CHANGES - Revision history for WordNet::Similarity

  Version 2.07 (Released 10/05/2015)
    (1) Fix make test error in lesktrace.t due to overlap results returning
        in unpredictable orders - problem is documented here :
        <> and fix is
        provided by Phil Goetz, and involves sorting
        overlaps in to guarantee order in testing. Note that keys
        had to be regenerated after this fix installed using perl t/trace.t
        --key (TDP)

    (2) Install patch to fix WordNet version detection issues in Windows.
        Problem description and patch provided here :

    (3) add doc/ in order to create plain text documentation

    (4) fix WordNet download location in install.pod (TDP)

    (5) update prereqs in Makefile.PL (TDP)

  Version 2.05 (Released 06/16/2008)
    (1) Created new module WordNet::Similarity::FrequencyCounter containing
        common support code for information content programs. (Sid)

    (2) Updated all the frequency counting programs in /utils (* to
        use the common code in WordNet::Similarity::FrequencyCounter. (Sid)

    (3) Changed the default path to Perl from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin in
        all scripts and tests in the package. (Sid)

    (4) Fixed incorrect handling of BNC header information. (Sid)

    (5) Modified the compoundify() method in WordNet::Tools to include
        compounds containing special characters (period, hyphen,
        forward-slash, single-quote). (Sid)

    (6) Updated compoundify() to handle larger compounds. (Sid)

    *   04/23/08

        (1) Fixed the "excessive ROOTs" bug in * (Sid)

        (2) Fixed the extra verb concept counts in * (Sid)

  Version 2.04 (Released 04/19/2008)
    *   04/17/08

        (1) Reorganized similarity_server initialization. (Sid)

        (2) The similarity server now prints more intuitive messages. (Sid)

        (3) Attached timestamps to log messages. (Sid)

        (4) Added additional checks to input strings from clients. (Sid)

    *   04/12/08

        (1) Added more detailed description of information content to
  , and made minor copy editing and formatting
            changes to other /utils files (TDP)

        (2) Made minor copy editing and formatting changes to files in /doc

    *   04/10/08

        (1) Moved get_wn_info, stem and vectorFile modules under WordNet,
            i.e., they are now WordNet::get_wn_info, WordNet::stem and
            WordNet::vectorFile. (Sid)

        (2) Updated all the modules and programs using the above modules.

        (3) Added copyright notices in all module and program headers. (Sid)

        (4) Added method getCompoundsList() to WordNet::Tools. (Sid)

        (5) Made a more distrtibutable version of simialrity_server. The
            similarity_server is now "daemonized", and is installed in
            /usr/bin along with the other utils. (Sid)

    *   03/23/08

        (1) Added SIGNATURE to distrribution to enable package verification.

        (2) Updated MANIFEST to reflect new SIGNATURE. (Sid)

        (3) Set the LICENSE to gpl in META.yml and Makefile.PL. (Sid)

    *   03/17/08

        (1) Added NO_META option to Makefile.PL to prevent automatic
            generation of META.yml during 'make dist'. (Sid)

        (2) Removed unused variable "loaded" from Makefile.PL. (Sid)

  Version 2.03 (Released 03/11/2008)
    *   03/07/08

        (1) Removed all references to WordNet::QueryData from Makefile.PL.
            This is based on the following advice present in the
            ExtUtils::MakeMaker documentation: "Module installation tools
            have ways of resolving unmet dependencies but to do that they
            need a Makefile". By checking for the presence of
            WordNet::QueryData during 'perl Makefile.PL', we are preventing
            any opportunity for automated dependency resolution. (Sid)

        (2) The WordNet path (if specified by the WNHOME option during 'perl
            Makefile.PL') is not checked for validity beforehand, and is now
            directly provided as-is to build/Infocontent.PL and
            build/Depthfiles.PL. In case of a WNHOME error, now 'make'
            should fail instead of 'perl Makefile.PL' (which is more
            appropriate). (Sid)

        (3) Corrected a typo in synopsis that refered to
            getTaxonomyRoot rather than getTaxonomies. Removed some cut and
            paste documentation from the templated used for
            and (Ted)

        (4) Made synopsis examples WordNet version independent by not hard
            coding offsets, etc. Did this in,,
            ICFinder, and (Ted)

        (5) Made minor changes in path names and file names in the /samples
            directory and the /config-files subdirectory. (Ted)

  Version 2.02 (Released 03/04/2008)
    *   03/04/08

        (1) Applied patch from Ben Haskell to fix a bug report (submitted by
            Quang Do Xuan) about failing self-similarity of tilde#n#1 using
            wup and lch measures. (Sid)

        (2) Added tests for above bug to t/wup.t and t/lch.t. (Sid)

        (3) Added WordNet::Similarity package version info to
            --version. (Sid)

    *   01/31/08

        (1) Changed some default options in the similarity_server.conf
            configuration. (Sid)

        (2) Reformatted some of the similarity_server code. (Sid)

    *   01/10/08

        (1) Reduced version requirements of some of the PREREQ_PM modules.

