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Revision history for Perl extension WebService::Hatena::Graph

[Changes for 0.08  2013-10-8]

* Added OAuth API support (thanks to id:wakabatan)

[Changes for 0.07  2007-7-13]

* Fixed some errors in the POD.

[Changes for 0.06  2007-6-13]

* Improved the POD: Added explanation of return values which get_*
  method returns

[Changes for 0.05  2007-6-13]

* Added post_data(), get_data(), post_config(), get_config(), and ua()
  along with API updates.
* Now that post() is obsolete, use post_data() instead.
* Added JSON::Any to pre-required module.

[Changes for 0.04  2006-10-27]

* IMPORTANT CHANGE: new() and post() methods now expect the arguments 
  to be passed in as a hash. For more, see the documentation.
* post() now returns HTTP::Response object if request is success.
* The date param in post() is now optional with the API's update. You
  can omit to pass it explicitly. In that case, Hatena::Graph will
  regard as if you pass the date on the day.
* Added t/01_exception.t
* Added t/02_post.t

[Changes for 0.03  2006-10-21]

* Fixed a typo on the name of Hatena::Graph.

[Changes for 0.02 - 2006-10-18]

* Added a line to Makefile.PL to indicate pre-required module.

[Changes for 0.01 - 2006-10-17]

* original version.