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Revision history for Perl extension Win32::OLE.

Changes in version 0.01-0.03 are by Gurusamy Sarathy. All other changes
are by Jan Dubois unless attributed otherwise.

0.1713  April, 2nd 2021
        - Make the code compatible with NO_MATHOMS.
          Thanks to Danial Dragan [RT #100554].

        - Allow default event sources that don't start with an alpha character.
          Thanks to [rt #43574]

        - Declare TPJ.pod charset as latin1, run Test::Pod over all pods.
          Thanks to Alan Berndt [PR#5]

        - Fix compilation on cygwin.
          Thanks to BinGOs [PR#6].
          Also thanks to Paulo Custodio for providing an alternate patch [PR#8].

        - Make Win32::OLE::Const work with Win64.
          Thanks to Takuto Naito [PR#9].

        - Make code pass under -Werror=format-security.
          Thanks to David Dyck [PR#11].

        - Adjust t/ole.t test 27 because DATE_LONGDATE no longer seems
          to emit a leading 0 for single-digit day numbers.

0.1712  May, 14th 2014
        - Make OLE.xs compatible with 64-bit Cygwin.  Thanks to
          Alexander Stadler [RT #95612]

0.1711  December, 11th 2013
	- remove EUMM-Update changes to Makefile.PL, which removed
	  the updated metadata in 0.1710 from META.yml

0.1710  December, 4th 2013
	- Speedup Win32::OLE::Const by avoiding unneccessary calls to
	  stat().  Thanks to Eric Roode.
	- Skip ANSI <-> OEM conversion test unless the OEM code page
	  is 437 or 850 [RT #53704]
	- Fix required perl version 5.6 -> 5.006.
	- Add Github repo link to META.yml
	- Typo fixes by David Steinbrunner
        - Avoid 5.18 bug in t/3_ole.t about AUTOLOAD inheritance failure
          using SUPER:: [perl #120694]

0.1709  April 17th 2008
	- Get rid of "package Win32" statement in lib/ because
	  it confuses the CPAN indexer.

0.1708  April 17th 2008
	- new version for separate upload to CPAN
	- updated email addresses
	- simplified Makefile.PL
	- added META.yml
	- additional casts to suppress compiler warnings under Win64
	- added V_RECORD() and V_RECORDINFO macros for MinGW
	- changed code to be conformant with ISO for() variable scoping rules

0.1707  unreleased, August 7th 2006
	- add special support for tlbinf32.dll from Microsoft

0.1706	unreleased, June 8th 2006
	- add support for receiving VT_RECORD and arrays of VT_RECORD
	- improve error handling logic

0.1705	unreleased, March 28th 2006
	- fix memory leak in Win32::OLE::Enum::All() and Win32::OLE::Enum::Next()
	  (as a side effect collections containing undefined elements,
	   like VT_NULL or VT_EMPTY variant, will be handled correctly)

0.1704	unreleased, November 28th 2005
	- in ClearVariantObject() check IDispatch/IUnknown variants
	  for NULL before calling Release() on them
	- Win32::OLE::Const: check for 32 bit typelibs even in Win64 mode
	- Don't load hidden or restricted types in Win32::OLE::Const.
	  This fixes the "emptyenum redefined" problem with the "Microsoft
	  Word" type library.

0.1703	September 6th 2005
	- remove all USING_WIDE() codepaths
	- use PTR2IV() and INT2PTR() macros
	- make everything work with current cygwin

0.1702	unreleased, Sun, September 5th 2004
	- fix freeing of VT_BYREF Win32::OLE::Variant objects

0.1701	unreleased, Thu, August 28th 2003
	- add Win32::OLE->Option(Variant => 1) support

0.17	Mon, August 11th 2003
	- add IsNothing and IsNullString predicate methods to
	- nullstring() variants used to be converted to undef.  They
	  are now converted to the empty string.