        (2) Changed WordNet::QueryData requirements to v1.40 in the
            documentation. (Sid)

  Version 2.01 (Released 10/14/2007)
    *   10/13/07

        (1) Fixed error in loading WordNet::Tools for

        (2) Removed the use of default (hardcoded) stoplist and word-vectors
            file for (Sid)

        (3) Print WordNet hash-code instead of WordNet version, for
            similarity.cgi WordNet version information. (Sid)

    *   10/09/07

        (1) Updated the Pathfinder code to handle loops in the WordNet is-a
            hierarchy (like the one in WN3.0). (Sid)

        (2) Updated MANIFEST, changelog and documentation to reflect the new
            changes. (Sid)

    *   10/08/07

        (1) The modules now are not dependent on the version() method of
            WordNet::QueryData (which is no longer reliable). Instead they
            now use a 'hash-code' representing a specific WordNet
            distribution. (Sid)

        (2) Added module WordNet::Tools which provides the hashCode and
            compoundify methods used by most of the other modules and
            utilities. (Sid)

        (3) Completely modified the build procedure to generate data files
            during the 'make' step instead of the 'perl Makefile.PL' step.

        (4) Removed the WordNet version numbers appended to synsetdepths.dat
            and treedepths.dat. (Sid)

        (5) Added two "build" utilities -- build/Infocontent.PL and
            build/Depthfiles.PL -- which are run during the 'make' step to
            generate data files. (Sid)

        (6) The default WordNet version is now v3.0. Changed all
            documentation, code and examples to reflect this. (Sid)

        (7) The package now requires WordNet::QueryData version 1.46 or
            above. (Sid)

        (8) Revised all tests and test-keys for the new code and new version
            of WordNet and QueryData. (Sid)

        (9) Removed the multiple pieces of code implementing "compoundify"
            and moved it all into a single method in WordNet::Tools. (Sid)

    *   10/04/07

        (1) Included a default word vectors file in the distribution and
            eliminated the creation of a default word vectors file at
            install time. (Sid)

    *   02/25/07

        (1) Fixed documentation where module WordNet::Similarity::path was
            referred to as WordNet::Similarity::edge (old name). (Sid)

    *   01/30/07

        (1) Fixed man-page to display the wnpath option
            consistently in the usage and the description. (Sid)

        (2) Fixed the "deep recursion" error (only with WN3.0) in the
            findWPSDepths() subroutine in the script. (Sid)

  Version 1.04 (Released 12/13/2006)
    *   12/13/06

        (1) Fixed major bug reported in vector_pairs, where every alternate
            function is skipped because of a loop variable being incremented
            twice. (Sid)

    *   04/21/06

        (1) The web-interface was still not working for the vector measure,
            because only one side of the client-server interface had been
            updated. Updated the similarity server with code to support
            both, vector and vector_pairs measures. (Sid)

        (2) Updated the description of the Gloss Vector measure in
            measures.html (web interface). (Sid)

  Version 1.03 (Released 04/14/2006)
    *   04/14/06

        (1) Applied Ben Haskell's patch to (to make the
            behaviour of the probability() and IC() functions consistent
            with their comments).

    *   04/05/06

        (1) Updated the names for the Extended Gloss Overlaps measure and
            the Gloss Vector measure in the documentation. (Sid)

    *   02/19/06

        (1) Updated PODs for all modules. (Sid)

        (2) Added tests for POD errors and for POD coverage. (Sid)

    *   03/31/06

        (1) Changed "hash-style" constants (Perl v5.8) to single line
            constants (Perl v5.6) for compatibility with Perl v5.6.0. (Sid)

  Version 1.02 (Released 02/07/2006)
    *   02/06/06

        (1) Added utility for ranking the output of
   and making the output suitable for input to
   (to compute Spearman's correlation coefficient) of the
            Text::NSP package. (Sid)

