Change History for XML-DOM:

1.46 (tjmather) 09/21/2016
- Correct name passed to WriteMakefile to XML::DOM (was XML/Dom)

1.45 (tjmather) 08/16/2015
- Fix pod errors and a typo ( Florian Schlichting )
- properly encode output for printToFile ( Martin Ferrari, Gregor Herrmann )

1.44 (tjmather) 07/25/2005
- Only use 'use bytes' where needed (by XML::RegExp) (Gisle Aas)

1.43 (tjmather) 07/28/2003
- Fixed bug that manifests itself with XML::Parser 2.32 and greater,
specify external style as 'XML::Parser::Dom' rather than just 'Dom'.
(Matt Sergeant)

1.42 (tjmather) 12/05/2002
- Fixed bug where XML::DOM doesn't encode some characters in
attribute values under Perl 5.8.0 (Steve Hay)
- Added t/dom_encode.t test to check encoding on attribute values
- Fixed warning message and use in XML::DOM::PerlSAX (Mike Castle)

1.41 (tjmather) 10/19/2002
- included XML-Parser-2.31.patch, required for XML::Parser
to work with 5.8.0 unicode
- use utf8 in unicode test scripts, fixes 5.8.0 test failures
NOTE - you should use the utf8 pragma in your programs if you
are passing utf8 to XML::DOM.
- only use encodeText for Perl < 5.6.0
- replace match w/ substitution in AttDef::new, workaround for 5.8.0 unicode
- replace match w/ substitution in Default handler for non-paramter
entity reference, workaround for 5.8.0 unicode

1.40 (tjmather) 10/13/2002
- Fixed problem when defining user LWP object (Willems Luc)
- Autodetect whether to 'use bytes' (Ed Avis)
- Added dispose method to XML::DOM::Parser Synopsis (Ruben Diez)
- Fixed warning message in Attr.getValue method (Christian Lizell)

1.39 (tjmather) 04/16/2002
- Deletes value if both System ID and value are defined
  (Brian Thomas)
- Fixed bug, now TextNode->getData doesn't expand entities when
  NoExpand => 1, added t/dom_noexpand.t test script (Brian Thomas)

1.38 (tjmather) 04/05/2002
- Removed bin/, it is now in XML-Filter-Reindent
- Removed return from addCDATA function to fix memory leak
  (Steve Hay)
- Added missing _to_sax method to ProcessingInstruction class
  (Patrick Whittle)
- Removed extranous debugging statement from ExternEnt subroutine
  (Jon Grov)

1.37 (tjmather) 02/15/2002
- parameter should be last argument of DocumentType::addEntity
  (Patrick Whittle)

1.36 (tjmather) 01/04/2002
- Replaced 'our' with 'my' in t/dom_text.t, to work with perl < 5.6.0

1.35 (tjmather) 10/26/2001
- Fixed bug with XML::DOM::Comment::_to_sax (Mark Pundsack)
- Added test for XML::DOM::Text::splitText (Michael Guennewig)

1.34 (tjmather) 10/07/2001
- Fixed bug with XML::DOM::Text::splitText (Michael Guennewig)
- The '>' character is now encoded in attribute values (Stephen Crowley)
- hasFeature now is case-insensitve for name of feature and
	the version defaults to 1.0, in accordance with the DOM 1.0
	standard. (Wolfgang Mauerer)

1.33 (tjmather) 8/29/2001
- Added use bytes pragma to XML::DOM to fix unicode problems.