0.1604	unreleased, Thu, July 22nd 2003
	- fix passing nullstring() as a parameter.  VariantCopy() used
	  to turn it back into an empty string.

0.1603	unreleased, Thu, March 4th 2003
	- fix PL_dowarn test to only check the relevant bit

0.1602	unreleased, Thu, February 13th 2003
	- Work around a Perl problem to support lvalue arguments to OLE
	  method calls (e.g. substr() expressions).  This will only work
	  for PV lvalues, and not for IV lvalues (like pos()).

0.1601	Fri, November 22nd, 2002
	- allow Variant(VT_VARIANT|VT_BYREF) as a shortcut for
	  Variant(VT_VARIANT|VT_BYREF, Variant(VT_EMPTY))

0.16	Fri, October 18th, 2002
	- Add Unicode support: passing Unicode strings to methods and
	  properties as well as returning Unicode back to Perl works now
	- Unicode::String objects can be passed to methods or assigned
	  to properties
	- Make Unicode support compatible with Perl 5.8
	- Remove prototype checking from Win32::OLE::Forward() so that
	  it works normally as an automation method too
	- Fix compatibility problem ($AUTOLOAD munging) with Devel::DProf
	- Add Win32::OLE::nullstring() method [alias for Variant(VT_BSTR)]
	- Fix 2_variant.t tests for non-US locales
	- Fix 3_ole.t test to not require write access to HKCR registry

0.1502	September, 7th 2001
	- Only turn undef into VT_ERROR/DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND when used as a
	  positional parameter in a method call.  Otherwise turn it into

0.1501	February, 6th 2001
	- Don't clobber $1 etc. in AUTOLOAD.  Unfortunately Perl doesn't set
	  POK on the $1 SV, so we still cannot pass it to OLE methods. :(

0.15	Wed, December 6th, 2000
	- Make sure the OLE browser works with IE5.5 and the latest ActivePerl
	- Relax the checks for file existance in Win32::OLE::Const

0.1403	Tue, November 21st, 2000
	- Win32::OLE::Const: ignore non-existant typelibs (by Richard Letts)
	- safeguard against access violation in Dispatch()
	- Work around perl_call_sv() bug in ReportOleError(); use G_EVAL and
	  rethrow the exception to get the runlevel right

0.1402	Mon, September 25th, 2000
	- Fix potential crash during global cleanup when _Unique is set
	  (by Rudi Farkas <>)

0.1401	Mon, September 11th, 2000
	- fix bug in GetMultiByteEx() sometimes chopping off the last byte

0.14	Tue, August 22th, 2000
	- remove support for Perl 5.004 & 5.005
	- don't built for 5.005 Threads (because it won't work anyways)
	- make sure the other compile options for 5.6 work
	- support embedded '\0's in BSTR return values

0.1301	Thur, July 13th, 2000 (
	- patch to fix exported functions
	- lost UTF-8 support added back in

0.13	Sat, May 6th, 2000
	- add Win32::OLE::Variant::nothing() function
	- fix strrev() definition for Borland
	- changes based on ideas and patches from Rudi Farkas
	  - add _Unique option to prevent creating duplicate proxy Win32::OLE
	    objects for the same COM object
	  - add _NewEnum option to add a visible _NewEnum property to
	    collection objects.

0.12	Thu, April 13th, 2000
	- remove call to CoFreeUnusedLibraries from ReleasePerlObject
	- added Win32::OLE->FreeUnusedLibraries() class method
	- fix Variant->Put() support for SAFEARRAYs of BSTR/DISPATCH/UNKNOWN
	- fix error message: "argument %" for Invoke was of by one
	- support setting Warn option to CODE reference
	  (suggested by Tobias Martinsson <>)
	- TPJ article added
	- add CYGWIN support (by Eric Fifer <>)
	- changed handling of VT_DATE and VT_ERROR Variants to return a
	  Win32::OLE::Variant object (by Eric Fifer)

