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Revision history for XML::FOAF

0.04  2011.06.16
    - Turn off expanding external entities in XML::Parser to avoid security
    - Cleaned up Makefile.PL.
    - Removed magic svn keywords.
    - Added author tests (xt/) and modified SYNOPSIS for all modules to
      make them pass the compilation test.

0.03  2004.12.31
    - Added XML::FOAF::find_foaf_in_html to auto-discover FOAF content
      in an HTML page already in memory.
    - A lower-case "person" is now detected just as well as "Person".

0.02  2003.06.04
    - Added support for FOAF auto-discovery
    - Added FOAF::Person::get to retrieve RDF object values given a

0.01  2003.01.27
    - Initial distribution.