    *   01/15/06

        (1) Fixed issue in where undefined values for $wc1 and $wc2
            caused errors with the normalize option. (Sid)

        (2) Fixed minor UI issues in (Sid)

  Version 1.01 (Released 12/21/2005)
    *   12/09/05

        (1) Modified with Wybo Wiersma's changes. (Sid)

        (2) Modified, and to be compatible
            with above changes. (Sid)

    *   12/07/05

        (1) Updated all utilities to use WordNet 2.1 (WordNet::QueryData
            1.39 or above). (Sid)

        (2) Updated all modules and test cases for WordNet 2.1. (Sid)

    *   12/05/05

        (1) Changed order of authors in package documentation. (Sid)

  Version 0.16 (Released 12/12/2005)
    *   12/01/05

        (1) Added Wybo Wiersma's super-gloss caching code to

        (2) Updated documentation to reflect above changes. (Sid)

  Version 0.15 (Re-released 12/11/2005)
    *   12/11/05

        (1) tar file unpacked as WordNet-Similarity for June 12, v 0.15, now
            unpacks as WordNet-Similarity-0.15, which is consistent with all
            previous versions. (Ted)

        (2) version was shown as 0.14, is now 0.15. Our
            general convention for modules is that their version number only
            change when the module itself changes, so the module version
            number can tell you when was the last time a module changed.
            However, for this is needlessly confusing, so it
            will always carry the same version number as the release. (Ted)

  Version 0.15 (Released 6/12/2005)
    *   06/10/05

        (1) Fixed a minor bug in MANIFEST. (Sid)

        (2) Updated modules.pod and developers.pod to reflect new software
            architecture. (Jason)

  Version 0.14 (Released 6/9/2005)
    *   06/08/05

        (1) Re-introduced the previous (non-pairwise-comparison) vector.

        (2) Updated documentation and test cases to support the new vector
            measure. (Sid)

        (3) Added default relation file for new vector measure. (Sid)

        (4) Expunged erroneous references to LCSFinder, esp. in test
            scripts. (JM)

  Version 0.13 (Released 5/9/2005)
    *   04/21/05

        (1) removed LCSFinder module; moved LCS methods to DepthFinder,
            ICFinder, and PathFinder (JM)

        (2) renamed vector measure vector_pairs (JM)

    *   03/24/05

        (1) Modified the documentation to reflect the relation file format
            for vector and for lesk. (Sid)

    *   03/02/05

        (1) Set up selective test cases for "make test", depending upon the
            default data files installed by user. (Sid)

    *   02/24/05

        (1) Reinstated default relation files for vector and lesk. In case
            the default relation files (vector-relation.dat and
            lesk-relation.dat) are missing, both modules would default to
            the glosexample-glosexample relation. (Sid)

        (2) Modified Makefile.PL to query the user before installing default
            data files. (Sid)

        (3) Removed infocontent file generation code from Makefile.PL. Now
            Makefile.PL simply calls utilities from the /utils directory
            (, and to generate the
            all default data files. (Sid)

        (4) Installation process now generates a default word vectors file.
            The vectordb configuration variable for vector is now optional.

        (5) Earlier, the WNHOME option was given to Makefile.PL as --WNHOME
            <path>, whereas the PREFIX option was written as PREFIX=<path>.
            This inconsistent (and potentially confusing) notation has now
            been fixed. Now, the WNHOME option is provided to Makefile.PL as
            WNHOME=<path>. (Sid)

        (6) Added some basic tests for vector in t/vector.t.

    *   12/11/04

        (1) Created, a super-class of
            WordNet::Similarity::vector and WordNet::Similarity::lesk. (Sid)

        (2) Removed default relation file for lesk. Vector and lesk both
            default to glosexample-glosexample. (Sid)

  Version 0.12 (Released 10/29/04)
    *   10/29/04

        (1) Added vector to the CGI interface. (JM)

        (2) Incorporated a configuration file into

    *   10/28/04

        (1) Removed (JM)

    *   10/27/04

        (1) Modified string overlap finding in lesk to use the
            Text::OverlapFinder module. Removed This
            fixed an old bug where the relatedness of word1 and word2 wasn't
            always equal to the relatedness of word2 and word1. (JM)

        (2) Updated Makefile.PL, INSTALL, and doc/install.pod to reflect new
            dependency on Text::OverlapFinder. (JM)

        (3) Removed lib/ and lib/ from
            MANIFEST. (JM)

