Revision history for Perl extension Weather::Underground.

3.03 Fix single location match thanks to several people submitting patches

3.02	Fix single location matches returning nothing if there was a special advisory posted -
		thanks to several people for the notice

3.01	Fix typo in returned results keys. "wind_milesperhour" was "wind_milesperhoud" -
		thanks to Daniel Bosold <> for the report and patch.

3.00	Fix both single and multi-location errors due to site layout changes

		Changed from parsing wunderground's standard results page to parsing their "mobile"
		page since the second is much easier to parse.  This has had the unfortunate side
		effect or returning far less keys in multi-location matches as well as no windchill
		even in single-location matches.  The upside is that single-location matches now
		return a lot more keys.  Refer to the internal documentation for the new keys
		being returned for each place.

2.20	Fix lack of support for negative temperatures.  Thanks to several people who notified
	   me, especially Mathew White <> for submitting a patch

2.19	Fix single-location match

2.18  Fix bug that reported wrong temperature if there was a decimal shown on the page

2.17  Fix single-location match to work around temporary situation where
      an advisory is posted

2.16  Fix single-location match error due to major site layout changes

2.15  Fix single-location match error due to site layout changes

2.14	Fixed some warnings about uninitialized values, thanks to
	   "John P. Linderman" <>

2.13  Added optional new constructor parameter "timeout" - resolves bug

2.12	Renamed method getweather to get_weather - (getweather still grandfathered)
		Added new feature that caches results and allows setting maximum age
		via new constructor keys cache_file and cache_max_age

		Better POD formatting

2.12a	Fixed bug introduced by web site changes that prevented single-location matches from
      working properly

		Allow the constructor "new" to accept hashrefs as well as hashes

		Added several debugging statements throughout code

2.11  Fixed both single and multi-location matches.  Guts completely re-written for easier logic
      using HTML::TokeParser instead of the previous quickie nightmarish regex approach

		Returned "celsius" and "fahrenheit" keys renamed to "temperature_celsius" and
		"temperature_fahrenheit" - old keys still returned for compatability

		Several new keys are now being returned: "wind", "pressure", "windchill_celsius",

2.10	Fixed single-location match, thanks to Daniel Cergatti for the IRC /msg :)

2.09	Fixed multi-location match, thanks to Rabin Vincent's submitted code.

2.08	Fixed multi-location match, thanks to Frederic TYNDIUK's submitted code.

2.07	Fixed single-location match, thanks to Mike Irwin's submitted patch

2.06	More changes to properly parse some single-location results.

2.05	A change I implemented in 2.04 was broken in multi-location match, sometimes causing the name
      of the place returned to be a large chunk of garbage HTML. This was fixed.

2.04	WeatherUnderground website made a change again, changed regex to understand it

2.03	WeatherUnderground website made a change in the HTML for single-listing preventing this module from
      correctly parsing the needed info. This has been fixed.

2.02	Renamed all references from celcius to celsius (including function names and hash key names)

2.01	Fixed the _debug() method generating a warning when perl is called with the -w switch

2.00	Initial public release after much beta testing consuming much 1.* versioning