Revision history for Perl extension Win32::CtrlGUI.

0.32  2015-01-10
  - no functional changes
  - release tests moved to xt/

0.31  2012-10-20
  - Reduced number of files by merging Criteria and much of State
  - Build process converted to Build.PL to make for easy PPM gens
  - Now maintained by Christopher J. Madsen

0.30  2002-05-24
  - Added get_property method to Win32::CtrlGUI::Window
  - Added send_message and post_message methods to
  - Added get_text method to Win32::CtrlGUI::Window
  - Added lb_get_items, lb_get_selindexes, and lb_set_selindexes methods
    to Win32::CtrlGUI::Window
  - Added cb_get_items, cb_get_selindex, and cb_set_selindex methods
    to Win32::CtrlGUI::Window

0.22  2001-10-30
  - Bugfix in Win32::CtrlGUI::Criteria::multi to deal with criteria that return booleans
  - Added a NAME section to the POD in

0.21  2001-07-24
  - Update Manifest properly
  - Added support for "named" windows in atom, the Criteria, and Win32::CtrlGUI
  - Added support for aggregate criteria (and, or, xor, nand)
  - Cleaned up bug in bookkeeper::reset
  - Extended script to demonstrate looping and aggregate criteria
  - Rewrite of to use Text widgets instead of Label widgets for
    displaying information in the HList
  - Rewrite of DebugTk to us tagged_stringify so that stringified states
    can control their display when they're a pcs state
  - Modified aggregate criteria to support tagged_stringify so you can
    see which parts are matching.  Also displays timeout value as it
    counts down
  - Modified state display to show counting down timeout
  - Modified DebugTk to use :\t inplace of =>
  - Modified State::Dialog to use named windows (i.e. dialog001, dialog002, etc.)

0.20  2001-06-18
  - Added code to Win32::CtrlGUI::Window to verify that the window
    still exists before doing things (like sending keystrokes).
  - Total, total refactor of the multi hierarchy.  bookkeeper implemented.
  - Tk debugger for Win32::CtrlGUI::State written.  The killer app for
    Win32::CtrlGUI::State now exists.  It still needs some work, but it's
    functional enough to be of use.

0.11  2001-06-13
  - Added reset support to State hierarchy.
  - Added more debug_print statements to State hierarchy.
  - Refactored code in State::seq hierarchy
  - Refactored lots of code in the State hierarchy to create multi
    abstract parent class
  - Discovered overload fallback => 1 !!!!!
  - Rewrote loop support syntax (important, important)
  - Added completely new (and, I believe, superior) syntax option for
    all multi subclasses

0.10  2001-06-11
  - Added loop support.
  - First public release.

0.01  2000-10-25
  - Started work on module.