    *   10/19/04

        (1) Word vectors no longer stored in a BerkeleyDB database, a plain
            text file is now used. Modified,
            WordNet::Similarity::vector to use the plain text word vectors
            file. New module now used to access this plain
            text database. Module is obsolete. (Sid)

        (2) Modified Makefile.PL to no longer check for BerkeleyDB
            dependency. All modules are installed. (Sid)

  Version 0.11 (Released 09/23/04)
    *   09/23/04

        (1) Fixed bug in wup that allowed some relatedness scores to be
            greater than 1. This bug is discussed in the archives of the
            mailing list. (JM)

  Version 0.10 (Released 09/03/04)
    *   09/01/04

        (1) Modified vector to look like the other measures. It now is
            derived from (Sid)

        (2) Updated the MANIFEST. (Sid)

        (3) Fixed some minor typos in Makefile.PL. (Sid)

        (4) Added single test case (for vector) to t/access.t. (Sid)

        (5) Fixed config option name conflict in

        (6) Fixed WNHOME and WNSEARCHDIR related bugs. (JM)

        (7) Updated documentation for the web interface. (JM)

  Version 0.09 (Released 05/19/04)
    *   05/19/04

        (1) Fixed over-counting problem in * programs. Under certain
            conditions, word senses would sometimes get counted twice. (JM)

        (2) Updated * programs to use WordNet 2.0. (JM)

        (3) Input files to are now specified with the
            --infile option. (JM)

        (4) Improved speed of compound identification in by
            adding ',', ';', and ':' to the list of characters that we
            consider to be the end of a sentence (compound identification
            time is proportional to the square of the length of the
            sentence). (JM)

  Version 0.08 (Released 04/28/04)
    *   04/28/2004

        (1) Created a CGI-based web interface for the relatedness modules.

    *   04/19/2004

        (1) Fixed problem with path to Perl interpreter in Makefile.PL. This
            was causing problems during installation if there was no
            /usr/local/bin/perl. (JM)

        (2) had forgotten that on Windows some filenames are
            different; for example, data.noun is noun.dat. (JM)

  Version 0.07 (Released 03/24/04)
    *   03/23/2004

        (1) In /t, save diff files between 0.06 and 0.07. Make sure to run
            diff tests for path/0.07 and edge/0.06.

    *   03/16/2004

        (1) make sure that every .pm and .pl file has the same GNU copyleft
            language. Use as a template.

        (2) make sure that documentation is clear that vector and lesk
            require different format relation files (ie they are not

        (3) convert README into a series of pod documents in doc directory.
            In the intro.pod, provide a table of contents like structure
            (much like perldoc perl does).

            Make sure that each pod documents follows the cpan style (name,
            synopsis, etc.) This should be true of any pod documentation in
            the package.

        (4) Modify INSTALL to describe local install correctly. In
            particular, the description of how to do a 'use lib' or -I may
            need adjustment.

    *   03/12/2004

        (1) Make developers.pod into a self contained document that provides
            a step by step tutorial on how to write a measure of
            relatedness. The file NewStats.txt in NSP provides an example of
            the style of presentation that is expected.

        (2) developers.pod should be a tutorial that explains how to create
            a new measure. It should take the reader through a complete
            example, such as creating a measure that returns the sum of the
            information content of the concpets found in the shortest path
            between two concepts. This should include an example of how to
            use all of the available configuration options, and also adding
            a new one.

    *   03/11/2004

        (1) document measure modules (,, etc.) with information
            about effect of hypo root node. (Take discussion from email
            explaining why it has an effect, and why it doesn't have an
            effect) and make it a part of the .pm perldoc. This will
            eventually be used in thesis writing, so it should be complete
            and detailed. Of particular important is the behavior of,
            but all of the modules should have their expected behaviour with
            and without the hypo root node clearly documented. Also, you
            should note what the behavior was in 0.06 for both nouns and
            verbs, and if this has changed.

    *   03/09/2004

        (1) does not yet support not having a hypo root. Remember
            that the lack of hypo root will change (potentially) the max
            path length found for each taxonomy.

    *   03/08/2004

        (1) depth finding code should be contained with We
            should not do any depth finding on the fly, rather that should
            all be precomputed (like we do info content). That includes the
            depth of individual concepts, and the max depths of taxonomies.

        (2) When encounters two or more paths to the root, the trace
            output "condenses" those paths into a single path. It would be
            better to show all paths in the trace (as res does, for
            example). Also, make sure that the depth reported in such cases
            is always the minimum (shortest path to root).