0.1101	libwin32-0.15 / ActivePerl build 520
	- VarAdd() etc. temporarily removed for VC++ 5.0 compatibility

0.11    on CPAN
	- reorganization of Win32::OLE::Type* packages
	- Win32::OLE::Const now uses Win32::OLE::Type* packages
	- Win32::OLE::Const now uses LoadTypeLibEx to avoid registering
	  type libraries accidendly
	- Win32::OLE::Const: EnumTypeLibs() and LoadRegTypeLib() methods
	- new DHTML typelib browser
	- new Win32::OLE::GetTypeInfo() method
	- Forwarder objects

0.1010  (unreleased)
	- support $obj = CreateObject Win32::OLE 'My.App';
	- event dispatch by dispid instead of by name
	  (for controls not providing type information)
	- allow "empty" Variant(VT_DISPATCH)
	- misc fixes for VT_BYREF Variants

0.1009	(unreleased)
	- Additional Variant overloads: Add, Sub, Mul, Div
	- some additional variant conversion error checking
	- VT_DECIMAL support

0.1008	ActivePerl 517
	- new LetProperty() method
	- new HRESULT() function
	- bug fix: SetProperty (incl. hash syntax) now uses PROPERTYPUTREF to
	  assign a VT_BYREF | VT_DISPATCH object

0.1007	Sun, April 25th, 1999
	- patches from ActiveState for sample code in POD section
	- Win32::OLE::Const now correctly treats version numbers as hex
	- use SvPV_nolen() where appropriate
	- Win32::OLE::NLS methods: SetLocaleInfo, SendSettingChange
	- Win32::OLE::Variant::Put returns $self for chaining
	- Win32::OLE::Variant::Put(ARRAYREF) implemented
	- Win32::OLE->WithEvents() function
	- new Win32::OLE::Variant methods: Currency/Date/Number/Time
	- AssignVariantFromSV() fixes for locale related VT_DATE/VT_CY problems
	- Win32::OLE::Variant::Get/Put fixed for VARIANT|BYREF pointing to ARRAY
	- several robustness enhancements to compensate for Perl's indeterminate
	  sequence of global object destruction
	- Win32::OLE->EnumAllObjects() function
	- t/6_event.t tests for WithEvents functionality
	- DCOM support in Win32::OLE->new() finally documented
	- GetObject and GetActiveObject now support optional DESTROY argument
	- OVERLOAD now works in DESTRUCTOR callback too
	- new file NEWS.pod describes user visible changes

0.1006	(unreleased)
	- various TypeInfo/TypeLib changes; Win32::OLE::GetTypeInfo() added
	- trial implementation of Win32::OLE::QueryInterface

0.1005	PRK update, ActivePerl 509
	- rearrange PL_* definitions for 5.004_05 compatibility
	- dependency on Win32::Registry removed. Win32::OLE::Const now uses XS
	  code to search the registry. Now only needs read access to registry.
	  Also reads the registry only once and caches typelibrary information.
	- Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject() and Win32::OLE->GetObject() methods now
	  also support an optional destructor as a 2nd argument.
	- Export SetSVFromVariantEx from DLL too. Change SetSVFromVariant() to
	  call SetSVFromVariantEx(..., bByRefObj=FALSE) instead of TRUE.
	- removed from Makefile.PL/MANIFEST before sending to AS.

