Revision history for Perl extension Video::Info.

0.993 Repair of some initialization with the MPEG and Quicktime parsers.

      All individual parsers except quicktime now seem to be properly
      instantiable via Video::Info::new() by detecting filetype with

      Now detecting new ASF GUIDs (Dustin Rice)

0.992 Revised the README to inform users that there are no longer 
      RIFF, ASF, or MPEG Info dependencies.  Thanks to Anna Gendler for
      catching this one.

      Reinstating Benjamin Ginter's correct email address in documentation
      and copyright files.

0.991 Unanticipated problems with the Class::MakeMethods init()
      behavior, had to make some small fixes.  Also had to fix problems
      related to removing dashes (-) from parameters.  Dashes are going to
      be deprecated soon.

0.99  Skipping waaaaay up!  Major changes this release.  Quicktime
      support has been added via OpenQuicktime.  This means new depen-
      dencies on Inline::C and the OpenQuicktime C library itself.
      Apologies to non-linux users... someone code me a pure-perl
      module that follows the "" and "FOO.t" format, and I'll
      add it.

      Once I'm sure all the problems are worked out, I'll bump the
      revision to 1.00.

      Another major change is the license.  I've moved the modules
      to the Aladding Free Public License, which is very explicit
      about prohibiting commercial use.  Personal users, treat it
      like a GPL.  Commercial users, contact me <>
      for a license.

      Thanks to William Scott Hoge and Steven Lembark for their help
      with the Quicktime format.

0.08  Added documentation missing for some methods
      Added minutes() method
      Added MMSS() method for Minutes:Seconds format
      Internal changes for how acodec() and acodecraw() are processed

0.07  ASF Mapping was not correct.  Fixed.
      Added new audio codecs.
      Added preliminary support for ID3 tagged MP3

0.06  Minor fix to the MANIFEST

0.05  Added Magic for determining filetypes by first 4 bytes.  Largely
      derived from magic(1)

      Video::Info seems to be working as a factory class for RIFF::Info
      and ASF::Info objects.

      Audio codec hex->name mapping moved into from RIFF::Info

      Added methods for ASF author/rating/copyright/etc info.  May also
      apply to MPEG video, and certainly MP2/3.

0.01  Sun Jan 20 17:38:41 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX Video::Info