Revision history for Weaving-Tablet

0.9.7  Mon Mar 9 2015
	Fixed card_twist in to return arrayref instead of list

0.8.4  Thu Oct 15 15:57:54 2009
       Restructure files to modern layout.
       Fix list of dependencies.

0.8.5  Thu Oct 15 18:35:00 2009
       Fix version in Weaving::Tablet::Tk.

0.9.0	Tue Apr 27 2010
		Convert to using Moose
		Implement Weaving::Tablet::Card and refactor Weaving::Tablet accordingly
		Modify Weaving::Tablet::Tk to use revised API

0.9.1	Fri Apr 30 2010
		Change canvas handling to not use a bazillion tags
		Tags are now handled by hand by wrapping select canvas methods
		Things runs much faster now

0.9.2	Fri Apr 30 2010
		Fix some of the build problems reported by automatic testing 

0.9.3	Tue May 4 2010
		Fix t/perlcritic.t
0.9.4	Wed May 5 2010
		Move version into Makefile.PL
		Create Weaving::Tablet::Twill as subclass of Weaving::Tablet
		Create Weaving::Tablet::Twill::Card as subclass of Weaving::Tablet::Card
		Add -t[will] option to
		Add outline color controls
		Add print to PostScript with pagination and suitable scaling to fit as appropriate
		Correct bugs in edit threading dialog
0.9.5	Fri May 14 2010
		Tweak pagination for printing.
		Corrected pattern reload