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Revision history for Perl extension Widget::Meta.

0.06  2011-07-16T23:47:26
      - Fixed test failures on Windows.

0.05  2011-06-26T06:37:56
      - Moved repostitory to [GitHub](
      - Switched to a "traditional" `Makefile.PL`.

0.04  2008-05-05T19:22:15
      - Added the "configure_requires" and "recommends" parameters to Build.PL.
      - Updated copyright.

0.03  2004-09-18T19:58:04
      - Changed the "kind" attribute to "type".

0.02  2004-09-17T04:19:30
      - Added description to README.
      - Added Test::Simple to build requirements.

0.01  2004-09-17T04:02:27
      - Initial public release.