0.1004	(unreleased)
	- SetVariantFromSV calls VariantClear instead of VariantInit
	- new Win32::OLE::Variant $object->Copy() method
	- new Win32::OLE->Option() class method for CP/LCID/Warn access
	- removed COINIT_ALREADYINITIALIZED and __DisableOleInit
	- Win32::OLE::Variant->LastError added for backward compatibility
	  (it's now just a proxy for Win32::OLE->LastError)

0.1003	(included with ActivePerl 507)
	- Win32::OLE::Variant: Support for SAFEARRAYs (VT_ARRAY) added
	  New methods: Dim/Get/Put
	- SetSVFromVariantEx() can optionaly convert VT_BYREF variants to
	  Win32::OLE::Variant objects instead of simply dereferencing them
	- Win32::OLE::Variant "shares" class variables with Win32::OLE now
	- Initialize/Uninitialize/SpinMessageLoop reset LastError
	- EXPERIMENTAL ITypeInfo stuff
	- CP_MACCP, CP_UTF7, CP_UTF8 constants in
	- Win32::OLE::Enum::All converted to XS code. is now just POD
	- New Win32::OLE::Lite module which requires *no* additional modules
	- New COINIT_ALREADYINITIALIZED mode (and Win32::OLE::__DisableOleInit
	  constant) to disable COM initialization by Win32::OLE
	- {Ole|Co}Uninitialize() no longer called when the corresponding
	  Initialize didn't succeed

0.1002  (released by ActiveState with ActivePerl builds 505 and 506)
	- contains Win32::OLE::__DisableOleInit stuff ???

0.1001	(unreleased)
	- No longer needs XSLock(); all C functions now receive a pPerl pointer
	- Some functions exported for use by embedders (PerlSE, PerlCOM)
	- PPD entries added into Makefile.PL

0.10	Thu Sep 10 17:32:16 1998 (libwin32-0.14)
	- memory corruption fix (for ->SetProperty method) by Gurusamy Sarathy
	- document *nitialize(), SpinMessageLoop()

0.0902	(unreleased)
	- Allow specification of apartment model to Initialize() method. Special
	  case is COINIT_OLEINITIALIZE to fall back to OleInitialize(). This
	  is required to instantiate objects using compound document technology,
	  like e.g. "MAPI.Session".
	- Compatibility module now uses OleInitilize()

0.0901	(unreleased)
	- PL_na replaced by local variables
	- Dispatch method now accepts [wFlags, 'method'] to specify
	  various dispatch flags, e.g. DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT
	- new $Obj->SetProperty() methods supports setting properties
	  with parameters
	- bug fix: the DCOM spec ['host', ''] is no longer 'shifted'
	- more doc tweaks

0.09	(unreleased)
	- fix conversion from VT_DISPATCH/VT_UNKNOWN Win32::OLE::Variant objects
	  into Win32::OLE objects (were previously blessed into wrong class)
	- dynamically load CoInitializeEx to make OLE.dll compatible with 
	  "Win95 without DCOM" once again
	- convert Perl globals to PL_xxx form (with defines for Perl 5.004_xx)
	- minor doc tweaks
	- call CoFreeUnusedLibraries() whenever an OLE object is released

0.0810  (unreleased, maybe PRK for Win32 version, included by ActivePerl 501)
	- Removed USE_SV_PERINTERP, perl_atexit() only used for 5.004_68 and up

0.0809  (unreleased) identical to 0.0808

0.0808  (unreleased)
	- Introduced USE_SV_PERINTERP to switch off perl_atexit() usage

0.0807  (unreleased)
	- OleInitialize replaced by CoInitializeEx(NULL, COINIT_MULTITHREADED)
	  (as suggested by James Snyder). This gets rid of the hidden top-level
	  window problem.
	- Fixed warning in Win32::OLE::Const when called without arg

0.0806  (unreleased)
	- Bug fixes for IsLocalMachine()
	- Free per-interpreter memory area at interpreter-exit
	- Bootstrap no longer static function
	- Use MY_VERSION as key/variable name for per-interpreter data

0.0805  (unreleased)
	- Never do CLSID lookup by registry on local machine
	- try to use socket APIs too to determine host identity
	- make all globals per-interpreter variables / remove DllMain
	- proper per-interpreter cleanup for all Perl versions

0.0804  (unreleased)
	- Fix breakage in GetOleObject (from 0.0801) for 5.004_04 and earlier
	- Ignore DCOM hostname if it seems to be the local machine