1.32 (tjmather) 8/25/2001
- Separated out XML::UM, XML::Filter::* and XML::Builder::* modules
	into separate distributions (Idea of Matt Sergeant, as discussed
- Removed dependency on Parse::Yapp - shouldn't have been there in the first

1.31 (tjmather) 6/26/2001
- Added dependency check for XML::RegExp in Makefile.PL

1.30 (tjmather) 6/20/2001
- XML::RegExp, XML::XQL, and XML::Checker separated out from libxml-enno,
	and libxml-enno renamed to XML-DOM.

libxml-enno-1.05 (tjmather) 5/14/2001

- DOM: Fixed XML/ to include forward declaration for
  XML::DOM::DocumentType (Oleh Khoma and Wolfgang Gassner)

libxml-enno-1.04 (tjmather) 3/20/2001

- DOM: Fixed XML::DOM::DocumentType::replaceChild to call
  SUPER::replaceChild instead of SUPER::appendChild (John Salmon)
- DOM: Fixed XML::DOM::Text::splitText to use substr instead of 
  (non-existant) substring and insertBefore instead of (non-existant)
  insertAfter (Duncan Cameron)
- DOM: Fixed XML::DOM::Text::print to encode '>' and '"' (John Cope)
- DOM: Added code to convert Model argument of XML::Parser::Dom::Element
  from XML::Parser::ContentModel to string.  XML::Parser >= 2.28 passes
  a XML::Parser::ContentModel object for the model arg of the Element handler
  while earlier versions passed a string.  Fixed cannot find equals
  method in XML::Parser::ContentModel in dom_extent.t.
- DOM: Updated XML::DOM::Entity and XML::Parser::Dom::Entity to reflect
  new Entity handler API in XML::Parser >= 2.28.  There is a new isParam
  parameter and the name no longer starts with '%' if it is a parameter
- DOM: Fixed errors in test cases t/build_dom.t t/dom_attr.t by changing
  hair (none | blue | yellow) "yellow" to hair (none|blue|yellow) 'yellow'
  Also fixed t/dom_jp_attr by changing equivalent japanese text.
- DOM: Fixed errors in test cases t/dom_print.t and t/dom_jp_print.t
  by changing <!ELEMENT doc (beavis | butthead)*> to
  <!ELEMENT doc (beavis|butthead)*>
- DOM: Fixed error in test 3 of t/dom_jp_attr.t under Perl 5.6.0
  by changing $FILE->print("$name $type") in XML::DOM::AttDef::print.

libxml-enno-1.02 (enno) 3/2/2000
- This release fixes some installation related stuff.

- Changed =head3 pod directives to =head2 in XML/
  This used to cause warnings when generating the man pages with pod2man.
- Changed dependency of XML::Parser::PerlSAX to require version 0.07.
  libxml-perl 0.06 had a bad version number, causing a warning when doing 'make'.
- Removed the libxml-enno.ppd file from the distribution. As Matt Sergeant
  pointed out, these PPD files are platform dependant and you can generate
  them yourselves with 'make ppd'. If you still need one, try Simon Oliver's 
  website (see below.)

libxml-enno-1.01 (enno) 2/17/2000
- This release contains XML::DOM 1.27, XML::XQL 0.63 and XML::Checker 0.09.

- Added FAQ.xml (Needs more stuff.)
- Added dependencies in Makefile.PL for LWP::UserAgent and XML::Parser::PerlSAX.
  See Makefile.PL for details.
- Fixed XML::Filter::SAXT (a PerlSAX that works like Unix' tee command.) 
- Renamed XML::DOM::PerlSAX to XML::Handler::BuildDOM. A warning will be issued
  with -w if your code uses XML::DOM::PerlSAX. The reason for this change 
  is that the new name is more consistent with how other PerlSAX related
  classes are named.
  Also added a test case for it in t/build_dom.t.
- Added XML::Filter::DetectWS, a first stab at a PerlSAX filter that detects
  ignorable whitespace. Needs more testing!
- Added XML::Filter::Reindent, a first stab at a PerlSAX filter that removes and
  inserts whitespace into the PerlSAX event stream to reindent the XML document
  for pretty printing functionality. Needs more testing!
- Added XML::Handler::Composer. Yet another XML printer/writer that has several
  features missing in other implementations. 
  See docs for details. Needs more testing!
- Added bin/, an XML pretty printer that uses the previous 3 classes.
- Added XML::UM for encoding support when printing XML. Needs more testing!
- Added XML::Handler::PrintEvents for debugging PerlSAX filters/producers.
- Added a PPM description called: libxml-enno.ppd
  I have no idea whether or how it works, so let me know!
  (Thanks to Simon Oliver <>, who has more package 
   files at

