Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Babelfish.

0.01  Tue Apr 20 20:43:40 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.02	Thu May  6 20:42:35 1999  
	- added code to break up source text by paragraph
	and reassemble it. This looks nicer in the output
	and Babelfish seems to like it better.

0.03	Tue May 18 20:04:45 1999
	- bug fixes for accidental appending of source text, 
	multiple linefeeds, and timeouts. Also added demo code

0.04	Wed Jan  5 16:33:11 2000
	- Added proxy support and support for input/output filehandles
	using IO::String to maintain backwards compatibility; now we
	can translate whole novels! Added support for user-specified
	paragraph delimiters. Some code clean-up.

0.05	Thu Feb 10 14:48:10 2000
	- Added improved test code and changed "deliminators" to
	"delimiters" so I look like less of an idiot.

0.06	Fri Feb 11 12:06:02 2000
	- Fixed test to chomp() proxy so it doesn't fail in non-proxied 
	environments. Duh.

0.07	Fri Feb 25 16:31:38 2000
	- Incorporated patch from Brian Raven <> to
	avoid "use of undefined" warning when source text doesn't
	start with white space.

0.08	Mon Jun 12 22:09:32 2000
	- Added patch from Peter Tirsek <> to fix bug
	in whitespace handling at beginning of paragraph and new
	Babelfish URL and format. Patches for URL and format were also
	submitted by Wolfgang Schlueschen
	<> and Daniel van Balen
0.09	Sun Aug 13 20:38:11 2000
	- Added patch from Olivier Scherler
	<> for subtle whitespace handling

0.10	Mon Oct 15 21:43:07 EDT 2001                           
	- Patch from Brett T Warden <> to do non-Roman 
	alphabet languages. Also fixed to get language list
	and added PREREQ_PM hash to Makefile.PL

0.11	Mon Nov 18 23:41:42 EST 2002
	- Fixed new Babelfish url and result page format, which is
	much simpler; Babelfish now claims it will translate "up to
	150 words"; I'm not sure if this is a change from the ~1000
	characters it did before. I *think* the new format may not
	need the whitespace cleanup code anymore.

0.12	Sat Oct 18 22:06:03 MDT 2003
	- Changed $BABELFISH_URL so default input language is English,
	on a tip from Ivica Letunic <>
	Patch from Martin K. Sluka <> to add
	languagepairs method. Removed line that closes output
	filehandle. Added preliminary support for Google translation
	engine (ugly and hacky, but very easy since the interface is
	almost identical to Babelfish; so are the translations, hmmm).
	Changed Makefile.PL so it prompts to run translation test;
	this way it can be automatically installed via CPAN. All 
	strings are now encoded/decoded utf8 using the Encode module; 
	this means perl 5.8 is required.

0.13	Sat Aug  6 20:59:23 MDT 2005
	-Patch from Eric R. Meyers <> to fix
	corruption of main package space. Fixed parsing of Babelfish's
	language pairs. Fixed to ask for service (Babelfish or

0.14	Mon May 15 21:58:45 MDT 2006
	-Patch from Jan Willamowius <> to add Yahoo
	translation service. Also added new "services" method to
	provide list of services and changed to use this.

0.15	Wed Jun  7 22:21:28 MDT 2006
	-A couple of patches from <> for the Babelfish engine,
	to fix umlauts and to work around an inconsistency in the way 
	Babelfish returns the translation for some texts.

0.16	Fri Dec 15 20:50:38 MST 2006
	-Patch from Djihed Afifi <> for a change in
	the Google results page format