    *   03/05/2004

        (1) Modify wnDepths such that it shows both the depths of individual
            concepts, as well as the max distance from a root node. In the
            case of multiple inheritance, wndepths should show the depth of
            the concept in each case, and also the relevant root node.
            wnDepths should sort these depths from shortest to longest. The
            output of wndepths should be formatted like infocontent.dat,
            anticipating an eventual merger.

    *   03/02/2004

        (1) in docs, update/replace current discussion of modules. Include
            example usage as well. Make sure that path length is clearly
            defined for lch, edge, and wup.

    *   02/25/2004

        (1) In,,, and
   each function should be documented in perldoc form
            such that their input, output and basic functionality is
            described. This should then appear in the DESCRIPTION portion of
            the perldoc. The SYNOPSIS should contain examples or templates
            of each function being used.

    *   02/23/2004

        (1) redo random pairs testing such that we have 60 noun-noun pairs,
            25 verb-verb pairs, and 15 mixed pairs.

    *   02/20/2004

        (1) Revisit the distance versus similarity issue in It maybe
            be that simply inverting the distance is too extreme a solution.
            One possibility is to make it a linear transformation via
            maxdist - dist instead. (JM - we'll stick with inverting the
            distance, but added a discussion of this issue to the

    *   02/18/2004

        (1) document all multiple inheritance issues that are being handled
            for measures.

    *   02/16/2004

        (1) validateSynset should check wps format fairly closely, and issue
            descriptive errors if the wps is ill formed. Words can
            apparently be about anything (except #) but pos should be lower
            case nvra, and senses should be digits. Error messages should
            point out which field is the problem, or if there are too few or
            too many fields.

        (2) place all hypo root handling node code in The
            measures should not have any hypo root handling code in them.

        (3) should include a function that
            returns all paths between two concepts, their length, and their
            "tops" (the candidate LCSs). This should be used as the main
            source of input for the getLCS* functions, and for

        (4) remove all "input verifcation" code from the measures. That
            should be inherited from

        (5) There is replicated code in the measure modules that checks
            validity of input. This should be removed to a common module
            that can be called by all of the measures. Any other replicated
            code should be removed as well. The goal of 0.07 is to largely
            eliminate replicated code via the use of inheritance, and to
            make the writing of new measures simpler.

    *   02/13/2004

        (1) add pod/perldoc to lib/ Should also be done for all
            other files as they are modified for other reasons. In
            particular, introductory material that appears in source code
            comments, author information, GPL, etc. should be moved into pod
            and removed from source code comments. See for an

        (2) path should use getShortestPath from

    *   02/09/2004

        (1) getLCSDepth, getLCSInfo, getLCSPath should appear in
  , which should inherit from both ICFinder and

        (2) The measures (lch, path, jcn, lin, res, wup) should default to
            having the hypo root node turned on (for both nouns and verbs).
            This will eventually be true of hso, but is not currently. hypo
            root nodes could also be used for lesk and vector, although they
            are not currently.

    *   02/04/2004

        (1) Wps and offsets will be supported internally. The user can
            request either mode via an option to getRelatedness. offset is
            our default. profiling has shown wps to be somewhat faster, in
            that it makes fewer calls to getSense, although it does make
            some. For input, we only support wps. For trace output we
            support wps and offset. For output we support wps and offset.

    *   01/29/2004

        (1) modify option in config files such that an option without a
            value reverts to the default in all cases (except vectordb).

    *   01/24/2004

        (1) Provide support for undefined values in the path finding and
            info content measures (path, wup, lch, res, lin, jcn). If two
            concepts are not in the same taxonomy then an error should be
            issued and a large negative integer should be returned. This can
            occur in two cases, between the same part of speech (noun-noun,
            verb-verb), or between nouns and verbs. Distinct error messsages
            should be indicated in both cases.

    *   01/20/2004

        (1) Clean up configuration file examples (in samples). Make them
            consistent by having a master list (all-options.conf) that is
            what we make changes to. Then specific example files can be
            created via copy and paste. Make sure all possible options for a
            measure are included, and that the explanations describe all
            possible values as well as default handling. (TDP updated
            all-options.conf on 12/10/03, use this as source of cut and

    *   01/19/2004

        (1) Create test scripts that can be run to verify the correctness of
            output - they should include "correct" answers that can be
            compared to (automatically) and rerun as the system changes. We
            should use the CPAN module Test::More, and create .t files in a
            /t directory that test specific situations/problems, etc. The .t
            files themselves should be documented with an explanation of
            what is being tested. We should have lots of smaller, specific
            .t tests (rather than a few big test files). Whenever a bug is
            found and fixed, a .t file should be created that tests the fix,
            and this should be mentioned in the source code comments where
            the fix is made (this fix is tested by t/xyz.t).

