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Revision history for Perl extension XML::Dumper.

0.81  Wed Apr  5 13:16:58 PDT 2006
    - reported that XML::Dumper does not work for binary 
      data. This is noted in the Changes log, but not in the documentation.
      Therefore, the documentation has been updated, with a suggested
      workaround. I'm not proud of the workaround bit, but implementing a
      real solution is a can of worms that I'd rather not touch at this time,
      and would affect backwards-compatibility.

0.79  Fri Sep  9 12:13:21 PDT 2005
    - New bug report on CPAN from Dustin Cram reports that xml_compare
      and xml_identify should have an OO invocation too. Seems like
      a reasonable request, so here it is!

0.78  Mon Aug  1 18:05:44 PDT 2005
    - Saw a bug report on CPAN that's nearly two years old. This
      fixes my poor test-skipping technique with a far better one.
      Bug and fix reported by Steve. Don't know why I didn't see
      this one before.

0.77  (not released)
    - Changed 'quote_xml_chars()' to 'xml_escape()' to reflect its
      added functionality. Hope no-one was relying on this internal
      function, as there are probably better escape functions.

0.76  Tue Jul  5 12:24:23 PDT 2005
    - Got a bug report from Steven Allen with regards to the overloaded
      "" operator. Unfortunately, I can't seem to re-create
      the bug, although the patch doesn't fail any tests. Apparently,
      the "" operator kicks in before scalar() gets a chance to do its
      thing. Seems to work OK, so here's the patched version.

0.75  Tue Jun 28 10:35:19 PDT 2005
    - Got tip from Kerry Jones re-look at the untainting regex as too
      constraining. Found that the look-ahead was unnecessary. Changed
      the regex a bit (keeping the [\w-]+ pattern; evidently someone's
      using dashes in their package names), and extended the test.
      Also noted that the untainting didn't happen before the eval
      which does the symbol table lookup, so I fixed that.

0.74  Sun Jun 19 12:35:20 PDT 2005
    - Included a patch developed by Lasse Makholm which prevented
      evaluation of tainted xml. Thanks again to Lasse for his
      vigilence and care!

0.73  Thu Jun  2 01:57:54 PDT 2005
    - Included a patch developed by Lasse Makholm which corrected a stupid 
      but subtle mistake on my part on requiring modules. Thanks to
      Lasse for the patch and his incredible patience.

0.72  Thu Jun  2 01:43:35 PDT 2005
    - Addressed an issue brought up by Emery Ford where intermediate Perl
      data was generating not well-formed XML due to control characters.
      XML::Dumper now filters out control characters. IF YOU NEED
      ENCODE THE INFORMATION. Thanks to Emery for the submitted patch.

    - I've survived my first year of graduate school and will dig up all 
      those patches that people have submitted to me. Sorry if you've
      tried to get a hold of me over this past year, it's been busy!

0.71  Mon Feb  2 22:45:33 PST 2004
    - Fixed a backwards-compatibility issue with 0.40 and <hash> vs. <hashref>
      bug report by Jon Lapham, who also suggested the fix. <hash> is still
      wrong, but for the sake of backwards-compatibility, I'm not going to
      argue about who killed who. In the interest of forward progression, 
      <hash> will be converted (correctly) to <hashref> on writing.

    - Added test 10_backwards_compatible.t

    - Fixed the MANIFEST to include t/09_repeated_references.t

    - Re-named '' to 'profile' per suggestion from CPAN testers

0.70  Tue Jan 27 15:07:50 PST 2004
    - Fixed a bug sent in by Alex Pavlovic which demonstrated that re-used
      memory addresses weren't being properly implemented for hashes. See
      t/09_repeated_references.t for an example.

0.69  Sun Oct  5 10:51:27 PDT 2003
    - Figured out a kooky method to discover whether or not a package is
      loaded and added a feature to automatically attempt to load that
      package. We'll see if anyone likes this.

