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2016-08-26      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.19

        Fix typo in t/utf8.t

2016-08-26      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.18

        Skip t/utf8.t on perl 5.25 because encoding pragma is no
        longer supported.

        Thanks to Father Chrysostomos for the patch (rt 117218)

2011-10-29      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.17

        PageRank URL has been changed (rt 71541).

2010-12-07      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.16

        Accept env_proxy parameter in constructor in a way similar to
        LWP::UserAgent (rt 63705).

2009-03-08      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.15

        Skip utf8.t on perl versions older than 5.8.0 (as "use
        encoding" is not supported)

2007-08-28      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.14

        New parameter 'timeout' (passed through to LWP::UserAgent)

2007-03-29      Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.13

	Now it should work with the "use encoding 'utf8'" in older
        perl distributions (in 5.8.0 particularly).

        Thanks to Jon Schutz for proposed patch.
        This release closes rt 18913

2006-04-25	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.12

	Work correctly when specified "use encoding 'utf8'"

2006-03-23	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.11

	Updated example in SYNOPSIS ($gpr->get was called in list

	Do not trim query string in url.

2005-05-04	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.10

	Code cleanup (removed unreferenced local variables)

2004-11-16	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.09

	Get PR only handle 'http' urls.
        Changed to match url m{^https?://}i

2004-11-07	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.08

        if method get called in array context returned value
        is array from two elements where first element is pagerank and
        second is HTTP::Response form LWP.

        It is handy to use it to see reason why unable to get pagerank.

2004-09-17	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.07

	Add note into perldoc that algorithm is actually
        new. Because some people thinks that algorithm is old
        according to perldoc ;)

2004-09-16	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.06

	Cosmetic change in WWW/Google/
	Added Changes to distribution

2004-09-15	Yuri Karaban <>

	Release 0.05
	Changed algorithm of computing url checksum (as google changed it in toolbar)
	Function now called _compute_ch_new