            Make sure that the testing system can be easily
            extended/modified, and that it can support the use of multiple
            input files and configuration files. We should have multiple *.t
            files to run our tests, and each module and utility should have
            at least its own *.t file (maybe more than one in some cases).
            We should also have *.t files that are dedicated to particular
            situations that affect a number of measures (like what happens
            when info content is zero for one concept, what happens if one
            of the concepts being compared is the lcs of the other, what if
            the two concepts are the same (self similarity), and so forth.

        (2) Test cases for configuration file handling should include:

            repeated options in configuration file, as in


            bad values in configuration file, as in


            bad options in configuration file, as in


        (3) Test cases for should include:

            ill formed file input for, as in

                cat#dog#1 cat#n#2
                cat#n#n cat#n#2

        (4) Test cases for measures should include:

            show that wps and offset methods of path finding are equivalent

            check trace output for each of the measures. use wps format, as
            that is subject to fewer changes than offsets.

            a "big" file of word pairs (maybe 100 pairs) that run all the
            measures and compare values to what is obtained in 0.6. If there
            are differences, let's see what they are.

        (5) Test cases for information content programs should include:

            an information content file based on one of our resident text
            files that is large enough to be interesting (readme, gpl, etc.)
            as computed in 0.6/0.7 (should be the same). This can be used as
            a reference point when we make changes in future.

            Information content computed with a very small number of
            concepts, to expose the counting problem that ted mentions

        (6) Test cases for wnDepth...

            Generate output for 0.07 to use as a point of reference. A few
            specific manual checks would be good too (leather_carp, entity,

        (7) run tests to determine where the system now provides different
            results from version 0.06 - make sure to document these cases
            (that are different).

    *   01/12/2004

        (1) document configuration options extensively in a separate pod
            called doc/config.pod. Organize such that you have options that
            are used with all measures, and then those that are used with
            certain classes of measures. Then, use this as a master copy to
            update .pm files with.

    *   01/09/2004

        (1) modify option handling such that multiple occurrences of an
            option in a config file cause an error. For example


            should cause an error.

    *   12/17/2003

        (1) and need to be renamed. They are
            now called and
            counts without sense tags and counts the sense
            tags. (TDP)

    *   12/09/2003

        (1) In cache error strings that indicate that two
            input synsets are from different parts of speech so that we only
            print out a warning once for each unique word1#pos1 word2#pos2
            combination (JM)


            (a) Enhance file handling (for input files).
                Comments should be allowed - this will help in creation of
                test data (we can explain in the comment what "case" is
                being tested by a particular set of pairs. Use standard perl
                commenting style line starting with a # is a comment. Note
                that I don't think we can use the convention of # anywhere
                in a line as being the start of a comment (due to w#p#s) but
                I think any line that starts with a # can be safely treated
                as a comment. (JM -- we are using // to indicated the start
                of a comment)

            (b) Enhance file handling (for input files). At
                present if a single word (not a pair) appears on a line, no
                error is issued. It silently ignores this case. This should
                result in an error to the effect that the input format is
                invalid, only one word. Also, I'm not sure what happens if
                you have more than two words on a line. An error of some
                sort would also be necessary in that case. Also, I am not
                sure if checks to see that the words pairs are
                "well formed", that is to say do they adhere to the word,
                word#pos, or word#pos#number format. It would be good to
                have a simple check that verifies we have alphanumeric
                words, pos of n, v, a, or r, and numeric numbers. (JM)

    *   12/08/2003

        (1) Clean up configuration file examples (in samples). Make them
            consistent by having a master list (all-options.conf) that is
            what we make changes to. Then specific example files can be
            created via copy and paste. Make sure all possible options for a
            measure are included, and that the explanations describe all
            possible values as well as default handling. (JM)(TDP updated
            all-options.conf on 12/10/03, use this as source of cut and

        (2) Determine if it is feasible (not too difficult or time
            consuming) to modify --version option so it can display both the
            version of and the version of the module used when
            --type is specified. (JM -- version will show module version as
            well if a module is specified)

    *   12/05/2003

        (1) all configuration options are now printed to traceString after
            module initialization. (JM)

        (2) explain the distinction between compounds and collocations
            raised in sample README. (Drop the distinction, and clarify what
            we mean by Wordnet compounds. TDP Dec 3). (JM)

    *   12/04/2003

        (1) document caching for random (normally random uses an unlimited
            cache size) (JM -- random now uses the same default as all other

        (2) determine a reasonable default cache size. Should not be
            unlimited. Current default is 1000, maybe it can be increased to
            5000 or 10000. Let lesk with trace be the standard as to what is
            reasonable. (JM -- default is now 5,000).