0.0803  (unreleased)
	- Rearrange t/3_ole.t to behave nicely when Excel is not installed
	- Win32::OLE->Dispatch: only warn about unidentifiable method name
	  when C<use strict "subs"> is in effect (kind of)
	- Most error msgs and warnings are prefixed with Win32::OLE version#

0.0802  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE->new(['Machine', 'Prog.Id']) does a remote registry lookup
	  if the Prog.Id is not registered locally.
	- CLSCTX changed to CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER when a machine is specified.
	  Otherwise OLE would still prefer a local server when available

0.0801  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE::Tie::(FETCH|STORE) now interpret $^H correctly
	- removed all Perl related stuff from DllMain (for embedded stuff)
	- Additional checks in GetOleObject for Perl 5.004_05 or later

0.08    Mon May 11 03:36:49 1998
	- Make sure mg_get() gets called during GetOleObject()

0.0615  (unreleased)
	- use SvIMMORTAL instead of SvREADONLY where applicable
	- use newCONSTSUB in Win32::OLE::Const to define inlineable functions

0.0614  (unreleased)
	- devel/dumprot.cpp removed, use IROTVIEW instead :-)
	- COSERVERINFO hack removed, requires MSC++ 4.2b or later now

0.0613  (unreleased)
	- WinOleEnum objects where never Safefree()d before
	- New Initialize/Uninitialize class methods. Uninitialize zombifies all
	  OLE objects and then calls OleUninitialize.

0.0612  (unreleased)
	- new Win32::OLE->SpinMessageLoop() class method
	- Messageloop will be emptied before OleUnitialize is called
	  (thanks to Steve Glassman for finding this problem!)

0.0611  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE::Tie::Store use DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUTREF for objects
	  (as suggested by Steve Biondi)
	- all OLE calls now automatically reset LastError
	- added devel/dumprot.cpp tool to distribution

0.0610  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE::Const now loads consts from all TKINDs and not only ENUMs
	- Win32::OLE::Variants are actually freed during DESTROY now
	- Misc. robustness fixes (VariantClear etc.)

0.0609  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE::LastError() returns $Win32::OLE::LastError
	- misc COSERVERINFO fixes

0.0608  (unreleased)
	- use scode from excepinfo structure when available instead 
	  of DISP_E_EXCEPTION (as suggested by Steve Glassman)
	- misc. Get(WideChar|MultiByte) robustness enhancements
	- Win32::OLE::new now uses CLSTLX_SERVER
	-         "       allows specification of remote server name
	-         "          "         "       of numeric class id

0.0607  (unreleased)
	- enhanced C<in> allows multiple args and supports array refs too
	- SetSVFromVariant array bug fixes
0.0606  (unreleased)
	- use SvTRUE instead of SvIV to convert SV to VARIANT
	- REFCNT of returned SV for VT_ARRAY variant is now set correctly
	  those) are now handled correctly
	- folding of SAFEARRAYs removed again. Original structure is maintained
	  t/3_ole.t adjusted accordingly
	- Win32::OLE::Enum->All doesn't call Reset anymore

0.0605  (unreleased)
	- Property enumeration now dereferences TKIND_COCLASS etc.
	- Overloading in Win32::OLE now only enabled by OVERLOAD pseudotarget
	- Win32::OLE::CreateObject function for compatibility w/"Learning Perl"
	- Win32::OLE->LastError returns a dual value now (IV and PV)
	- Removed unsupported TKIND_ and VT_ constants from Win32::OLE::Variant
	- lcidDefault changed back to LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT, the language
	  neutral setting didn't allow portable scripts either
	- Sample file type converter script in eg/
	- valof uses CP and LCID of arg class for variant conversion