- DOM: Reimplemented all Node types as a blessed array reference instead of a
  blessed hash reference. This should speed things up and consume less memory.
  Downside is that the code is harder to read and it's harder to extend the Node 
- DOM: In XML::DOM::Element, attributes are stored in a NamedNodeMap with the
  hash key 'A' (i.e. _A). Previously, the NamedNodeMap object was created even 
  if there were no attributes. For speed and memory reasons, we now create the 
  NamedNodeMap objects only when needed.
- DOM: The parsefile() method of XML::DOM::Parser now supports URLs.
  It uses LWP to download the remote file. See XML::DOM::Parser documentation
  for more info. This probably belongs in XML::Parser.
- DOM: Added new test cases in t/dom_jp_*.t and a Japanese XML file in
  (Thanks to OKABE, Keiichi <>)
- DOM: Added support for parameter entity references (e.g. %pent;) in the DTD.
  If the reference points to a SYSTEM entity and XML::Parser read and expanded
  it (ParseParamEnt=1) and XML::DOM::Parser option ExpandParamEnt=0, then it will
  still add the contents of the entity to the DTD, but the nodes are flagged as
  'Hidden'. In this case, it will also add an EntityReference node to the DTD.
  The Hidden nodes are skipped when printing, so this way you can suppress the
  expansion of external parameter entity references. Note that we still want to
  add these hidden nodes to the DTD, because they might contain e.g. ENTITY
  declarations that can be referenced further in the document.
  See new testcase t/dom_extent.t.
  (Thanks to Guillaume Rouchy <>)

libxml-enno-1.00 (enno) 10/26/1999
- This is the first version of libxml-enno. It contains
  XML::DOM 1.26, XML::XQL 0.62 and XML::Checker 0.08.
  See Changes.DOM, Changes.XQL and Changes.Checker for the change history prior
  to libxml-enno.

- I redid the html documentation. Lots of cross links, more info. Check it out!
- Added XML::DOM::PerlSAX. It's a PerlSAX handler that builds DOM trees.
- Added XML::Filter::SAXT. It's a PerlSAX handler that forwards the callbacks
  to 2 or more PerlSAX handlers, kind of like the Unix 'tee' command.
- Added XML::RegExp. It contains regular expressions for several XML tokens,
  as defined in the XML spec.

- DOM: XML::DOM warnings now go thru XML::DOM::warning() 
  (which uses warn by default) 
  You can redefine XML::DOM::warning() to change this behavior.
  Currently, warning() is called only in one place: 
  in XML::DOM::AttListDecl::addAttDef when multiple attribute definitions exist
  for the same attribute.
- DOM: I added the xql() method to XML::DOM::Node as yet another shortcut to
  perform XQL queries on nodes. Make sure you 'use' XML::XQL and XML::XQL::DOM.

1.25 (enno) 8/24/1999
- Removed $`, $' and $& from code to speed up pattern matching in general
- Fixed replaceChild() to process a DocumentFragment correctly
  (Thanks to Michael Stillwel <>)
- Fixed appendChild, replaceChild and insertBefore for Document nodes, so you
  can't add multiple Element nodes.
- The XmlDecl field was called XMLDecl in certain place.
  (Thanks to Matt Sergeant <>)
- Fixed the non-recursive getElementsByTagName
  (Thanks to Geert Josten <>)

1.24 (enno) 8/2/1999
- Processing Instructions inside an Element node were accidentally added to
  the Document node.
- Added DOM.gif to the distribution and to the XML::DOM home page 
  ( which shows a logical view of the DOM 
  interfaces. (Thanks to Vance Christiaanse <>)
- Added recurse option (2nd parameter) to getElementsByTagName. When set to 0,
  it only returns direct child nodes. When not specified, it defaults to 1,
  so it should not break existing code. Note that using 0 is not portable to
  other DOM implementations.
- Fixed the regular expressions for XML tokens to include Unicode values > 127
- Removed XML::DOM::UTF8 (it is no longer needed due to previous fix)
- Fixed encodeText(). In certain cases special characters (like ", < and &)
  would not be converted to &quot; etc. when writing attribute values.
  (Thanks to Alon Salant <>)
- When writing XML, single quotes were converted to &apos instead of &apos;
  (Thanks to Galactic Taco <>)

