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Revision history for Perl extension XML::Filter::XML_Directory_Pruner.

0.9.1	 Tue May 24 2002

	 - Added &make_item function and include item elements in thr:children nodes
	   (props to Aaron Swartz for answering questions)

	 - Added hooks to pass 'orderby' prefs from XML::Directory when generating
	   rdf/channel/items list

	 - Fixed error checking in

	 - Upped Makefile requirements for XML::SAX::Base to 1.04

	 - Upped Makefile requirement for XML::Directory to 0.96

	 - Updated POD

0.9.02	 Wed May 15 2002

	 - Added &uri method to and fixed &add_meta_data actually
	   use it.

	 - Enforced limit on depth in &start_element in

	 - Updated

	 - Updated POD

0.9.01	 Tue May 14 2002

	 - Added XML::SAX::Writer to list of dependencies in Makefile.PL

	 - Updated License information in

0.9	 Tue May 14 2002

	 - Initial release. Lacks proper support for RSS 1.0 modules