed Jan 28 15:40:04 1998
    - Added code for the submit function, and at least some of the SNDJBC
      item codes. As of 2/12/98, it works.

0.09  Fri Feb 13 11:56:03 1998
    - Created the build_itemlist and tear_down_itemlist functions to create
      or destroy itemlists.
    - Added in a whole boatload of item codes for SNDJBC, as well as code
      to handle time and longword items to build_itemlist

0.10  Fri Feb 27 11:21:04 1998
    - Added more item codes for SNDJBC
    - Added in code for all the create_xxx and modify_xxx functions.
      They're all the same code with minor differences, so they've been
      rolled into one ALIAS:ed XSUB. Cool.

0.10  Wed Apr 01 19:30:00 1998
    - Added yet more item codes for SNDJBC

0.11  Wed Apr 01 19:45:00 1998
    - Switched over to ALIAS for the xxx_bitmap_decode functions. More code
      trimmed away...
    - Switched the xxx_properties functions to an ALIAS. Snip, snip...
    - Added the last of the sndjbc items. Whew...

0.11  Thu Apr 02 14:44:13 1998
    - More ALIAS merging.

0.11  Mon May 18 15:53:43 1998
    - Fixed up the queue properties list
    - Added in code to specify properties for the queues you want. (Mainly
      name, but hey, who am I to limit things?)

0.11  Wed May 20 16:48:94 1998
    - Added code to turn a hash of flag names to an integer (The reverse of
      the decode_bitmap function)

0.12  Thu May 21 9:55:04 1998
    - Added code to specify properties for entries
    - Bumped version number
    - Addede code to specify properties for forms, characteristics, and

0.50  Thu May 21 10:45:43 1998
    - Things seem functionally complete, though the docs are badly lacking.
      Bumping the version number and making a distribution.

0.51  Mon Oct 26 11:56:21 1998
    - Symbiont queues were being skipped. Now they're not.
    - Array offsets were getting scrambled a bit, and the queue_info function
      was using the wrong length for string returns.

0.52  Fri Nov 13 12:25:03 1998
    - Added in some more code to avoid skipping queues. Now there's a
      generic "I'm a queue" flag that all queues get, so we return some
      info even for queues whose type we don't recognize.

0.53  Fri Nov 20 9:33:03 1998
    - Took out some debugging code that'd been left in.

0.54  Tue Dec 15 15:54:03 1998
    - Fixed bugs in build_itemlist that kept it from actually working right
    - Added queue to list of valid things you can get SCSNODE_NAME for

0.55  Thu Aug 25 11:12:21 2000
    - Fixed old e-mail addresses
    - Fixed to build with 5.6.0
    - Makefile.PL fixup
    - Fixed sprintf format (courtesy of Ed James)
    - Logfile spec too short (fix courtesy of Ed James)
    - I think I fixed a bug where entries that couldn't print because of
      block limits still show. I think...

0.56 Thu Nov 16 12:10:32 2000
    - Finally got around to installing the wildcard and null time->undef
      patches from Tom Pfau

0.57 Wed May 30 17:12:22 2001
    - Some of the _list functions leaked contexts. Fixed.

0.58 Sun Aug 20 16:50:00 2006
    - Plug memory leaks courtesy of Thomas Pfau
    - Handoff from Dan to Craig Berry for maintenance