Revision history for Perl distribution XML-Encoding

2.11 2020-12-08

    - Fill in release dates in scripts.

2.10 2020-12-07

    - Added optional Changes testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Reformatted Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.

    - Made Perl Critic, Pod and Pod Coverage tests skip unless AUTHOR_TESTING.

    - Added optional POD coverage testing.

    - Added optional POD testing.

    - Added optional Perl::Critic testing.

    - Made code Perl::Critic clean.

    - Simplified Makefile.PL requirements.

2.09 2014-05-30

    - Uploaded source code to GitHub and included repository URLs in metadata.

    - Included META.json file in addition to META.yml.

    - Set minimum required ExtUtils::MakeMaker version to 6.64 to ensure that
      all parameters used are supported, to save jumping through hoops to
      support earlier versions.  (This should not be a problem since
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.64 is easily installed into Perl 5.8.1 and above,
      that being the whole point of the new choice of minimum supported Perl

    - Set minimum required Perl version to 5.8.1.  This is in line with the
      minimum requirement of the "Perl Toolchain".

2.08 2010-09-20

    - Changed test script to use Test::More, renamed it to test.t and moved it
      into the t/ folder.  [CPAN RT#61369]

    - Moved the perl module into the lib/ folder.

2.07 2009-01-29

    - Minor correction to POD.  [Daniel Leidert <>]

2.06 2009-01-20

    - Fixed make_encmap to avoid spurious output when there is an error with
      the input file.  [CPAN RT#41854]

2.05 2008-09-11

    - Changed the shebang line in the two scripts to be less specific.  [Daniel
      Leidert <>]

2.04 2008-09-06

    - Updated the maps iso-8859-2.xml through iso-8859-9.xml and added the maps
      iso-8859-1.xml, iso-8859-10.xml, iso-8859-11.xml, iso-8859-13.xml through
      iso-8859-16.xml, and windows-1251.xml.  [Daniel Leidert

    - Updated the map windows-1250.xml and added the maps windows-1252.xml
      through windows-1258.xml using data from

2.03 2008-07-08

    - Improved POD formatting of compile_encoding and make_encmap manual pages.
      [Daniel Leidert <>]

2.02 2008-06-29

    - Added manual pages for compile_encoding and make_encmap.  [Daniel Leidert

2.01 2007-07-24

    - Fixed crash at end of test script when using Perl 5.6.x.  (The crash was
      actually due to a bug in perl that is fixed as of Perl 5.8.0 at least, so
      the test script is simply modified to not tickle that bug.)

    - Clarified the copyright notices.  Only the *changes* in version 2.x are my

2.00 2007-07-18

    - Fixed bin/compile_encoding to run with Perl 5.9.x by using restricted
      hashes instead of pseudo-hashes (which have been removed from Perl 5.9.x).

    - Fixed accidental variable interpolation in

    - Fixed case of $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION in Makefile.PL so that
      ABSTRACT_FROM and AUTHOR get set when intended.

    - Added LICENSE to Makefile.PL.

1.01 1998-12-26

    - Added PREREQ_PM to Makefile.PL.

    - Added x-euc-jp-jisx0221 and x-euc-jp-unicode to maps.  [Yoshida Masato

    - Removed the Shift_JIS encoding and replaced it with four variations and an
      explanatory message.  [MURATA Makoto <>]

1.00 1998-12-13 13:43:31-05:00

    - Original version; created by h2xs 1.18.