        (3) Improve error handling when processing config files. Make sure
            the values specified are valid and that filenames refer to
            extant files. All options should allow the value to be omitted,
            in which case the default is used. (JM)

    *   12/01/2003

        (1) Adjust Makefile.PL to account for new contents of samples
            directory. Added entries to MANIFEST as well. (JM)

        (2) update samples/ to run with the new files (and
            organization) provided in the samples directory. This was also a
            problem in 0.06, where it did not run for hso properly due to a
            mismatch in the name specified in and the
            configuration file.

        (3) Rename infocontent.dat in Makefile.PL to use our standard name
            for semcor information content files. Name should reflect
            options used in computing information content values (if any).

        (4) relation.dat is in lib/WordNet. Should be referred to as
            lesk-relation.dat. Should also have vector-relation.dat I would
            think. (if not, what does vector do?). JM (vector doesn't try
            finding a default relation file--it fails silently).

        (5) /sample/vector-relation.dat is wrong. Calls itself
            LeskRelationFile. JM

        (6) In intro.pod, provide instruction on how to convert to html or
            whatever if user wishes (just point them to documentation that
            describes this elsewhere even). JM

    *   11/28/2003

        (1) remove wordnet 1.7.1 compounds from samples directory. (TDP)

        (2) change comment in to explain the pluses and
            minuses of using/not using a unique root node. (JM)

    *   11/26/2003

        (1) added info content files in samples/Infocontent

        (2) changed version numbers to 0.07 in all modules and utils

        (3) fixed bug in wup: if user supplies car#n#1 and auto#n#1, the LCS
            found by wup is motor_vehicle#n#1, not car#n#1

        (4) added POD to all programs in /samples

    *   11/24/2003

        (1) added documentation (in the form of POD) to /doc

    *   11/21/2003

        (1) added /doc directory to contain documentation

    *   11/18/2003

        (1) ensured that each measure initializes a part-of-speech list in

        (2) all measures (except vector) now use fetchFromCache and

        (3) updated README:

            (a) Replaces most references to WordNet 1.7.1 with 2.0

            (b) Add some documentation on how to write a new measure

        (4) added an INSTALL file

        (5) cleaned up /samples. relation.dat is now named lesk-relation.dat
            and added vector-relation.dat. A sample config file is also
            provided for each measure (in /samples/config-files)

    *   11/15/2003

        (1) updated jcn, hso, random, and lesk to use the funcitions that
            have been moved to (such as the cache management

        (2) cleaned up the /samples directory. Removed outdated files. Put
            sample config files in samples/config-files. Added README in

    *   11/12/2003

        (1) Added fetchFromCache() and storeToCache() to to
            make caching easier and cleaner.

        (2) Updated wup, edge, lch, res, and lin to use fetchFromCache() and

    *   10/25/2003

        (1) Reduced the amount of duplication code in the measure modules by
            moving some common code to WordNet::Similarity.
            WordNet::Similarity is now a base class for all the measures.
            Also added a module called from which all
            information content measures are descended (i.e., res, lin,

        (2) Removed @ symbol from all email addresses in all files (I
            think). This might help keep spammers from harvesting our email

  Version 0.06
    *   10/18/2003

        (1) Removed dependence of the vector measure on PDL. Implemented
            "in-house" sparse vector manipulation functions.

        (2) Modified the README with updated documentation of
            (--interact option) and

    *   10/15/2003

        (1) Changed Makefile.PL so that it checks for version 1.30 of

    *   10/13/2003

        (1) Added "maxCacheSize" option to all measures.

        (2) Added "maxCacheSize" option info to the man/pod documentation.

        (3) Used the new dataPath() method of QueryData 1.31 in all the
            utilities to obtain the path of the WordNet data files.

