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Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Scraper::Yahoo360.

0.09  Tue Jun 02 14:44:01 2009
    - Fixed scraper for pages that didn't contain any blog post at all.
      Now it should work correctly for any case (tm).

0.08  Sun May 31 13:49:00 2009
    - Fixed scraper for pages with only 1 blog post.
      Now it should work correctly for any case.

0.07  Sun May 31 08:35:21 2009
    - Added a debug mode with a global $DEBUG flag, and 
      added a twin option --debug in the script.
    - Fixed parsing of pictures and random hangs (still hangs sometimes...)
    - Fixed parsing of dates with 3-letter months (May, for example)
    - Fixed parsing of sharing level when it's private
    - Fixed failed tests (a test file was missing from MANIFEST)

0.06  Wed May 27 21:15:11 2009
    - Now blog post contents include the main picture (if any).
	  Added new test cases.

0.05  Tue May 26 08:53:17 2009
    - login() method didn't report failures correctly. Not it's fixed.
    - added a -verbose option to the export blog script.

0.04  Mon May 11 23:55:33 2009
	- some blog posts could be parsed incorrectly, leading to
	  truncated content. This is now fixed and test-covered.
    - now the default script is installed
	  in your $PERL/bin folder. (EXE_FILES passed to WriteMakefile()).

0.03  Sat May  9 14:15:28 2009
	- added optional arguments for get_blog_posts() to be more flexible
	- improved documentation

0.02  Mon Apr 27 21:13:00 2009
    - better docs with a saner module description

0.01  Wed Apr 22 13:23:00 2009
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		--use-new-tests -n WWW::Scraper::Yahoo360 -X -A