1.23 (enno) 6/4/1999
- Added XML::DOM::setTagCompression to give you control over how empty
  element tags are printed. See XML::DOM documentation for details.
- Fixed CAVEAT section in XML::DOM documentation to refer to the www-dom
  mailing list (as opposed to xml-dom.)

1.22 (enno) 5/28/1999
- The XML::DOM documentation was translated into Japanese by Takanori Kawai 
  (aka Hippo2000) at
- Fixed documentation of XML::DOM::Node::removeChild()
  It used to list the exceptions HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR, WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR.
  (Thanks again, Takanori)
- XML::DOM::Entity::print was putting double quotes around the notation name 
  after the NDATA keyword.
- Added Unparsed handler that calls the Entity handler.
- Changed implementation of XML::Parser::Dom to use local variables for slight
  performance improvement and easier exception handling.
- Removed support for old XML::Parser versions (for detecting whether attributes
  were specified or defaulted.) 
  People should move to latest XML::Parser (currently version 2.23)
- If an ENTITY value was e.g. '"', it would be printed as """
  (Thanks to Raimund Jacob <>)

1.21 (enno) 4/27/1999
- Fixed Start handler to work with new method specified_attr() in 
  XML::Parser 2.23

1.20 (enno) 4/16/1999
- Fixed getPreviousSibling(). If the node was the first child, it would return
  the last child of its parent instead of undef.
  (Thanks to Christoph StueckJuergen <>)

1.19 (enno) 4/7/1999
- Fixed memory leak: Final handler did not call dispose on a temporarily 
  created DocumentType object that was no longer needed.
  (Thanks to Loic Dachary <>)
- Fixed DocumentType::removeChildhoodMemories (which is called by dispose)
  to work correctly when the DocumentType node is already decoupled from
  the document.

1.18 (enno) 3/15/1999
- Fixed typo "DOM::XML::XmlUtf8Encode" in expandEntityRefs() to
  (Thanks to Manessinger Andreas <>)
- XML::Parser 2.20 added the is_defaulted method, which improves performance
  a bit when used. Benchmark (see below) went from 6.50s to 6.07s (7%)
  You don't have to upgrade to 2.20, this change is backwards compatible.
- Copied node constants (e.g. ELEMENT_NODE) from XML::DOM::Node to XML::DOM,
  so you can use ELEMENT_NODE instead of XML::DOM::ELEMENT_NODE.
  The old style will still work.
- Fixed XmlUtf8Decode to add 'x' when printing hex entities (not used by 
  XML::DOM module, but other people might want to use it at some point)
- Fixed typo: DocumentType::getSysid should have been getSysId.
  (Thanks to Bruce Kaskel <bkaskel@Adobe.COM>)
- Added DocumentType::setName, setSysId, setPubId
- Added Document::createDocumentType
- DocumentType::print no longer prints the square brackets if it has
  no entities, notations or other children. (Thanks again, Bruce)
- The MacOS related bugs in the testcases etc. should all be fixed.
  (Thanks to Arved Sandstrom <> and 
  Chris Nandor <>)
- Added code to ignore Text Declarations from external parsed entities, i.e.
  <?xml version....?> They were causing exceptions like 
  "XML::DOM::DOMException(Code=5, Name=INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR, Message=bad 
  Entity Name [] in EntityReference)"
  (Thanks to Marcin Jagodzinski <>)