    - Added a patch sent in by Pekka Marjola which adds utf8-compatibility.

0.68  Thu Aug 28 07:33:32 PDT 2003
    - Found bug where compression tests run even if compression is not
      available. Removed bug.

0.67  Tue Aug 19 02:45:55 PDT 2003
    - Broke tests out to document the tests and group similar tests together.
      Numbered tests reflect feature additions; named tests reflect bug
      reports and patches.
    - Finally incorporated GZip header signature test code by Richard Evans.
      Thanks for your patience (and code!), Richard. It works great!
    - Andreas Koenig corrected ownership issue; CPAN module now correctly
      downloads the latest version of this module
    - Corrected documentation which removes EXPORT_OK lie. Functional
      version of xml2pl() and pl2xml() are, indeed, exported by default.
    - Removed Credits section, preferring rather to credit people in the
      blow-by-blow updates

0.65  Mon Jul 21 14:07:17 PDT 2003
    - Applied patch sent it by Florian Hinzmann which documents
      for the Debian packaging tool lintian. The script now
      has a =head NAME POD section.

0.64  Sat Jul  5 19:22:30 PDT 2003
    - Changed INIT optional Compression::Zlib dependency to BEGIN block
      for mod_perl compatibility. Startup now issues no errors due to

0.63  Wed Jun 18 14:18:00 PDT 2003
    - Added 'use warnings' pragma and applied patch to bugs. Both the bug 
      report and the patch were supplied by Honza Holecek. Thanks, Honza!

0.62  Sun Jan 12 19:48:12 PST 2003
    - Added the ability to dump a DTD for a valid XML document. Investigating
      more interesting forms of XML data (given DTD or Schema, slurp XML into
      Perl and back). Corrected errors in POD, Changes, README, and tests.

0.60  Tue Jan  7 22:00:15 PST 2003
    - Responded to some old comments by crazyinsomniac, from Perl Monks. 
      The module now dumps and undumps with or without the OO-ish interface. 
      I might add the punDump feature, but the feedback from pun-loving Perl 
      monks may lead to pun-demonium.

0.59  Thu Nov 28 22:43:51 PST 2002
    - Responded to bug report by Peter S. May. XML::Dumper now correctly
      interprets undef() values as being undefined as opposed to being a zero-
      length string. 
    - Added capability to distinguish the difference between a reference to
      a zero-length string and a reference to an undefined value. While the
      use model escapes me at the moment, it was the consistent and right
      thing to do.
    - Moved credits and changes from perldoc to Changes file.

0.58  Thu Nov 28 13:22:18 PST 2002
    - Added optional feature to read and write zlib-compressed XML. Added
      optional dependency to Compress::Zlib.

    - Responded to bug report by Niels Vegter. Code now better handles literal
      scalar references. 
    - Changed the rest of the test suite to scale better, using some more of 
      the features of Test::Harness

    - Added file reading and writing features

    - Removed documentation of non-implemented code, fixed MANIFEST errors.
      Fixed false dependency on Data::Dumper

    - Added ability to handle soft referenced callbacks

    - Added ability to handle circular references

    - XML::Dumper changes ownership from Jon Eizenzopf to Mike Wong
    - Added ability to dump and undump Perl objects

0.4   Sun Jun 20 02:29:12 EDT 1999
    - Added code to balance the XML output in nested hashes. Thanks
      to L.M. Orchard and DeWitt Clinton for reporting the bug.

0.3   Mon Jan 11 03:23:08 EST 1999
    - updated example scripts

0.2   Sat Jan  9 03:47:05 EST 1999
    - Updated routine to encode characters in x80-xFF range to Unicode.
      Also added encoding for complete set of pre-declared entities.

0.1   Sat Jan  9 03:43:19 EST 1999
    - Added undumper routines from Chris Thorman <>

0.02  Thu Oct 15 02:19:04 1998
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18