        (4) Modified Makefile.PL to check for PDL and BerkeleyDB dependency
            during installation. is not installed on failed

    *   10/11/2003

        (1) Replaced instances of deprecated WordNet::QueryData::query with
            WordNet::QueryData::queryWord in

        (2) made check QueryData version. queryWord was broken in
            QueryData 1.29 and earlier

        (3) added support for new relations in WordNet 2.0 to

        (4) updated test scripts to work with WN 2.0 (and WN 1.7.1)

    *   10/06/2003

        (1) Added rootNode option to

    *   09/27/2003

        (1) Fixed syntax error in

        (2) Added to utils.

        (3) Changed contact information in docs.

        (4) Re-organized the samples subdirectory.

        (5) Fixed typo in

        (6) Updated the MANIFEST.

    *   09/21/2003

        (1) Updated POD for WordNet::Similarity::wup

        (2) Added option to wup to specify a cache size in a configuration

        (3) now 'use's QueryData 1.30 or later. Previous
            versions of QueryData will not work. t/access.t also 'use's
            QueryData 1.30. and both check for
            QueryData 1.30 and will die if it not found.

        (4) Reorganized the bibliography in README and slightly re-worded
            part of the introduction.

    *   09/18/2003

        (1) Added new Wu Palmer measure of similarity

        (2) Updated README to mention wup

        (3) Added t/wup.t

        (4) Updated POD for WordNet::Similarity to mention wup

        (5) Updated the help message of to mention wup

        (6) Added t/wup.t and lib/WordNet/Similarity/ to MANIFEST

    *   09/05/2003

        (1) Added '--interact' option to

        (2) Changed the structure of the Vector Relation File.

        (3) Fixed a minor bug in (s///g)

        (4) Updated the perldocs for the measures.

        (5) Incorporated some new features into the ''
            utility. These features were used for thesis experiments.

        (6) Added documentation about the Lesk and Vector relation files
            (they have different formats now).

  Version 0.05
    *   06/03/2003

        (1) Added new measure of semantic relatedness, based on
            co-occurrence vectors of WordNet glosses.

        (2) Set up the package so that and the other perl
            utilities get installed in "/usr/local/bin".

        (3) Complete rewrite of with cleaner code and added

            (a) Multiple parts of speech can be specified as car#nv (noun
                and verb forms of car) or cool#nar (noun, adjective and
                adverb forms of cool).

            (b) Word senses can now be specified as car#n#2, jump#v#2, etc.

            (c) Added functionality to to use a local install
                of WordNet::Similarity modules (in non-standard

            (d) Output of now specifies the senses that
                represent the relatedness of two words.

        (4) Enforced limit on the cache size of modules.

        (5) Updated README to reflect the changes and to specify options for
            local installs of and the other utilities.

        (6) Fixed the perl docs (remove leading spaces).

        (7) Added mailing list address to documentation --

        (8) Improved jcn and lin tracing ("bird-crane" problem obvious now).

        (9) Added new utility required for
            WordNet::Similarity::vector module.

  Version 0.04
    *   05/02/2003

        (1) *Fixed* newline in traces.

        (2) *Fixed* blank line bug in

        (3) *Fixed* "--offset" option bug in

        (4) *Fixed* lin measure non-normalized scores... added zero
            infocontent handling in jcn and lin.

        (5) New utility, to generate information content
            files from plain text.

        (6) supports option to specify part-of-speech of input
            words while measuring relatedness.

        (7) Added option to specify (conifuration / information content)
            file in

        (8) Added Resnik counting option to the information content
            generation utilities.

        (9) More documentation on information content utilities.

            Added Add-1 smoothing option to the information content
            generation utilities.

  Version 0.03
    *   03/10/2003

        (1) Removed trace bug in

        (2) Added test cases for all modules.

  Version 0.01
    *   02/10/2003

        (1) Created CPAN modules from distance ver 0.11.

        (2) Modules are completely object oriented.

        (3) Added Adapted Lesk semantic relatedness measure --

        (4) Added simple edge counting semantic relatedness measure --

        (5) Added a random relatedness measure --

        (6) jcn, res and lin measures now support verb hierarchies.

        (7) Information content files can now be specified as parameters to
            the modules.

        (8) Tools provided to build information content files from various
            publicly available corpora.

        (9) Various parameters now control the behavior of the modules.
            These parameters are passed to the modules through
            'configuration files'.

      Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
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      Siddharth Patwardhan, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
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      Satanjeev Banerjee, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
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      Jason Michelizzi


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