1.17 (enno) 2/26/1999  (This release was never deployed to CPAN)
- Added XML::DOM::UTF8 module which exploits Perl's new utf8 capabilities
  (version 5.005_55 recommended.) If you don't use/require this module, XML::DOM
  will work as it did before. If you do use/require it, it allows Unicode
  characters with character codes > 127 in element and attibute names etc.
  See XML::DOM::UTF8 man page for details. Note that this module hasn't been
  tested thoroughly yet.
- Fixed Makefile.PL, it would accidentally install and which were only meant for the test cases.
- Added allowReservedNames, setAllowReservedNames to support checking for
  reserved XML Names (element/attribute/entity/etc. names starting with "xml")
- Changed some print methods (in the DOCTYPE section) to use "\xA" as
  an end-of-line delimiter instead of "\n". Since XML::Parser (expat) converts
  all end-of-line sequences to "\xA", it makes sense that the print routines
  are consistent with that.
- Fixed the testcases to convert "\n" to "\xA" before comparing test 
  results with expected results, so that they also work on Mac OS.

1.16 (enno) 2/23/1999
- Added XML::DOM::Element::setTagName
- Methods returning NodeList objects will now return regular perl lists when
  called in list context, e.g:
    @list = $elem->getChildNodes;	# returns a list
    $nodelist = $elem->getChildNodes;	# return a NodeList (object reference)
  Note that a NodeList is 'live' (except the one returned by 
  getElementsByTagName) and that a list is not 'live'.
- Fixed getElementsByTagName.
  - It would return the node that it was called on (if the tagName matched)
  - It would return the nodes in the wrong order (they should be in
    document order)

1.15 (enno) 2/12/1999
- 28% Performance improvements. Benchmark was the following program:

	use XML::DOM;
	$dom = XML::DOM::Parser->new;
	my $doc = $dom->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  Running it 20 times on a Sun Ultra-1, using the ksh function 'time',
  the average time was 9.02s (real time.) XML::Parser 2.19, Perl 5.005_02.
  As a comparison, XML-Grove-0.05 takes 2.17s running:

      use XML::Parser;
      use XML::Parser::Grove;
      use XML::Grove;
      $parser = XML::Parser->new(Style => 'Grove');
      $grove = $parser->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  And XML::Parser 2.19 takes 0.71s running (i.e. building nothing):

      use XML::Parser;
      $parser = XML::Parser->new;
      $parser->parsefile ("samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml");

  XML-Grove-0.40alpha takes 4.62s running the following script:

	use XML::Grove::Builder;
	use XML::Parser::SAXPerl;
	$grove_builder = XML::Grove::Builder->new;
	$parser = XML::Parser::SAXPerl->new ( Handler => $grove_builder );
	$document = $parser->parse ( Source => {
		SystemId => "samples/REC-xml-19980210.xml" } );

  Each following improvement knocked a few tenths of a second off:
  - Reimplemented the ReadOnly mechanism, because it was spending a lot of
    time in setReadOnly when parsing large documents (new time: 8.00s)
  - Hacked appendChild to squeeze out a little speed (new time: 7.70s)
  - Eliminated calls to addText in the Start handler which had to figure out
    every time wether it should add a piece of text to a previous text node.
    Now I keep track of whether the previous node was a text node in the
    XML::DOM::Parser code and take care of adding the text and creating a
    new Text node right there, without the overhead of several function calls
    (new time: 6.45s)

1.14 (enno) 15/1/1999
- Bug in Document::dispose - it tried to call dispose on XMLDecl even 
  if it didn't exist
- Bug with XML::Parser 2.19 (and up):
  XML::Parser 2.19 added support for CdataStart and CdataEnd handlers which 
  will call the Default handler instead if those handlers aren't defined.
  This caused the exception "XML::DOM::DOMException(Code=5, Name=INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR, Message=bad Entity Name [] in EntityReference)"
  whenever it encountered a CDATASection.
  (Thanks to Roger Espinosa <>)
- Added a new XML::DOM::Parser option 'KeepCDATA' which will store CDATASections
  as CDATASection nodes instead of converting them to Text nodes (which is the
  default/old behavior)
- Fixed bug in CDATASection print routine. It printed "<!CDATA[" instead of

