Contributing to WebService::Mattermost

Reporting bugs

The primary issue tracker is here.

Before opening an issue, please check if there are already any matching your problem here. If you find a closed issue, please open a new one and provide a link to the closed one.

Please provide the following information where possible:

  • A clear and descriptive title.
  • Reproduction steps for the bug, such as a code snippet which demonstrates the issue.
  • What you expect the library should be doing.
  • Your Perl version (found by running perl -v).
  • Your operating system.

Making code changes

First, please check for issues marked as help wanted.

Local development

In order to make contributions to the API or websocket clients you will need access to a Mattermost server to test against.

The best way to bootstrap a local development environment is by using Dist::Zilla. See the README for information on installing the library's dependencies.


The library's test suite is found in the t directory. It uses Test::Spec for BDD/rspec style tests.

Ideally, new features or bugfixes should be confirmed with matching tests.

Opening a pull request

Please fill out the sections in the pull request template.

Suggesting enhancements

Enhancements should be suggested using the issue tracker or can be discussed in IRC at ##Mike.

Before making a suggestion, please check there isn't an open issue or pull request which matches what you would like.