Revision history for WWW-Mixi-Scraper

0.34 2011/10/29
  - fixed login url

0.33 2011/07/05
  - identical to 0.32, packaging fix only

0.32 2011/07/05
  - fixed ViewEvent plugin (handling of quit users etc)
  - fixed ShowFriend plugin (relation/step can't be scraped anymore)
  - added maybe_(string|uri) test rules

0.31 2011/06/13
  - deprecated ShowLog plugin

0.30 2011/04/18
  - fixed (List|View)Diary (the last entry in the list and comments)
    (patched by ktat)

0.29 2010/07/03
  - deprecated ShowCalendar plugin, which is replaced by ShowSchedule

0.28 2010/04/21
  - fixed login issue, applied a patch by nipotan++
  - deprecated ListEcho, RecentEcho, ResEcho, ViewEcho, ListBookmark

0.27  2010/02/27
  - forgot to fix metadata

0.26  2010/02/27
  - deprecated NewMusic plugin
  - fixed broken ListDiary, NewFriendDiary, ViewDiary, ViewEcho
    (pages have been changed)
  - moved public repository from coderepos to github

0.25  2009/07/28
  - fixed pod (L<NAME|http://...> style of links are not permitted)
  - removed WWW::Mechanize::DecodedContent dependency,
    as the current WWW::Mechanize (>= 1.50) does the trick by itself

0.24  2009/03/24
  - list_message now supports box=outbox etc (thanks to knagano)

0.23  2009/01/29
  - fixed broken ListMessage (html has been changed;
    thanks to Keiichiro Nagano)

0.22  2009/01/08
  - mixi refactored its "show_log", and now we can't get
    the year part of the logs. This may cause serious problem
    if you use Plagger to know who came to see you.

0.21  2008/12/20
  - replaced Module::Pluggable::Fast with Module::Find
  - made (List|Recent)Echo more text-friendly
  - made ViewMessage more html-friendly, too

0.20  2008/11/23
  - bumped up the version req of WWW::Mechanize::DecodedContent
    to 0.02 (to support new LWP/WWW::Mechanize's fix)
  - mixi seems to have changed its html for view_message.

0.19  2008/09/08
  - oops, pods for echo stuff were stale,
    and manifest was not updated. sorry.

0.18  2008/09/08
  - new plugins: ListEcho, RecentEcho, ResEcho, ViewEcho
    (by Kazuhiro Osawa)

0.17  2008/07/29
  - oops, forgot to add a live test for ListBookmark

0.16  2008/07/29
  - new plugin: ListBookmark (by Tomohiro Hosaka)
  - added notes on Plagger::Plugin::CustomFeed::MixiScraper and
    on sending me a patch.

0.15  2008/07/07
  - mixi renewed its navigation bar, which affected view_diary's
    main link. fixed its scraping rule.

0.14  2008/06/04
  - mixi seems to have changed show_calendar format
    fixed scraping rules (thanks to otsune)

0.13  2008/03/05
  - no significant code changes
  - hid t_live::lib::Utils from PAUSE

0.12  2008/02/10
  - fixed typo in t_live/new_music.t (thanks to drry)
  - mixi seems to have changed new_music's datetime format.
    fixed its live test.
  - added Exporter dependency to export several internal functions
    (5.10 dies without it; thanks to tokuhirom)

0.11  2007/11/26
  - suppress redefine warnings (thanks to yugui)
  - last comment in view_diary was missing
    (thanks to anemo and miyagawa)
  - increased wait

0.10  2007/10/21
  - mixi has slightly changed html/css for
    thanks to otsune for the report.

0.09  2007/10/09
  - the content of the comment 'link' of ViewBBS/ViewEvent,
    which was commenter's profile uri, is now stored in the
    newly created 'name_link'. And the 'link' now denotes
    pseudo permanent uri of the comment to make plagger/rss
    readers happier. Note that this is *incompatible* with
  - now ViewBBS's comments have their comment numbers in
    'subject' (this also is incompatible with WWW::Mixi;
    thanks to false at

0.08  2007/10/06
  - changed Web::Scraper's rendering option to 'HTML' for some
    of the longer texts (diary body, comment body, bbs/event
    description, friend's profile).
  - removed a hackery which ripped <br> tags before scraping.
    (thanks to otsune for both above)
  - bumped up the version requirement of Web::Scraper to 0.17.

0.07  2007/10/02
  - scraping rules are totally refactored due to the mixi's renewal.
    now it uses id/class attributes everywhere, so scraping is much
    easier. mixi++ (and k*z*b*r*++, who secretly sent me a patch)
  - and now live tests dump their contents if you test verbosely.
  - new plugin: NewMusic

0.06  2007/08/11
  - new plugin: ViewEvent
  - several View... plugins return ->{link} and ->{images} properly
  - requested uri is now preserved in plugin's $self->{uri}
    for later use (and added ->uri shortcut to
  - ShowFriend returns outline info as well

0.05  2007/07/31
  - applied patches from kazeburo

0.04  2007/07/03
  - new plugin: NewVideo (by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
  - some of the live tests spat warnings and/or failed
    when the scraper returns nothing

0.03  2007/07/02
  - now you can tweak_uri() built in the build_uri()
    e.g. to get contents from ''
    (instead of '')

0.02  2007/07/02
  - new plugins: ListMessage, ViewMessage, ShowCalendar
  - included several live tests
    (these won't be tested by normal make process and requires
    extra modules not declared in Makefile.PL, such as YAML,
    DateTime::Format::Strptime, File::Slurp, etc)
  - now logs in just before it needs to get contents;
    i.e. doesn't log in while testing with local files
  - added Time::HiRes dependency to behave and not to
    access too frequently.
  - fixed _datetime() as some pages doesn't have date info.
  - fixed validator() (actually, is_valid) not to spit errors
    when it receives some undefined query parameters.
    thanks to miyagawa.

0.01  2007/06/04
  - initial release