1.13 (enno) 12/21/1998
- (Bug introduced by 1.12) Could not replace the Document root element with
   replaceChild. (Thanks again, Francois)

1.12 (enno) 12/18/1998
- Attr::print doesn't print a leading space anymore and Element::print does
  print the space. This should affect hardly anybody.
- Added test for HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR to Node::replaceChild
- getChildNodes now returns empty NodeList for Nodes that can't have kids
  (instead of undef)
- Fixed bug in removeAttribute. It would throw an exception.
  (Thanks to Francois Belanger <>)
- removeChildNodes was using $_, which was somehow messing up the global $_.
  (Thanks again, Francois)

1.11 (enno) 12/16/1998
- Fixed checking of XML::Parser version number. Newer versions should be 
  allowed as well. Current version works with XML::Parser 2.17.
  (Thanks to Martin Kolbuszewski <>)
- Fixed typo in SYNOPSIS: "print $node->getValue ..." should have been 
  "print $href->getValue ..." (Thanks again Martin)
- Fixed typo in documentation: 'getItem' method should have been 'item'
  (in 2 places.) (Thanks again Martin)

1.10 (enno) 12/8/1998
- Attributes with non-alphanumeric characters in the attribute name (like "-") 
  were mistaken for default attribute values. (Bug in checkUnspecAttr regexp.)
  Default attribute values aren't printed out, so it appeared those attributes
  just vanished.
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)

1.09 (enno) 12/3/1998
- Changed NamedNodeMap {Values} to a NodeList instead of []
  This way getValues can return a (live) NodeList.
- Added NodeList and NamedNodeMap to documentation
- Fixed documentation section near list of node type constants. 
  I accidentally pasted some text in between and messed up that whole section.
- getNodeTypeName() always returned empty strings and the documentation
  said @XML::DOM::NodeNames, which should have been @XML::DOM::Node::NodeNames
  (Thanks to Andrew Fitzhugh <>)
- Added dispose to NodeList
- Added setOwnerDocument to all Nodes, NodeList and NamedNodeMap, to allow 
  cut and paste between XML::DOM::Documents. 
  It does nothing when called on a Document node.

1.08 (enno) 12/1/1998
- No changes - I messed up uploading to PAUS and had to up the version number.

1.07 (enno) 12/1/1998
- added Node::isElementNode for optimization
- added NamedNodeMap::getChildIndex
- fixed documentation regarding getNodeValue. It said it should return
  getTagName for Element nodes, but it should return undef.
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)
- added CAVEATS in documentation (getElementsByTagName does not return "live"
- added section about Notation node in documentation

1.06 (enno) 11/16/1998
- fixed example in the SYNOPSIS of the man page
  (Thanks to Aravind Subramanian <>)
- added test case t/example.t (it's also a simple example)

1.05 (enno) 11/11/1998
- added use strict, use vars etc.
- fixed replaceData - changed $str to $data
- merged getElementsByTagName and getElementsByTagName2
- added parsing of attributes (CheckUnspecAttr) to support Attr::isSpecified
- added XML::DOM::Parser class to perform proper cleanup when an exception
  is thrown
- more performance improvements, e.g. SafeMode, removed SUPER::new
- added frequency comments for performance optimization: e.g. "REC 7473" 
  means that that code is hit 7473 times when parsing REC-xml-19980210.xml
- updated POD documentation
- fixed problem in perl 5.004 (can't seems to use references to strings, e.g.
  *str = \ "constant";)

1.04 (enno) 10/21/1998
- Removed internal calls to getOwnerDocument, getParentNode
- fixed isAncestor: $node->isAncestor($node) should return true
- Fixed ReadOnly mechanism. Added isAlwaysReadOnly.
- DocumentType::getDefaultAttrValue was using getElementDecl 
  instead of getAttlistDecl
- Attr::cloneNode cloneChildren was missing 2nd parameter=1 (deep)
- NamedNodeMap::cloneNode forgot to copy {Values} list
- Element::setAttributeNode was comparing {UsedIn} against $self instead of {A}
- fixed AttDef::cloneNode, Value was copied wrong