Revision history for Perl module X11::Protocol.

0.01  Tue Dec 31 1996
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	- as seen briefly on c.l.p.m

0.02  Tue Jul 29 1997
	- first CPAN release
	- changed pack("Ii") to "Ll", for Alphas, etc
	- added next_event(), as suggested by Brian Wheeler
	- reworked event handling, based on work by Brian Wheeler
	- added X11::Auth, ditched xauth(1)
	- added README
	- changed format of $x->pixmap_formats based on a closer reading
	  of the spec
	- $x->visuals now corresponds to documentation	
	- moved Connection::* and Ext::* under X11::Protocol::
	- random cleanup

0.03  Wed Aug 27 1997
	- fixed minor bug in SelectionNotify event 
	- added forgotten `format' field in ClientMessage event
	- added forgotten `GCFillRule' const type	
	- added $x->{'do_interp'} to control interpretation
	- renamed forgotten X11::Connection::INETFH
	- fixed typos

0.04  Thu Jan 15 1998
	- made's letters rectangular instead of square
	- changed default display on Win32 from unix:0 to localhost:0
	- fixed ORA's contatct information in pod
	- fixed typo

0.50  Sun Jan 26 2003
	- fixed [GS]etModifierMapping to be 8 x N, not N x 8
	- fixed doc typo re ChangeKeyboardMapping
	- fixed TranslateCoordinates reply, thanks to Damien Neil
	- authorization -w cleanup suggested by Harold Bamford
	- fixed QueryTree reply, also found by Craig Agricola
	- minor stylistic changes
	- added more examples
	- make Auth work in more cases (including one that can happen
	  when SSH tunneling)

0.51  Sun May 11 2003
	- enabled buffering on sockets, added ->flush()
	- added Ext/{XC_MISC,DPMS,XFree86_Misc}.pm from Jay Kominek
	- improved resource reuse, with XC_MISC, for long running
	- fixed embarrassing "elseQ" typo in pack_event

0.52  Mon Oct 13 2003
	- fixed some -w warnings
	- fixed "bufffer" typo spotted by Jason Zou
	- corrected a few documentation typos
	- fixed buffering bug: "read" should have been "sysread"
          (problem reported by Scott Smedley)
	- allow reply processing to recover from getting an error instead
	  (modeled after a patch from Scott Smedley)
	- add a version of req() that automatically catches errors

0.53  Sun Apr  4 2004
	- Fixed AUTOLOAD scalar context bug reported by Mark Horowitz
	- Added Render extension

0.54  Sun May  1 2005
	- Minor changes to render-clock example
	- Add new Host types from X11R6.7
	- Fix handle_input_for bug reported by Rich Williams

0.55  Thu Jan 19 2006
	- Fix spurious error on zero-length .Xauthority field in
	  X11::Auth (reported independently by Cyril Bouthors and
          Anthony DeStefano)

0.56  Sun Oct 8 2006
	- Fix infinite loop regression in robust_req in 0.54 caused by
	  handle_input change (found by Scott Smedley)