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These are the guidelines for contributing to this repository.


File an issue if you think you've found a bug. Please describe the following:

  1. What version of the involved component was used
  2. What environment was the component used in (OS, Perl version etc.)
  3. What was expected
  4. What actually occurred
  5. What had to be done to reproduce the issue

Please use the issue template.


Patches for fixes, features, and improvements are accepted via pull requests.

Pull requests should be based on the master branch, unless you want to contribute to an active branch for a specific topic.

Please use the PR template.

Coding guidelines are basic, please use:

For other coding conventions please see the Perl::Critic configuration in: t/perlcriticrc.

Additional notes on development are collected in the Wiki.

Do note that the repository uses probot, so if you write comments in formatted as:


@todo You have an in issue in your heading

@body But a descriptive body


The TODO bot will the create a GitHub issue automatically upon push to the repository.

All contributions are welcome and most will be accepted.

Licensing and Copyright

Please note that accepted contributions are included in the repository and hence under the same license as the repository contributed to.

Acknowledgement and Mentions

Please note that all contributions are acknowledged and contributors are mentioned by available identification, if you as a contributor would prefer not to be mentioned explicitly please indicate this, PR mechanics cannot be ignored.

If you prefer to be mentioned in a specific manner other than by GitHub handle or similar please indicate this and accommodation will be attempted, limited only be the means available,