Revision history for Voting::VoteFairRanking

1.0    1991 (approximately)
        Richard Fobes wrote the subroutine -- now named calc_all_sequence_scores -- that calculates VoteFair popularity ranking results.

2.0    1997 (approximately)
        Richard Fobes created the web-page-server (CGI) software that calculates VoteFair Ranking results at  It uses a modified version of the calc_all_sequence_scores subroutine, and added subroutines including the get_numbers_based_on_one_ballot and add_preferences_to_tally_table and related subroutines.

3.0    2005
        Richard Fobes wrote the subroutine that calculates VoteFair representation ranking results, which is now named the calc_votefair_representation_rank subroutine.

4.0    2011-October
        Richard Fobes wrote the calc_votefair_party_rank subroutine that calculates VoteFair party ranking results, and wrote the remainder of this module to use the VISJ framework.

4.9    2011-December
        This module was added to Perl's CPAN archives.

5.0    2011-December
       The calc_votefair_choice_specific_pairwise_score_popularity_rank and calc_votefair_insertion_sort_popularity_rank subroutines were added.  These subroutines, when used together, calculate VoteFair popularity ranking results fast -- in "polynomial time".  These two subroutines were developed during the year 2011, as improvements over the also-fast calculation subroutine used at since about the year 2000.

5.01   2011-December-26
       Minor refinements, to match GitHub version.