0.0604  (unreleased)
	- New package variable Win32::OLE::Tie specifies 'Win32::OLE::Tie' class
	- Win32::OLE::Tie FIRSTENUM/NEXTENUM added for compatibility mode
	- Win32::OLE::Tie STORE/FETCH renamed. Added default method argument
	- Default method retries enabled under C<no strict 'subs';> only
	- New C<in> function; C<With> renamed to C<with>
	- Const module now defines xlConstant instead of $xlConstant
	- multi-dimensional arrays are folded to lower dimensions if possible
	  (e.g. 1x1 array -> scalar, 1x5 array -> list of 5, 5x1 -> unchanged)
	- new regression tests: unicode, variant
	- new sample: eg/
	- first cut of module
	- compiles and tests ok with 5.004_60 built with -DUSE_THREADS
	- new C<valof> function
	- Win32::OLE objects overloaded conversion to strings and numbers

0.0603  (unreleased)
	- Win32::OLE::Enum::Count method removed
	- SetSVFromVariant now works with SAFEARRAYs of non-VARIANT types too
	- Onedimensional SAFEARRAY of UI1s converted to SvPV
	- OLE, Enum and Variant objects all linked in g_pObj chain
	- g_pObj chain protected by critical section to make it thread safe
	- New package variables $CP,$LCID for Win32::OLE and Win32::OLE::Variant
	- default lcid changed from LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT -> language neutral
	- LastOleError is stored in a package variable $LastError now
	- Error reporting now controled by $Warn package variable
	- Win32::OLE::Variant: new As,ChangeType,Type,Unicode,Value methods
	- Win32::OLE::Variant overloaded "" and 0+ operations
	- Preliminary Variant BYREF support
	- Dispatch can return Win32::OLE::Variant objects too
	- Compatibility package "OLE" created
	- Invoke method added, supports default method too
	- Memory leaks
	- "keys %$object", QueryObjectType and Win32::OLE::Const::Load no
	  longer croak when the GetTypeInfo is unavailable or returns 0
	- Enum::new returns undef if object is not a valid collection object

0.06  Fri Feb  6 21:13:20 1998
	- bugfix: DoCroak uninitialized variable
	- Multidimensional arrays can now be sent and received

0.05  Sun Dec 14 21:13:11 1997
	- All OLE errors are caught and a verbose error message is provided
	  through Carp::croak (if -w is in effect)
	- Internal errors will no longer be silently ignored; they'll croak now
	- All hardcoded buffer size limits removed from XS code
	- Collection support is fixed and moved into Win32::OLE::Enum
	- C<keys %$object> now enumerates the objects properties
	- Win32::OLE::Const module imports constants from type libraries
	- Moniker support through Win32::OLE->GetObject
	- Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject finds active instance of OLE server
	- Variants moved to Win32::OLE::Variant module; enhanced functionality
	- Win32::OLE->QueryObjectType return typelib name and class name of

0.04  Sun Oct 12 23:03:32 1997 (unreleased)
	- support for unnamed default methods (thanks to
	  Doug Lankshear <>)
	- CreateVariantFromSV is more robust now
	- support for omitting optional params with "undef"
	- named arguments can be specified as a hash ref
	- array elements are now properly typed (used to be always text)
	- additions to testsuite
	- With() utility method suggestion
	- optional DESTROY method arg for Win32::OLE->new
	- Win32::OLE::CreateObject renamed to Win32::OLE::new
	  old Perl new() method deleted
	- Hardcoded package names gone, so inheritance is feasible now

0.03  Sat Jul 12 16:10:07 1997
	- DllEntryPoint for Borland

0.02  Sat May 10 15:40:52 1997
	- cleaned up one big memory leakathon (DESTROY actually gets
	  called now on all the objects)
	- back to XS
	- package names are Win32::OLE and Win32::OLE::Tie now
	- fixed misplaced DESTROY
	- implemented OLEUninitialize via DllMain

0.01  Sat Apr  5 14:23:42 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	- imported Activeware version